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Moving with your own vehicle, here’s what to know

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Moving with your own vehicle here s what to know

Do you want to have a cost-effective move? Well, there are multiple ways you can save money on your move and moving with your own car is one of them. Especially when you are moving locally, this method can help you save the cost of hiring a rental truck or a local moving company.

Although it is recommended to hire experts for your moving requirements, read more for details, trying a DIY approach won’t hurt if you follow the right method. However, this time, you won’t be hiring a rental truck but moving your stuff in your car.

This can be a little tricky as you need to take care of your belongings as well as ensure that no damage happens to your car. Moving with a persona, vehicle may not be a suitable choice for you if you have a large household and heavy items inside. But, if you lead a minimalistic life, and have limited stock, you can use your van for transporting them to the new house. Here, we have made a crisp guide with 5 tips on moving with your own car and managing the move like a pro.

5 tips to using your car for the move

You must be very attentive towards you moving needs while taking care of your vehicle as well. Here are a few tips that would prove helpful for you when moving your house in your car.

  1. Always use the right equipment

Whether you are moving in a rental truck or in a car, your primary goal is the safety of your belongings, moving belongings at the back of the car can cause serious damage. You must use appropriate equipment to ensure that the belongings at the back of your vehicle stick to their place. Rope, bungee cords/ straps, cardboard partitions and more can be used to keep things at place. Some additional supplies that come handy in keeping the belongings in place include plastics bins and bags, overhead carrier and plastic covers.

  1. Heavy goes to the bottom

When you are loading your car or a rental truck for that matter, make sure that you place the heavier boxes at the bottom. Same rule applies on heavy items as well furniture pieces, books and large rolled up rugs. Lighter items in your inventory goes on top of the heavy stuff. These items include clothing, towels and bedding. Such loading arrangement can simplify your loading stress and also ensure that you do not have to deal with any breakage during the move.

  1. Make sure there is enough gas

You do not want to be stranded at the middle of the road with a truckload of items and no gas in your vehicle. If you want an efficient move, you must be prepared to handle it and planning plays a crucial part. Before you kick start the move, make sure you have the gas tank filled up. With a full gas tank, you will have a smooth journey and less obstacles to face.

  1. Optimal utilization of space

Your car is much more spacious than it looks. You can always let down the car seats and the interior to create more room for additional stuff. If you ca, avoid packing your belongings in cardboard boxes and instead load them directly. The bulky cardboard boxes take a lot of space inside the car which can be used to fit a wide range of household items otherwise.

If there is stuff that must be packed, you can use gunny bags, plastic bags, or vacuum storage bags to keep them safe. Also, before loading the furniture, make sure you disassemble it carefully. When dismantled, the furniture takes a lot less space and you can easily load a wide range of furniture items at the back of your car. From tables, to beds, to desks and chairs, you can easily dismantle each one of them and place them flat on the car to maximize the space.

  1. Keep the view clear

While you load your car to the brim, make sure you keep the view clear. An open field of vision is very important for safe driving when changing lanes, reversing the car, or taking a turn. Loss of vision can cause major car accidents.  To avoid any loss of vision, you will have to load the car to a distinct capacity even if it means you have to make several trips back and forth.

Hire moving labor

If you have heavy stuff to move, you cannot load and unload the car on your own. It is recommended to hire moving labors to avoid damage as well as injuries. You can easily get lifting assistance from experts at a reasonable price, these moving labors are experienced in their job and can offer you great tips for a smoother and safer move.

When using your own vehicle to move, you must ensure that it has the right capacity and strength to carry the load. Do not overburden your vehicle as it may cost you big time. Use the abovementioned tips and have a safe and cost-effective move while using your car for the transportation needs.


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