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Inductivv Headphone Review 2022 : Experience The Best Headphones With Inductivv.

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Listening to music with ear devices has been criticised over time. Three-fifths of people worldwide are predicted to experience ear troubles in the next several years, according to data. However, with Inductivv you are covered. We should enjoy our music, but not at the expense of our hearing. This article reviews the Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones which is an innovation that enables you to enjoy your music without any side effects.

With Inductivv, you don’t need to insert this particular set of headphones into your ears. This Inductivv headphone review has all the information you need to know about the amazing product. With the present technological trend, our everyday devices have undergone a dramatic evolution that has made it possible for us to live a pleasant and convenient existence. Wired earphones today are becoming a thing of the past as technology has evolved to products such as Inductivv.

Unlike in the 1980s or 1990s, earbuds and headphones have been innovated drastically. Thus, it might occasionally be annoying to move around with tangled cables when you can comfortably have a device perfectly placed in your ears at ease. Headphones and earphones improved when Bluetooth connection was introduced. You no longer need to get up to use your headphones to connect to your computer, smartphone, or even audio across the room. There is nothing more convenient than this.

Inductivv headphones are very stylish. These wireless earbuds make it simple to appear nice in your wardrobe and rock them without having to try to hide the cables like we used to.  Over the years, wireless earbuds have replaced headphones, yet plugged ears have remained a constant. Additionally, some reports have started to identify a pattern of hearing problems that might eventually result in hearing loss. The problem is careless and excessive earphone use. Technology companies are now only motivated by this conundrum to focus on developing new strategies for listening to music and other audibles without compromising our hearing. Thus, this Inductivv review provides you with a secure, excellent, and cutting-edge replacement for earbuds that are Inductivv, a new name in Bone Conduction headphones.


WHAT IS INDUCTIVV ( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)

The Inductivv headphone is a brand-new, incredible device that applies a novel idea. We all know that you must insert earphones into your ear canal to listen to music on them. While doing so might make it convenient for you to move about while your music is playing, it can also lead to hearing loss. Loud music might cause hearing loss, which can significantly lower your quality of life in your 30s or 40s.

Inductivv is distinct since it doesn’t go into your ear canal, it enables you to listen to music and prevents the earphones from blasting loud noises into your inner ear.

Inductivv is a pair of Bluetooth-enabled open-ear wireless headphones with the best sound quality for all your major activities. This device is easy to use and guards users’ headphones. Also, the design is revolutionary since it is portable and simple to use. Because they are more secure and comfy, Inductivv earphones are excellent for use during exercise and other strenuous activities. Any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer may be used to connect to Inductivv.

HOW DOES IT WORK( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)

Inductivv is invented from a Bone Induction Technology, which enables individuals to listen to music and make phone calls. It allows you to listen to high-quality music without damaging your eardrums thanks to bone induction technology. A comfortable fit and increased hearing are two of Inductivv’s main benefits which are designed to fit everyone’s eardrum compatibly. By holding down the power button for three seconds, you may turn it on. Other neighboring devices are then connected through Bluetooth. To play music or take calls, the device has to be connected to the Internet. The power button must be pressed once to answer a call and again to reject one.

The Inductivv headphones employ two pads that are worn on top of the ears to transmit vibrations from the music when they are linked to a device. These vibrations go from the temporal bones to the cochlea in the inner ear. This is distinct from the typical hearing process, in which sound vibrations are transmitted to the cochlea through the eardrum and subsequently to the bones in the middle ear.

By pushing the button, you may stop and restart the playback of your music. Press the smartphone swiftly three times to start the voice assistant. By holding down the same button for around 25 seconds, it may also be reset. A DC 5V USB adaptor is also included as an alternative for charging the device. It might take up to 1.5 hours to fully recharge.

HOW TO USE INDUCTIVV ( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)


Inductivv headphones are simple to use. It does not require complicated skills to use. By following some of the steps listed below you are already en route to having a wonderful time with Inductivv.

First Step: Once you have purchased Inductivv headphones make sure you fully charge them. This prolongs the life of the battery and ensures a wonderful experience.

Second Step: To turn it on, pressing the power button for around three seconds will bring Inductivv aboard. Then pair it to your Bluetooth device, when it is ready to be paired, a voice pops up.

Third Step: Go to your Bluetooth settings on your phone or PC and select Inductivv from the list of paired devices at this time.

Step 4: Gently place the conduction pad of your Inductivv headphones in your ears to enjoy the good sounds that come from using Inductivv.

FEATURES OF INDUCTIVV ( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)

  1. Excellent Sound Quality: When choosing headphones or earbuds, sound quality accounts for around 50% of our decision. You just want a pair of headphones that will play your music without screeches and subpar bass. At first appearance, one could assume that Inductivv is just another pair of subpar, generic headphones. But just like me, you’re about to get the shock of your life. In addition to being as loud as earbuds from high-end brands, it also produces music that is of comparable quality.
  2. Bluetooth Connectivity: These days, having Bluetooth connectivity almost often entails that a device is wireless, and the Inductivv headset is no exception. Any gadget you own may be used to play music through it. But the developers of Inductivv installed Bluetooth 5.0, not just any Bluetooth. With the most recent Bluetooth technology, your connections to gadgets will be easy and streamlined while also encouraging high-quality sound transmission.

When wearing Inductivv, you may go up to 10 meters away from your smartphone and remain connected. This provides you greater freedom to carry electronics like your phone and accomplish other things.

  1. Portable and lightweight: Wearing bulky earbuds might not seem like an issue. However, if you’re anything like me and spend the entire day listening to music and podcasts, you’ll start to get ear fatigue. Inductivv’s designers took this into account while creating it; it weighs only 4 grams.

You won’t have to worry about earache or exhaustion when wearing it all day. Additionally, the earphone is foldable, allowing you to store it in your pocket while not in use. When you are not listening to music, you can wear it around your neck as an alternative.

  1. Perfect Fit and Comfort: Although the structure of each of our ears varies somewhat, they all have a similar shape. Since most generic headphones and earbuds do not take this into account, they are uncomfortable and poorly suited to the ear.

On the other hand, Inductivv worked hard to design its earphones to be snug and pleasant. They succeeded in creating an earphone that fits your ear exactly without slipping out or giving you any pain or discomfort. It is a device that brings relaxation and pleasure.

  1. Long Battery Life: Wireless gadgets require batteries, which is an issue that users of wired earbuds do not experience. Many wireless headphones require repeated charges throughout the day to remain in use. This could be annoying.

However, Inductivv created an earphone with a long-lasting battery to address this issue. Before running low, it may last for more than 5 hours on a single charge. This enables you to use the headphones for several hours without ever having to think about charging them. Its long battery life makes using Inductivv a wonderful experience.

BENEFITS OF INDUCTIVV( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)


  1.  Long-lasting: You don’t want to get a pair of headphones that will require you to return to the electronics store within a short period. Giving you that is Inductivv. Because it is constructed with high-end and high-quality materials, this headphone is designed to be tough and long-lasting.
  2. Water-Splash Resistant IP55 Rating: Water is the kryptonite of the majority of tiny devices, including wireless earbuds. When they come into contact with water, they begin to break down. This is so because they aren’t intended for use near water.

This is taken into account by Inductivv. It is not advisable to put it in the pool, but thanks to its IP55 classification, it can withstand water splashes. This simply means that because the Inductivv headset is sweat and water-splash-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the state of the device when it gets splashed.

  1. LED Indicator Light: Situated on the anchor behind the right ear, this light is intended to signify various headphone settings. The LED light displays a green light when it is charging. A white light, on the other hand, signifies that it is completely charged. The headset is in pairing mode when a flashing white and green light is visible.
  2. Design: The Inductivvv headphones have an excellent design that meets your demands for both comfort and aesthetics. It has a semicircular form, and its margins are covered with appendages. The conduction pad for this headphone’s sound transmission is carried by these appendages.
  3. Power Button: The one button on the Inductivv headset, is situated on the anchor behind the right ear. Depending on the time and manner in which you push it, it may be utilized for many things. If you push and hold it for three seconds, you may use it to turn the gadget on. If you press and hold, the gadget can also be turned off.

The same button may be used to play or pause a song when playing music. You can do the same thing when on a call; simply press the button once to answer and once to stop it. However, you would need to quickly double-press the button if you wanted to reject a call.

Pros and Cons( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)


Inductivv is simple to wear and comfortable as well.

The Battery life of Inductivv lasts a long time

It is simple to use and portable.

Inductivv producers guarantee a Money-back guarantee for the first 30 days

Inductivv is quite affordable when compared to other products.

Product delivery via shipping and other means is done more quickly.


The product can only be bought from their online store

Stock is not that much but limited

Inductivv is an innovation, thus, you might find it uneasy getting used to it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inductivv Headphone (FAQs) ( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)


The cost of the Inductivv Headphone?

One may anticipate that a device that addresses a problem as crippling as hearing issues would be pricey. That is not the case, though. An average pair of Inductive headphones cost $59.99. Some packs contain several headphones. The cost per unit decreases as you purchase more.

However, take notice that the price is not set in stone and that it is presently being sold at a 50% discount. To avoid missing this fantastic chance, it is essential to get yours right away.

Where can I purchase Inductivv Headphones?

Without letting you know where to get these headphones, this review of Inductivv won’t be complete. It is advised to purchase it from the company’s official website. This is done to make sure that participants in any promotions or discounts are genuine and eligible. Avoid purchasing Inductivv headphones from physical stores since they are probably phony.

FINAL THOUGHT( Inductivv Headphone Reviews)

Innovative products are cool. You will find it more interesting if you happen to be the first set of people to make use of the Inductivv product. This review has explained in detail all you need to know about this novel Bone Conduction Technology. To enjoy the wonderful features of this product, go to the product website or any online store and purchase one. Then you are on your way to enjoy the wonderful features of Inductivv headphones.



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