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Is there an Alternative to Google Analytics?

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Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

How successful is your website? Can you track the insights contributing to the success of your business? If not,  it’s the high time you consider an analytics platform.

Making analytics an integral part of your website will help you determine the metrics that drive traffic and sales in your business.

Thousands of website owners and webmasters use Google Analytics. In fact, Google is a leading search engine and an important part of the web infrastructure. It helps you track the quality and quantity of your site traffic.

However, startups, small businesses, and digital marketing agencies are greatly getting concerned about the privacy of their customers’ sensitive information and company data.

So then, here is what you should know about Google Analytics alternatives such as Piwik PRO.


Why Should You Care About Google Analytics alternatives and their reviews?

Many people learn how to buy fake Google reviews to manipulate their Google analytics stats, but with Google analytics alternatives like Piwik Pro, your stats are 100% accurate.

Tracking Consent: Google uses user data for their own purpose, so you have to get tracking consent from your users. In view of that, any company using Google Analytics especially in Europe has to display a tracking consent screen for their website visitors to agree or disagree. Displaying such a screen discourages visitors from coming to your site thus a loss of business. Further, it limits the amount of data you can collect on your site and its accuracy because some visitors decline tracking.

Google Uses Data for Their Own Purpose: Google uses all the data it collects on your site when you interact with your audience for its own remarketing purposes. So although Google Analytics is a free service you have to make privacy sacrifices because the search engine tracks, stores and uses your analytics data. This can damage your business reputation as well as lose customers’ loyalty and trust when they discover that another company is using the information they shared with you for advertising purposes without their permission.

Limits Your Ability to Protect Your Data: By using Google’s services you give it the right to own the data you collect from your target audience. In its Terms of Service, the internet giant says that itself or its wholly-owned subsidiaries have the right to retain and use information you collect in your use of the service.  Therefore, accepting such a condition limits your ability to secure any sensitive data you receive from website visitors.

Data storage: As long as you are using Google Analytics you don’t have any authority to decide the location where your data will be stored. Therefore Google can choose to store the data randomly in their geographically distributed data centres in the US, EU and Asia. However, some of these cloud services are not governed by the GDPR and EU privacy laws.

Aside from the above-mentioned reasons, companies operating in the world of website optimization and digital marketing may want to get a second opinion. So getting a second web analytics tool such as Piwik PRO can give you the data accuracy needed to crosscheck the KPIs.

Additionally, most private website analytics tools have additional features and functionalities that Google Analytics doesn’t have.


Piwik PRO Analytics Suite – Privacy-Friendly Google Analytics Alternative

Piwik PRO is a privacy-focused platform with built-in advanced analytics features and gives website owners full control of their data.

Leading organizations in the government, finance, education or healthcare sectors use Piwik PRO because it allows them to retain and store sensitive customer data. This is because the private data analytics tool is aligned with data protection laws in the US, EU, China and Russia. Additionally, the privacy-oriented platform has safe EU cloud hosting and built-in consent management.

Still, you can monitor your customers’ journey across mobile apps, desktop and intranet. Actually few platforms have the ability to monitor secured areas while still operating within the strict security rules.

Piwik PRO analytics suite has two plans; core (free) and enterprise (paid). Here is why you should consider it

  • It offers its users additional data protection thus it’s the preferred Google Analytics alternative by companies in the finance, healthcare and government sectors.
  • It has a free plan for analytics with built-in consent management and tag management.
  • It gives you fast reports with minimal to nil processing issues.
  • Users with a non-technical background can use the enterprise plan because it offers free product training and consultation. However, for those using the free core plan can use the self-learning materials, help center and community forum.
  • The core plan as up to 500,000 actions per month as well as 14-month data retention while the enterprise customers can get Piwik PRO Analytics Suite with millions of actions and as much data retention as they want.


Click here to find out more about Piwik PRO analytics suite.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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