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LogoAI: Is It Good Ideas to Use Gradient Colors in Company Logos

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The company logo is the face of your business. It’s one of the branding elements that the general public latches on to, which is why most companies go through great lengths to make their logos distinguishable.

Recently, one of the design trends brands have taken up is gradient logos. We’ve seen it with Instagram’s logo, which evolved from the iconic brown and white photo icon to the well-known sunset-themed gradient.

You might now be thinking of using a gradient color palette for your logo or even Favicon. Before you move forth with this decision, you must first understand the basics of logo design.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Designing Logos?

1. Your Company’s Brand Identity

Since your logo represents your company, it’s only understandable that you consider your brand identity before starting your logo design. A gradient logo may be eye-catching, but it does not apply to all fields and industries.

For example, if you’re working in a more formal field, like corporate or law, you may want to opt for more neutral colors due to the professional setting.

Aside from your choice of field, you also need to keep in mind the services or products you offer and match your logo with them accordingly.

2. The Logo’s Printability

Printability is one of the most important requirements for a logo design. For example, if your logo is too complicated or colorful, it may not be reproduced well in real life.

For instance, a gradient color palette has too many colors that may not translate well when reproduced in black and white. Also, it typically doesn’t look as good when you print it on a black and white document.

When in doubt, keep printability in mind when creating a logo design. A logo may look good on a computer, but it may not mean it would look the same on other materials. If your logo doesn’t hold up well printed, it may not stand the test of time.

3. Other Logo Elements

You can use many types of logos for your company’s brand. You may be most familiar with pictorial marks or wordmarks, but it’s also possible to use a mascot or emblem for your logo.

The type of logo you choose will also affect how well the gradient palette would look on your final logo design. For example, if you have a mascot logo like KFC or Wendy’s, a gradient palette may not be the best choice.

It’s worth noting that there are some instances where gradients work well with logos. Take Tinder’s logo, for example. Tinder has several variations of its flame logo. One of these is the white flame with the gradient background.

Is It Okay to Use Gradients in Company Logos?

Can you use gradients in your company logo? It depends. You need to keep in mind the industry you are working in and the image you wish to convey to the public. It also relies on the type of logo you want to use for your brand.

If gradients fit the bill for all three of these factors, it’s time to work on your logo design and its printability. As previously mentioned, most gradient logos don’t translate well in print. You can work around this disadvantage by creating an abstract logo design like Instagram and Tinder have done.

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