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Moodozi Reviews (Latest Update): Is The Moodozi Sad Light Therapy Lamp Legit Or Scam? Read This Before Buying

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In This Moodozi review, you will learn about Moodozi, what it is, how to use Moodozi, its features, benefits, customer reviews, pros, and cons, frequently asked questions, where to buy Moodozi, and for how much.

Rather than drugs, Moodozi provides a non-pharmaceutical way of treating seasonal affective disorder.  Phototherapy with Moodozi has the same effect on the brain’s natural sunlight. It stimulates the brain to synthesize serotonin. The amount of serotonin, therefore, balances off melatonin during the winter months and helps regulate your mood.

It is not a coincidence that you find yourself in a better mood in the summer than in the winter season. There is a scientific explanation for this. Other than vitamin D, when the sun’s rays hit the body, it causes the production of serotonin. A hormone that plays a role in boosting your mood and calming your nerves to make you relax.

Pharmaceutical companies have explored the effects of serotonin by manufacturing drugs that modulate the activities of the hormone. The sun is a natural source of synthesizing this hormone. Serotonin, functioning as a near-hormone or neurotransmitter, influences mood and keep off depression.

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During the winter, there is a considerable drop in sunlight exposure. Aside from decreased vitamin D production, the body also suffers from a reduced level of serotonin. This explains the seasonal pattern of depression. This can constitute a serious mental health concern. This phenomenon was previously known as a seasonal affective disorder. this makes weather conditions one of the causes of depression.

as a result of the shorter days in winter and the reduced amount of sunlight, seasonal affective disorder is more commoner during the winter season. for this reason, this form of depression is now referred to as the winter blues. this affects millions of people annually and can become a serious health concern.

Most people pay attention to the physical effects of lack of light exposure. when we transition from autumn to winter, the reduced sunlight may predispose us to physical effects such as rickets, osteoporosis, and other bone conditions caused by reduced vitamin D production. but little is said about the mental health effects of reduced sunlight exposure.

The transition from autumn to winter may cause you to become less enthusiastic, exhausted, moody, or depressed. this depressive mood is therefore referred to as winter blues. so, since a lack of sun exposure causes this condition, treatment can be achieved by increasing the amount of sunlight. based on this principle, an artificial light, which can minimize the sunlight was created.

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there has never been a more effective treatment for wintertime depression. Moodozi is shaped like a lamp and provides the body with enough light to be able to synthesize serotonin to balance off the amount of circulating melatonin and restore your mood.

rather than pumping pills to get yourself energetic or motivated, Moodozi can naturally help you feel motivated, joyous, and energetic without the ugly side effects of medications.  there are several reviews from its current users, some of which will be covered in subsequent chapters.

What is Moodozi?

Moodozi is an advanced ultraviolet-free LED lamp designed primarily to help improve your mood during the cold, dark season. the short grim days of winter a depressive mood sets in. to rectify this, you will require an increase increased to sunlight. Moodozi does this by mimicking the sun’s light and providing you with the benefits of sunlight.

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winter blues or seasonal depression is something that a lot of people deal with, especially those living in parts of the world with extremely cold winter months. thankfully, you no longer have to go through the next winter feeling depressed. Moodozi can make its users feel happy, and optimistic, the same way you feel during mid-summer when there is abundant sunlight exposure.

aside from its effects of seasonal depression, Moodozi users experience a mental boost, an increase in energy, as well as sell quality. Moodozi is what you need to keep the productivity at your job and the quality of your night sleep as sound as every other time of the year. it takes away the effect the change in weather has on your mental health, productivity, and quality of sleep.

Moodozi does a better job than caffeine, which is the common resort of most people during harsh winter months. additionally, it is reasonably priced and will cost you less. so, for a few bucks, you can finally go through winter months without all the grim and blues.

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in some parts of the world, the winter season is characterized by extremely negative temperatures, short days, and cloudy weather conditions. going through the winter seasons is therefore not the same as the summer which allows you to go out, hand out at the beach, have outdoor parties, hike, and engage in various adventures. these activities keep you in a good mood and happy.

however, the cold and dark winter makes you cold and depressed. this shows how important sunlight is. not only is exposure to sunlight important for vitamin D synthesis, but it also turns out, that sunlight is very much involved in mood regulation by promoting the synthesis of serotonin, the happy hormone.

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this hormone dispels feelings of unhappiness, and pessimism, and improves mental clarity and brain functions. Moodozi in addition to this also regulates the circadian rhythm, that is, your biological clock. by so doing, it can improve your sleep quality. adequate sleep further improves mood, reduces irritability, and grumpiness, increases and the quality of your day.

Moodozi has gained a considerable amount of popularity and overflowing positive reviews from its current users. the unique features of Moodozi for this popularity as well as reviews. later section of this article will discuss some of the features of Moodozi and why it is highly celebrated.

Moodozi has a portable and compact design. The significance of this is that the device can be carried with ease from one place to another. so, if you have a Moodozi, you can use it both at home and in the office to help provide a mimicry of the sunlight to improve your mood and keep you productive in the cold winter. this is also helpful for those who work the night shift. it helps correct your biological clock and better sleep quality.

How to use Moodozi

There are certain rules you should know about how to use Moodozi

  • Consult your doctor before commencing the use of Moodozi, especially if you are currently on any medication or suffer from a mental illness
  • Set the lamp at high brightness in the morning and reduce this in the evening
  • For maximum effects, use for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily
  • Ensure to adhere to manufactures instructions
  • Pretest before use
  • Do not face it directly toward the face or eyes

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How does Moodozi work?

Moodozi work by generating a UV-free LED light that helps to improve both physical and mental health. The LED light mimics the sunlight and has up to 6 adjustable brightness. It imitates the morning and evening brightness of the sun and provides the body with energy irrespective of how cold the winter is.

It is a certified treatment for seasonal affective disorder. Additionally, it helps with motivation, focus, and concentration during this season.


features of Moodozi 

here are some of the incredible qualities and features of Moodozi and why its current users only have positive things to say about the device.

user friendly

Moodozi is designed like a regular iPad with control buttons that are easy to understand and use. its design is such that the main panel is supported by sturdy stands. this allows Moodozi to be set up on any available flat surface in the house or office.

portable design

it is portable and compact. the stands can be folded back, allowing the device to be packed easily in a small bag or office briefcase and taken to work or traveled with without much hassle.

Advanced technology

consider Moodozi as an advanced lamp that uses LED lights. while Moodozi can mimic the sunlight and provide the same effects of promoting the synthesis of serotonin and boosting your mood, it is without the side effects such as skin cancer associated with excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.

despite using advanced technology, Moodozi is user-friendly and can be used by anyone irrespective of their level of understanding of technological devices. its brightness can be regulated to your tasks using the simple, easy-to-understand control buttons.

it is a non-pharmaceutical method of dealing with winter blues. with this, you no longer have to depend on caffeine or any other drug to uplift your mood in the winter. Moodozi is helpful with the treatment of sadness, lethargy, as well as seasonal depression without any side effects.

Moodozi should help you feel more energy and motivation. Also, it may reduce depression, boost optimism, and make you feel better about life. Winter is a hard time for many people. Still, you might learn to like it when you have the summer sunlight shining in your room until spring arrives.

Individuals who work from home or spend all day at the office are usually deprived of adequate sunlight exposure. This is a harmless way of getting all the sunlight you may have missed.

USB cable

Moodozi has a USB port and is delivered with a type C USB cable that allows you to be able to connect the device to laptops and other similar anywhere.

Control panel

Moodozi has an easy to understanding and user-friendly control panel. the soft touch buttons used in controlling the device are well-labeled and easy to use.

how will Moodozi help you?

sleep is arguably the most important part of your day. it is how you can recharge your depleted batteries to face the next day. without adequate sleep, we tend to develop headaches and become irritable and grumpy. also, mental capacity tends to drop with inadequate sleep.

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Moodozi will help you achieve quality sleep and by extension enjoy a more productive day, remain in a better mood, and keep off depression. its role in the regulation of the circadian rhythm, that is, the biological clock, is by far its most celebrated feature.

Moodozi is designed for the winter season because of the short day and longer night duration experienced in the winter. this distorts the biological clock and makes it difficult to get good quality sleep. during the winter months, nighttime may be twice as long as the daytime. Moodozi is designed to help balance your circadian rhythm during this time and assist with enjoying a good night’s rest.

pros and cons of Moodozi

pros of Moodozi

  • improves mood using phototherapy
  • mimic sunlight without causing skin cancer
  • it’s free of ultraviolet rays
  • boos motivation and optimism
  • treats sadness
  • increase mental strength, productivity, and focus
  • improved sleep quality
  • user friendly
  • reasonably priced
  • portable design can be carried easily to the office or any other place.
  • can be placed on any flat surface in the home or office
  • sleek design
  • 50% discount
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • available online only
  • limited stock

Where can you buy Moodozi and for how much?

Moodozi is available only on the official website of the manufacturing company. the device cannot be purchased from offline retail shops. this policy has its benefits as well as drawbacks. ordering from the official website ensures that you only get eh best quality Moodozi without a chance to be fake. this also allows you to enjoy offers such as discounts and free deliveries.

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however, this also makes Moodozi limited. without an internet connection, it will be impossible to order the device.

Moodozi uses an advanced form of phototherapy to treat seasonal affective disorder seen in the  ( winter blues). it is free of ultraviolet rays and therefore does not cause skin cancer, unlike the sunlight.  it has gained considerable patronage as a result of its unique features and undeniable results.

current prices of Moodozi

  • 1 Moodozi $59.99
  • 2 Moodozi $$94.98 ($47.49 each)
  • 4 Moodozi $ 169.97 ($42.49 each)
  • 5 Moodozi $ 199.96 ($39.99).

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feel free to order more than one Moodozi. this will make a great gift, especially for friends, colleagues, or family members who are dealing with a harsh winter.

to order for Moodozi, simply select the package you desire, select a payment option, enter your shipping information, and order. note, you can pay an additional token to extend the warranty on the product.

buyers who are unsatisfied with the device are free to return it to the company within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. the return should be made within 30 days and in its original packaging without signs of an attempted repair.

benefits of using Moodozi

improved mood and motivation

winter cold, cloudy weather, and short days are a buzz kill. being unable to enjoy the outdoors, and engage in activities such as beach parties makes the winter season sometimes depressing.

Moodozi uses phototherapy to help you improve your food and as a source of motivation during the grim winter days. Additionally, Moodozi helps to boost your energy level and allows you to have a productive day. Moodozi takes care of brain fog and grants you better focus.

Better sleep quality

Moodozi regulates the circadian rhythm and helps with better sleep quality. In turn, you will feel refreshed, full of energy, less grumpy, and improved mental function.


It is recommended by therapists for people who experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter blues. It is 100% safe for both kids and adults as well as pets. It can be used in any room or office.

6 brightness modes

Depending on the weather condition, you can adjust the brightness of the device accordingly to get the most out of it.

30 days money back guarantee

After purchasing Moodozi, if you are unsatisfied with the device, the company policy allows you to return the device within 30 days for a full refund with no questions asked.

Moodozi is what you need if you suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, characterized by low energy levels, constant brain fog, poor focus and motivation, and sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Moodozi phototherapy is an equivalent of a ray of sunshine. It promises a better winter experience with several benefits including better focus, motivation, and happiness amongst others. it allows you to enjoy a surge of energy without needing caffeine.

customer reviews

“I am pleasantly surprised with this product. I bought a different lamp a year or so ago. It was quite disappointing. It didn’t function the way it was presented and the light was not pleasant. This light is exactly as described. It’s versatile. You can put it in different places and it looks nice. What I liked most, however, was the light itself. I believe they call it a happy light which seems very corny until you turn it on. I spend a lot of time in a basement office where I do not see sunlight.

I smiled after I turned on the light.”

Elly, Los Angeles, CA

“Putting the happiness in my day! most 9- 5ers don’t have the time to spend in the sunlight for that natural mood booster and wake-up boost! This light is helpful in the morning at the start of my shift to wake me up and get me going with a positive boost to my mood! Enjoying the light!!”

Melissa, New York, NY

“I have done extensive research on the benefits of natural light for improved mood, focus, and productivity. Since using this lamp, I’ve found a huge increase in all three of those on the days that are most overcast as well as late at night when the sun goes down. I love that the light level can be adjusted and a 30-minute timer can be set as well. this is a must-have for anyone who works daily indoors.”

Veronica, traverse city, MY

“I am always looking for new ways/tricks to energize myself and I read up about UV lights. I am not sure how much it affects my energy or mood, but having this on your desk in the morning helps to wake you up and keep you awake as it is quite bright. So far, I just have it on the side of my desk pointed toward my face. I guess that is the best way to do it. So far, I am satisfied with it.”

Chris, Cleveland, OH


“Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


Moodozi has changed the stories of many regarding their winter experience. It’s time to say a final goodbye to winter blues. For an affordable price, you can stay focused, motivated, and energetic this winter as well as enjoy quality sleep.
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