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investfox – The Hottest User-Generated Fintech Platform Is Launched

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The last few decades brought the possibility to invest nearly to everyone. The development of the Internet, and technology as a whole, allows everyone to trade on the financial markets regardless of their location and overall net worth. The Covid-19 pandemic brought the number of newcomers to the investment world to completely new highs. Yet most newbie investors are still puzzled and often don’t know where to begin and who to trust.

This is where investfox comes handy. This fintech platform is designed to educate its users in the area of investments and bring any investor from a cub to a wise predator of financial markets, as the website claims.

Besides tackling the knowledge gap, investfox will also assist investors in choosing legit investment companies and opportunities by creating thorough reviews and letting its users create their own reviews, which can later be customized through the powerful filtration and sorting tools. If this does not get you excited already, let us tell you more about the investfox project.

Why investfox is useful?

When you come across a company, the first thing you usually think about is how it may benefit you and how you can utilize its services. If you are an investor who wants to learn more about the markets, financial reports, and other factors that influence market price movement, you will undoubtedly benefit from utilizing investfox.

When learning about new companies, you may surely ask yourself – what’s here for me? Well, if you are not into investments at all – the answer is – pretty much nothing. Yet for those who are just starting their investor’s path, investfox becomes very useful. The project features an extensive knowledge base (with cute illustrations) that is designed to deliver complex investment knowledge in the easiest possible way.

When investors, for example, first begin trading stocks, they often visit Reddit, where they discuss stocks and how they could work for them. However, Reddit is lacking in several areas, which may be remedied by using investfox. It is difficult to locate professional evaluations or instructional content on Reddit. In comparison to this social network, investfox enables investors to get additional knowledge from the learning center, which may be beneficial to both novice and experienced investors. Furthermore, investfox makes everything more clear. Investors may make their trading process more complex by using user and expert evaluations, financial data, research, and other features. In addition to the stock market, investfox provides users with information on Forex and cryptocurrencies as well.

It should also be noted that financial education is crucial not only because it lays the groundwork for educated financial decision-making, but also because financial responsibility is growing. Here, with investfox, you can improve your financial literacy.

investfox alternatives

When people look for authentic user feedback on the investment companies, they do have a few websites that provide similar services already now. The startup’s primary rivals are Forexpeacearmy and Trustpilot.

When it comes to Trustpilot, it hosts user reviews of nearly every website that is available. This is great because a user only needs to navigate to one platform to leave a review of an investment company or a pizza restaurant. But it also comes with one huge drawback – there is no way in the world that Trustpilot can actually weed out paid or spam reviews, since they cover a large portion of the web. And this is extremely dangerous when it comes to investments, hence Trustpilot simply lacks trust.

Forexpeacearmy is a website that is dedicated to user reviews of the FX brokers. The website does an excellent job when it comes to the moderation of user feedback and checking its authenticity. While the reviews there still can be faked, the process of doing this is considerably harder when compared to Trustpilot. Yet this is not the main issue of Forexpeacearmy. The main problem, in our opinion, is that the website does not really have anything else useful to offer apart from the user reviews.

What makes investfox different?

The core difference of investfox is that it will serve as a platform for both expert and user reviews for the companies that operate within the investment sector. For those that are not yet sure about their brokerage choice, investfox team will craft an in-depth professional opinion of the company and grade it based on its complex criteria. However, investfox will also serve as a place for the user feedback and let every the voice of every investor be heard.

This is useful for potential investors in two main ways: if a certain investment company just started offering its services recently, it is unlikely that it has had a great number of user reviews already, yet investfox editorial team will get the company reviewed for the safety of potential clients. However, for those companies that have been operating for years, investfox is going to aggregate the feedback collected overtime.

Next to this, investfox provides a powerful sorting and filtering mechanism for user feedback, hence potential clients will filter out the ratings based on their preferences rather than going with one-size-fits-all type of feedback.

Finally, investfox hosts tons of other useful data than just simple reviews, which may soon become a one-stop-shop for all of the investment industry participants.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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