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Key Marketing Trends to Drive Exponential Growth for Your Business

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All companies want to see success when they open their doors. They want to help out their customers, but they also want to see a growth in their own profits as well. By finding the right marketing strategy to get the work done, it is possible to hit the ground running with your business.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key marketing trends that you can utilize to help drive exponential growth for your business below:

Video Marketing

Business owners will find that video marketing is a good way to drive more customers to your business. It is popular with many industries, as 93% of marketers cite that this is a big part of their current marketing strategy.

There are a lot of benefits to using video marketing. It is easy to digest and people can watch it to process your key selling points with little difficulty. These videos are also versatile, allowing you to make them as long or short as you need or add in any of the special effects that you need.

If you are going to utilize videos, you need to take the time to really make a high-quality video. You have a lot of competition with video marketing and if you do not take the time to create a good video, you can easily turn off your customers and harm you.

Voice Search

Just as a video is going to make it easier to consume content, businesses will find that voice search will make them easier to find. The rise of the global smart speaker sales, which was at 150 million units in 2020, shows that many customers are ready to search for things in different ways in our modern world.

While voice search isn’t a brand new trend, it is gaining momentum thanks to all of the technology that is going behind it. Voice search is no more intuitive than before and more popular, making it a good choice for you to go with. This is a good explanation of why smart speaker purchases are growing as time goes on.

If you would like to reach your customers and make it easier to shop with you, then it is time for you to look into the benefits of voice searching. This will make it easier for your business to show up when a potential customer is looking for your products and services.

Visual Search

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While voice search is important to your business, you should also consider visual search. Visual search is an emerging trend that is helping to expedite the work of searching online. With this trend, your customers are going to look for the things they need with pictures, rather than words.

This idea can work in several ways. One is that the customer will upload their chosen image into a search engine. With that picture in hand, the search engine is able to show listings and other images that are similar in the hopes of helping the customer find what they want.

Smartphones can help you to do a visual search as well. For example, Pinterest will allow customers to take pictures of items to get more inspiration for their big idea. It also incorporates some of the shoppable Pins into the search results that will help customers with their shopping.

Google does something that is very similar. If you are able to add good images to your website of all of your products, you will be able to reach your customers when they do one of these image searches, which makes it more likely that they will purchase from you.

Using Programmatic Advertising

What this refers to is the automating of several of your ad-related tasks. The most obvious application is in buying ads, but it can also cover where the ad appears. This has been around for a little while, but it is possible this has been overlooked by many companies because they do not understand what it is about.

There are a few benefits to advertising with this method. When you automate the ad buying process, you will make it more efficient and faster than some of the conventional methods you can use. The practical upshot of this can translate into higher conversion numbers and lower costs for the business that oversees it.

Businesses may find that programmatic advertising will also allow for more ad targeting. This is more accurate than before because it can use more targeting signals than manual advertising can do. This allows you to send out your marketing campaign and have it make a greater impact than you could do on your own.

Save yourself some time and see better results with the help of programmatic advertising, making you have a better return on investment.


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You need to personalize your advertising and marketing. The customer has a lot of choices they can make and if they just feel like a number to your company, then they will not feel interested in working with you at all.

Many of the customers you work with today will have high expectations of the materials they are exposed to during marketing. For example, 80% of your customers are more likely to do business with a company that offers them a personalized experience. There are different ways that you can do this, but the personalization needs to be there.

Business owners need to consider the methods they can use to help personalize their offerings and their marketing message. This will make it easier for them to figure out how to reach their customers and get the best results.

Helping Your Business Grow

Whether you choose to work with marketing services to help give you a head start or you have a marketing plan in mind on your own, by having a strategy in place, you will be able to see some exponential growth for your business that is sure to last you well into the future.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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