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Mobile Pixels A Leading Startup In Tech Industry

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Mobile Pixels A Leading Startup In Tech Industry

Mobile pixels have revolutionized the tech industry by introducing a second screen while working on a PC, laptop, or iPad. They have brought ease to the lives of workers who desperately need a second screen.

The second screen helps make work organized and tidy and boosts work efficiency.

While working in a shared office, Jack realized he needed a second screen and fashioned one out of a defunct laptop. Therefore, they developed Mobile Pixels DUEX as their first product.

They have integrated the most cutting-edge technologies available to boost work efficiency and production, providing a compact, lightweight, portable display.

This is how Mobile Pixels DUEX, their first product, emerged. To help you get more done in less time, they merged the most advanced technologies currently available into a compact, easily transportable display.

Mobile Pixels deeply understand the design and development processes required to provide Mobile Pixels because they care about competency.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Max

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Yes, here it is, the long-awaited DUEX. Mobile Pixels have launched Mobile Pixels DUEX Max portable monitor.

Their most advanced, portable dual-screen laptop extension, enables easy multitasking. The famous external monitors are the perfect accessory for on-the-go productivity and enjoyment.

Smooth  Interface and Sleek Design

The DUEX Max is a compact, improved, dual-screen laptop attachment that streamlines multitasking. They have developed iconic portable external monitors perfect for on-the-go business, entertainment, and anything else.

Mobile Pixels helps to provide different mobile displays to complement your laptop computer. The DUEX and TRIO series of portable monitors are unique in that they connect to the back of your notebook’s screen casing, allowing you to utilize the laptop in various configurations without sacrificing mobility.

Large 14.1″ High-Definition Screen

At 14.1 inches, the DUEX Max we’re discussing is their gigantic screen yet. These are available in four colours that complement your needs. DUEX Max comes up with a bigger 14.1-inch full-HD display that you can adjust to either side of your laptop. Everything you see will be 100% crystal clear thanks to its 1080p resolution and 85% screen-to-body ratio.

Hybrid Sign

When plugged in, turn the power on.

The DUEX Max dual laptop monitor brings you a DisplayPort-enabled USB-C connector, enabling high-speed video transmission and plug-and-play functionality through a single cable.

Safe for the Eyes

Improve your eyes’ health by reducing exposure to blue light from your secondary screen by selecting the ideal color temperature and brightness. Get your work done and have fun without worrying about straining your eyes to read or use a computer in low light.

The vibrant display on our gaming monitor guarantees nonstop excitement without the accompanying headache.

Compact and Long-Lasting


DUEX Max comes up lightweight and provides genuine movability with the most robust materials possible, all while weighing just 1.8 pounds. It’s eco-friendly and light on power consumption, so your laptop’s battery will last longer.

As a bonus, we made DUEX Max of durable materials like ABS and aluminium, so it does not get damaged when you’re schlepping your laptop.

Ergonomically Sound Design

DUEX Max supports auto-rotation, so you can use it in landscape mode, portrait mode, and presentation mode. In addition, you may also use eye care mode, or kickstand mode convenient positions for every kind of situation.

User-friendly Interface

User friendly Interface

Their compatibility is matchless when it comes to their interface. You may connect the DUEX Max to any computer, laptop or smart phone with a USB-C or USB-A port. It also includes a Nintendo Switch and some Android phones.

A bonus Product: DUEX Plus

Mobile Pixels has come up with another fantastic product that is Duex Plus.

The 13.3-inch screen of the DUEX Plus portable laptop monitor is excellent for professionals and people who need to switch between many tasks quickly and easily.

DUEX Plus is a neat, easy-to-use, plug-and-play option for any presentation, game, lecture, or other multitasking situation.

The DUEX Plus is an ideal display for 13- to 14-inch notebooks

Through this product, you may achieve optimal ergonomic comfort and adapt to various situations.

The movable lid’s adaptability will become apparent as you discover its many uses.

A magnetic attachment that connects to the back of the laptop doubles as a prop stand when the secondary monitor is set up in portrait mode and as a protective cover when it is not in use. It allows for four different orientations, from landscape to vertical content presentation.

Lightweight in size

This DUEX Plus, 30% lighter and almost 50% thinner than the previous edition provides an elegant solution to transport a laptop’s second monitor on the go. The sleek form factor and sticky function mean you can put it in any bag with your smartphone without worrying about extra bulk.

Your Choice of Location for Both Work and Play

Our expanded range of supported gadgets provides you with more flexibility. With the DUEX Plus, you can use your laptop, PC, or choice Android phone as a secondary display for your work, play on the go, or as a gaming monitor for the Nintendo Switch.

Eye-care Mode Protect and Relax Your Eyes

You can protect your eyes from the display’s potentially hazardous blue light by activating Eyecare Mode, which adjusts the display’s color temperature and brightness levels for you. This may help you avoid eyestrain and discomfort whether reading, using a computer, or working in dim conditions.

Right or Wrong, It’ll Never Leave Your Side

Do you want to toggle between left and right configurations easily? The DUEX Plus’s adaptable mounting mechanism and the built-in sensor for automatic alignment make this possible. Detect its orientation, flip it upside down, or connect it to your laptop as a secondary display on the left or right.

Continue playing while charging

DUEX Plus has two fully operational USB-C connections, each of which may give power and transmit video. Connect your gadgets to the display with a single wire and a USB-C connection. With the second USB-C port, you can hook up your Samsung DeX and Nintendo Switch to enjoy your laptop’s two displays.


The suggested retail price of the Mobile Pixels DUEX Max is $349. Compared to more conventional, portable 1080p monitors, which you can have for roughly $200, that price tag indicates that you are paying a premium for its adaptability, however, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The configuration has some merit since it seems like it came straight out of a notebook, which is no small feat.

Because the DUEX Max may utilize a single wire for both power and data, it is acceptable to lack an HDMI connector. Even if your laptop only has USB-A 3.0 ports, Mobile Pixels has thought of everything, so you can put the DUEX Max in and start using it immediately. Although the screen doesn’t break any new ground, the G-Sensor is a welcome addition.

Additionally, utilizing it in portrait mode may be helpful in non-mobile desktop settings. The Nintendo Switch and other mobile devices with video output capabilities may use the screen’s portability. But then you’ll need to locate an additional power supply for the second port.

In deciding whether or not a gadget of this sort is helpful for you, the amount of available screen space is crucial. You have a little leeway regarding screen size since Mobile Pixels offers the exact 1080p resolution across 12.5″ with the DUEX Lite, 13.3″ with the DUEX Plus, and now 14.1″ with the DUEX Max.


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