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Insurance Leads: 25 Lead Generation Ideas for the Insurance Industry

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Insurance Leads

The competition in today’s business world is growing day by day. Because of that, insurance must develop effective digital marketing techniques to reach the target audience.

Actually, the modern systems for lead generation services have overtaken the traditional ways of marketing. Today, over 69% of insurance customers go online to search for the best options and deals before signing an insurance contract.

That means insurance companies must improve their brand online presence and develop an effective lead generation strategy to remain competitive. Still, there are additional avenues that insurance agents can reach potential clients.

So then, here are 25 lead generation ideas for the insurance industry.

Create a Unique Website: Your insurance agency should have a good website to attract visitors who go online to search for recommendations and good deals before contacting an insurer for quotes. Building a website with all information about your company and product can help users find you online. Further, an easy to use website will help users navigate from one page to the other when looking at your offerings. It will also be easy to fill the contact form or find your company’s contact information.

Highly-engaging Landing Pages: Creating a custom lead generation landing page with the right keyword set will help you match this page with search intent. Such a page compels site visitors to take action, such as to request an insurance consultation or a quote, join the email list, or sign up for a webinar. Also, providing persuasive elements such as visual appeal, social proof or offering a guide to the next step can be enticing. Additionally, you can give your landing page a clearly identifiable and trackable goal depending on where the potential lead is in the funnel and the following action you would want them to take.

Email Marketing: Insurance companies can generate almost 50% of additional sales through email marketing compared to other strategies. You can achieve that by creating intuitive contact forms and positioning them at different locations on your website. The aim is to grow your subscriber list and optimize the email marketing strategy. You can also segment the list, especially when you’re offering different insurance policies.

Valueadded seminars: Seminars are valuable in the financial services sector because they can help in lead generation. You can either host a seminar, invite participants to bring their friends or attend one organized by someone else in the industry. Use this occasion to network with others.

Cross Promotional Events: Organizing a special event for your clients can be expensive; however, you can ease the burden by teaming up with other local businesses. Since the hosting parties will invite their own clients, you can use this event to network and capture leads. Actually, all businesses will benefit from this cross-pollination.

Referral System: People who use insurance products have a wide connection, and so there is a huge organic word-of-mouth recommendation in their networks. You can make this process formal, thus motivating your clients to recommend you to their family and friends. For instance, you can build a referral program that gives customers who recommend your brand to others a discount, gift card, lottery tickets and movie tickets. Such a financial incentive can be a powerful motivation.

Chatbot: This is a new communication method between users and businesses, particularly when the agents are out of the office. Through it, users can get a lot of information regarding its products, such as the insurance types, rates, company locations and more. Additionally, chatbots can transition site visitors to potential leads by inviting them to schedule an appointment or receive a custom quote from an insurance agent.

Social Media Marketing: People spend a significant amount of time online catching up with their family, friends or researching topics that interest them. These social networks are free to use and highly competitive. So insurance companies can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others to speak about their products or teach them why they should purchase a particular insurance cover, increase their coverage, become safe drivers, or save money by shopping around and comparing rates. Such information will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Content Marketing: The lead generation method can help insurance companies capture 50% more leads than the traditional marketing options. So email marketing and content marketing offers a competitive lead generation strategy. The first step is to understand your target audience and their motivations. Next, you may create blog posts discussing choosing the right insurance policy, saving money when purchasing an insurance policy, and more. Companies offering life insurance may focus on why people should invest in such insurance types. This is an interesting topic for adult children taking care of their elderly parents or new parents.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing your site can help it rank higher in search results of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will drive visitors to your site and convert them into insurance customers when they interact with your high-quality content designed to meet their needs. Since it takes time and effort to fully optimize a website, it can be worthwhile to hire an SEO expert who will use different techniques like on-site and off-site to get your website to rank higher in the search engine results for particular keywords.

Pay per Click (PPC) Ads: You can use Google Ads to get started with PPC advertising. The strategy does not require a heavy upfront investment, but it will help you generate qualified insurance leads faster than other methods. The sponsored listing shows above the organic results, and they include Facebook Ads and Google ads. Since they’re bid-based, an advertisement with a higher bid for a particular keyword has a greater chance of appearing on the search engine pages.

Networking: While online and social media advertisements are excellent ways to reach new customers, meeting new people can help you capture potential leads who need your services. You can do this by attending industry-related events such as an expo selling insurance products, conferences, business meetings and more.

Chamber of Commerce: This is a great networking event and a source of leads. The majority of chambers shares a contact list with their members. Still, you can generate that list from their website and call other members for a meetup or so. Alternatively, you can find local businesses on the online directory of the chambers if you’re not a member.

Purchase Lead Lists: Generating leads organically can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, you may opt to buy an email list of qualified leads from lead generating agencies. Although this can be expensive, it introduces you to customers that are most likely to purchase an insurance policy from you or renew their policy through your agency.

Cold Calling: Building a list of prospects and then calling them can help you generate insurance leads. The list should contain vital information about the potential customer, such as the type of coverage that might interest them and what is included in your offer. For instance, if you’re a property agent, then you would want to sell homeowners and renters policies to your potential clients. Getting all information about these policies can help you capture their interest and convert them to clients.

Listing on Review Sites: Insurance companies end up on review websites even without their knowledge. Sometimes an unhappy customer may write negative comments about the company or its products. However, you can claim your listings on such sites and complete the information using a better language that reflects your brand. Next, request your happy customers to review your company on these sites. Without dictating what they should say, you can help balance any negative comment online by encouraging them to tell the world what they like about your products and company. So actively solicit reviews from the happy customer base because most won’t give an online review without some nudging. Online reviews are an excellent channel for capturing high-quality insurance leads because people go online to search for insurance companies with a good reputation and better deals.

Host Webinars: Generally, webinars are interactive; thus, potential customers will sign up to attend so that they can learn more about the subject as well as ask you questions in real-time. Also, interested attendees can opt-in for further communications or sessions, which is an excellent opportunity to turn them into insurance customers.

Answer Questions in Forums: Participating in industry-related forums is another way of getting leads. An opportunity to answer questions in such events can help meet, interact and respond to potential customers’ queries. Further, this will help you build an online reputation, and potential clients will turn to your website when they’re researching insurance providers.

Join Insurance Associations: Joining industry-related associations will not only help you build an online reputation but will enhance your exposure and give your insurance company an opportunity to be featured on the association’s newsfeed. This is an excellent way of tapping on the association’s audience and generating leads.

Become an Insurance Expert: Becoming an expert in the field can help you stand out. You can do this through blogging, running a workshop, speaking at conferences and more. You can capture more leads when people recognize you as an expert in your field and stand out from your competitors.

Alumni Groups: Most colleges have alumni groups, and in most instances, they meet to catch up or network. Because these members have shared experiences, it’s a fantastic place to capture new leads and ask for referrals. On the other hand, you could be the founding member of an alumni group if your college doesn’t have one. After all, you know what you’re looking for.

Strike up Partnerships: Partnering with other businesses can help you generate more leads. These businesses include car dealers, auto shops, healthcare providers, property managers, landlords, accountants, etc. So then, when a client visits such professionals and mentions that they are looking for medical insurance, renters or homeowner’s insurance, your partners can recommend you as the preferred insurance company or agent. Based on the terms of the agreement, you can give your partners a commission, discount on their personal insurance or other incentives.

Sponsor local events: Maintaining a reputation as a committed and caring member of the community can be an excellent way of generating leads. You can use this opportunity to train local charities on insurance products, engage in online forums or area meetups, host seminars for small business owners to discuss insurance products, volunteer to a guest speaker in business groups, and when appropriate assisting clients, their friends, and relatives. While your goal is to generate insurance leads, you should turn this event into a sales presentation. In fact, your goal should be to support and contribute to your community. Such sincerity will definitely draw prospects to your insurance company when they need the services you’re offering.

Hosting a Giveaway: Conducting a giveaway where you give your customers iPads or other branded items can help you capture new leads. You can ask people to register their email addresses on the contact form on your website for them to get one entry into the drawing. People with more entries have a higher chance of winning.

Attending Trade Shows: Tradeshows that fit insurance products can offer an excellent opportunity to capture leads. Although insurance products are essential, most people don’t know how to choose the best insurance policy for their needs. In fact, some people evaluate them based on the monthly premium but not the amount of protection they offer. In view of that, you can attend the trade show and discuss with attendees who visit your table how they can go about insuring their assets or investing in life insurance.

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