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MICRONIZZAZIONE INNOVATIVA: An innovation to the advantage of agriculture

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The idea

We are following innovation for different aspects and sector and for one of which we decided to directly invest.

This because the involved innovation refers to an unconventional “micronizing” technology which helps to overcome the physical troubles that in the past have not allowed the agricultural operators to appreciate and benefit of the multiple different valuable functions that our product might contribute to the agriculture plus the sensible reduction of the water resources required for the growth of the various crops and trees. 

Your products and services 

Our innovative product “PolyActive” is an organic polymer which contributes to improve the structure and functionality of the different soils, bringing them back to their better functions, because it allows to:

  • A better structure of the different soils, improving their chemical and physical properties.
  • Increase water retention and the storage of usable water (“PolyActive” is hydrophilic and hydroscopic)  into soils, sensibly reducing water consumption.
  • Increase the capture and retention of cationic nutritional minerals and organic compounds, thanks to its 18% anionic charge.

Your success factors 

Unique innovation technology and strong motivation of the founders, being a product which contributes to the save valuable elements: like water and soils.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Increase value of money in the agricultural sector.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Motivating farmers to improve their activity and crops yield.

A few words about your competitors

A very innovative product, unrivalled on the market thanks to the innovative micronizing technology at our unique disposal. 

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