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Mushin: visual platform for co-developing products

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Bernard is a visual person. Going to conferences, meetings, etc, and not being able to share visuals was not practical. He decided to create a space where visuals are at the center of the conversation! A tool for creative teams that digitalizes the design wall to develop products and collections remotely.

Here is a link to a user case testimony: David Farcot, head of design at Salomon, who works with all his teams on Mushin.

Our products and services 

Mushin is a visual platform for product collaboration: onboard the product stakeholders of your choice, from designers to consumers, to co-develop products and collections!

  1. Customize the platform so as to suit your team’s organization
  2. Invite the members you want, when you want, where you want
  3. Share visual inspirations and discuss in real time
  4. Select and detail the best ideas, from ideation to prototype
  5. Organize the final validated ideas!

Our success factors 

Mobile and web, customizable in a few hours, the platform adapts to your teams.
Reduce all costs related to innovation: number of samples, carbon print, environment costs, time…

Our factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The first platform that revolves around the visuals, and we all know that when we speak about products we must speak visually!

Our business model

Cheap subscription based on the usage, whether internal or external to your company.

A few words about our competitors

You can share images on Teams or Slack but they never get capitalized nor organized, you can use Pinterest to find ideas, and now you have Mushin to unite all these features and develop your new products!

Our website

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