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Menturi: Design and Construction of high-tech frames and bicycles

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Enrico Turina and Matteo Menici, former road cycling competitors with engineering and commercial skills. To meet ever greater attention to road safety, we decided to create frames for city bicycles, but above all for road and gravel, which in addition to using the best technologies available on the market, integrated front and rear high efficiency LED lights and electronic controls.

Carbon and aeronautical aluminum frames have been created with an attractive design and excellent performance with unique features that make them extremely efficient even in very low or absent light conditions. All of this with 100% made in Italy.

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Your products and services 

Muscle bicycles in Carbon and Aluminum with High Technological Innovation

Your success factors 

Everything is based on a common passion for cycling and for things well done

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The idea of ​​equipping with electronically-controlled LED lights in road and gravel high-performance frames, with tailor and customizable built, in addition to the use of the latest generation materials and construction techniques.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Design and sale of custom-made and highly customizable high-performance frames and bicycles.

A few words about your competitors

Exept, Sartobike, T°red, Pedemonte

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