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Laser auriculotherapy, a revolutionary technique for smoking cessation

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Smoking is one of the biggest threats to global health today. This serial killer must have massacred millions of human lives since the invention of cigarettes.

For decades, scientists, our men of justice, have conducted their research, hoping to find a solution that will help get rid of nicotine addiction and help people overcome their addiction.

Electric Cigarettes, Nicotine Patches, Abrupt Withdrawal, and more are the methods found to help smokers quit smoking. But the question that arises is how effective these methods can be?

The main goal was to be able to find an optimal solution, quickly giving us the possibility of having results in real-time. Eureka! All these characteristics are synonymous with the “anti-smoking laser” method, a new method that will stop nicotine addiction, thus suppressing any desire to smoke.

Let’s see! What is this method all about? a laser that accredits non-smoker status in an instant. At first glance, you might say it’s too good to be true!

The anti-smoking laser and nicotine addiction

Indeed, it is laser therapy. As the name suggests, the treatment is done through a low-intensity laser beam. The micro-vibration generated stimulates the secretion of endorphin and opiates by the brain without the patient suffering any sensation of pain or discomfort. The intervention can be done by stimulating points on the pinna that are connected to various organs and glands.

Subsequently, we will take the time to explain all these technical terms and this new anti-smoking laser jargon, but for the moment, a primordial question deserves to be addressed: how does tobacco addiction work?

In fact, cigarette addiction is a physical addiction located in the brain. A smoker will create nerve impulses between two neurons that are connected by synapses. In other words, a smoker will create the contacts of addiction.

The anti-smoking laser, how does it work?

It is at the level of addiction contacts that the anti-smoking laser intervenes. First, the doctor will detect very specific points in the ear. These points correspond to the nerve impulses of addiction. The laser will therefore be applied to these points. Consequently, there will be an immediate disconnection from the addiction, therefore in plain language, no need to smoke, no more feeling of physical lack.

To recap, doctors artificially stimulate strategic points in the ear, points controlling tobacco addiction. They assume that the outer ear communicates with all parts of the body. Less than 24 hours after the application of the laser, the urge to smoke disappears thanks to the fact that all the nerve endings have been activated.

The laser also replaces tobacco by releasing endorphins which transmit information on nicotine to neurons. You should know that the micro-vibrations reach the pituitary and hypothalamus more quickly through the ear.

Effective from the first session and a permanent result

Are we talking about a permanent solution then? What if, for example, we wanted to smoke a cigarette after 5 or 6 months of treatment? What will happen?

As we stated at the very beginning, the laser method has nothing to do with magic or miracles, so the importance of personal commitment in this process should be emphasized. The anti-smoking laser acts on physical dependence but not on behavioral dependence. In fact, you will be freed from the lack of nicotine from the first treatment session, but behavioral conditioning may persist (smoking linked to stress, at a moment of pleasure, after eating, etc.).

The laser can help indirectly against the weakness of the person in the face of external stresses but may not offer any result if the smoker is still hesitant and does not really have the will to quit smoking.

The simple act of smoking a single cigarette will therefore play the role of a reset or “restart” button if you are a fan of gaming. But this time, we’re sorry to tell you that there will be no save points. The subject will return to the starting point.

Scientifically speaking, the synapses of addiction will reconnect, and the person will regain their nicotine addiction instantly. This is why it is important to know that laser treatment can only be effective with harmonic and synchronized operation with the patient. Without a real desire to quit smoking for good, there is no point in starting treatment. This is why tests to assess dependence and motivation must anticipate the laser treatment session. We can therefore deduce an approximate period of the effectiveness of the treatment.

The advantages of the method

One last question. How is the anti-smoking laser different from other traditional methods of quitting smoking? And are there any drawbacks that you should realize?

Indeed, by adopting the method of laser treatment, the patient will guarantee that he will no longer need to use nicotine substances. Not to mention obviously getting a quick result. In general, after an hour of treatment, the urge to smoke goes away without stress, painlessly, and without side effects.

The only drawback that we can mention is that this treatment is quite expensive since the technique is not yet very widespread in the world, although there are several centers.

The anti-smoking laser is a revolutionary neologism in the world of science. This solution will end a real problem in record time to finally be able to say goodbye to the problems of withdrawal and nervousness.

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