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How to Keep your Child Busy and Active: 5 Things to Do

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Child Busy and Active

Of all the people who have suffered the most during the Covid19 lockdown, children have been bearing it the most. The foundational years of their lives are being spent in isolation, away from friends, and locked in homes days after days.

It has been more than a year now and it is a strangely long time to be spending indoors. Children need social interaction to grow fully. Also, staying indoors is restricting their physical movements – which can become the root of many ailments in the future.

As parents, it is your responsibility to see if your children are getting the proper sources needed for holistic growth. Everybody’s world turned upside down as the world went through a major shift last year and we were all coping with it. But for households with children, the challenges were much more. Parents have to come up with innovative and creative ways to facilitate their child’s growth in isolation while dealing with their work. This article caters to that need of parents. We give you five ways in which you could keep your child busy and active even during the lockdown.

1. Play board games with them : Children should not be allowed to be shuffled between tv and studies. This will hinder their growth. Engage with them as much as you can. Board games are a very good way to engage your children. Interesting board games like chess, monopoly even help sharpen their minds. Moreover, time spent with them will also help you create good memories that are important in the emotional build-up of children.

2. Cubby Houses : Being out in the sun is extremely important for the regulation of every person’s mood. Especially so for children. That is why you should make sure that your child is spending some time outdoors but in such circumstances that is not possible, so being in the garden space also helps. But you have to keep them engaged and active in the garden. For that, cubby houses are a really good option. This will allow them to play, enjoy themselves and also absorb that good sunlight. Look for cubby houses online that are safe so that you can leave your child alone there if you have some work to attend to.

3. Engage in easy science experiments : Engaging children in the practicality of what they are studying helps them retain concepts well. Backyard science experiments are easy and messy – everything that children love. Demonstrate the experiments and then give them control and watch them have all the fun.

4. Trampolines : Physical activity has been suffering the most during this pandemic for all of us. But children are full of energy and they don’t know what to do if they are not involved in physical activities. Thus find ways to involve them in physical activities. Trampolines are a good example. This way they don’t need to be running around the house, which is way more dangerous, and channelize their energy into that trampoline.

5. Managing sets : If your child is way too impatient and more physically active while lacking focus and concentration, you might want to bring some equilibrium. Managing sets like kitchen sets, dollhouses, or other such micro set-ups, even legos, can help your child be calm and patient. This will help their concentration power and change their nature altogether. There is a lot of power in such games and it helps them build skills that are mostly missing in children and adults alike. This will help them attain skills for a lifetime and have a huge influence on who they grow up to be.

An empty mind breeds mischief and bad thoughts. That is why children must be kept active and busy. Give them attention and don’t let them get lonely during these times of isolation. Spend as much time as possible with them. But even then, there is only so much time that you can invest along with your work. It is so important for children to understand the importance of keeping themselves engaged. This is a good characteristic to have from such a young age. Then they will not be banking on other people in life to be active and busy. This empty time that children have can be experienced wonderfully if you show them how. Follow these tips and see the improvement in the growth and development of children.


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