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How Natalia Aksyonova is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry One Cosmetic Tattoo at a Time

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Many of us grow up being taught one thing: being beautiful matters.

What follows is the spending of so much energy over the years finding ways in which we can all feel beautiful, whether it be finding a certain makeup routine, a specific hairstyle or even a wardrobe theme that matches us best.

Instead of feeling naturally beautiful and empowered in their beauty decisions, many women feel daunted by the task.

And that’s where Natalia Aksyonova comes in.

“I want women to feel in charge when it comes to their beauty – like it’s what they want for themselves, rather than what they are told to want,” Aksyonova explained, passionately. “That crucial difference plays a big role in what I do.”

Aksyonova is the founder and principal artist of “Natalia Beauty Cosmetic Tattoo” and is known today as the leading cosmetic tattooist in Sydney, Australia, having performed over 7,000 procedures. Her day to day is opening up the studio to all clientele who want to save their time and energy on looks and choose one that they love for the long-term.

Specializing in brows, lips and eyeliner tattooing, this cosmetic tattooist is trained multiple times a year, every year, all around the globe, so that she can always be appraised of the latest and greatest in the brow, ombre brows, cosmetic tattoo and beauty world.

Moreover, her skills have made a difference for women in need of nipple tattoos post breast cancer surgeries as well as women in need of hyper-realistic eyebrow tattoos when navigating alopecia.

In this way, Aksyonova stops at nothing to provide international high quality, luxury beauty experiences to her clients. Her studio’s equipment boasts advanced, top-of-the-line technology – the best and most expensive the industry has to offer.

“Too many of us spend so much time feeling the opposite of beautiful because we’re taught to fuss over the little things,” she shared, with heart. “I want to make each of my clients feel at peace with their beauty, by providing a service that ultimately provides a foundation of beauty every day, every morning. They can wake up and always look exactly how they want to.”

Take Australia as a whole, for example – according to the latest research, Australians spend roughly $22 billion on beauty products every year. Women, specifically, spend about $3,600 every year.

To this end, Aksyonova took a world where beauty matters and spun it on its heels.

In a society where women especially are told to look perfect every day and spend millions of dollars over the years on various makeup products, this cosmetic tattoo artist brought a solution that still empowers women and their right to feel beautiful – but on their terms.

Aksyonova’s cosmetic tattoo style only builds on a woman’s natural beauty; her work is light-handed, gentle and elevates the existing features of her client’s face. Her work is flawless, dignified and in every way lets her client feel effortlessly radiant.

Her abilities range far and wide, letting women feel as fresh and youthful as they deserve. Especially in hotter climates, her clients find that having inconspicuous, natural cosmetically tattooed makeup keeps them worrying about sweating off any physical makeup.

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Specifically, below are just some of her industry-best services:

  • Upper or lower eyeliner tattoos
  • Eyebrow 3D feathering
  • Eyebrow powder effect
  • Full lips tattoos
  • Lip enhancement
  • Anti-aging injections
  • Injectable dermal fillers
  • Anti-sweating injections
  • Nipple tattoos
  • Skin tattoos to cover scars, burns and more

Each beauty service is at the industry standard price and lasts for up to 1.5 years, allowing a customer to spend less on beauty products over the course of their lifetime while also saving the time and energy it takes to apply brow liners, lipstick, eyeliners and more every day.

Moreover, women dealing with excessive sweating, excessive wrinkles or a feeling wanting to look younger can easily find an injection service through Aksyonova’s studio that suits them.

“At the end of the day, beauty should be about what makes a woman feel beautiful – not what she is told to do to feel beautiful,” Aksyonova expressed, aptly. “Every woman has the things she wants for herself – the image she ultimately wants to have – and she deserves to have it because we all have a right to love our looks.”

The studio of Natalia Beauty Cosmetic Tattoo is all about elevating a woman’s self-love and allowing her to feel comfortable within her skin.

“Micropigmentation, microblading or semi-permanent makeup, is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing,” Aksyonova explains, on her website. “The specialized techniques used for the implantation of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin can recreate the look of beautiful eyebrows, full lips and defined eyes without the daily hassle of makeup.”

Interested customers can take a look at Natalia Beauty Cosmetic Tattoo’s beauty blog, where the certified beauty specialists share important information, experience and knowledge on cosmetic tattoos.

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Those wanting to set up a consultation can call the studio at +61435032030.

“My hope is that every woman out there who is tired of spending time, money or energy on makeup routines or cosmetic surgeries gives my studio a call,” Aksyonova said, to close. “I truly am a big believer in that women deserve to feel beautiful through the decisions they make for their bodies. Empowering women through saving their time, energy and money… that’s what I aim to do.”


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