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Not Vaxxed in a nutshell

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not vaxxed

The advantages at a glance: 

Not Vaxxed, like, offers social networking at the highest and, above all, the safest level. However, the focus is on the exclusive group of people who have not been vaccinated, and for whom data protection and identity protection are important.

Freedom of expression, data protection and absolute privacy are not just a promise here, but a guarantee. Accordingly, in contrast to Facebook and other providers that have come into disrepute, there is no need to fear disclosure of personal data to third parties. This is achieved, among other things, by sophisticated encryption that denies even the hosts access to users’ data and the servers.

The financing is also convincing, not least because of the high level of transparency. There is nil to low costs, that is €0 – €5 per month per user and based on the account and usage.

In summary, this means maximum security, equal opportunities along with minimal risk and cost., on the other hand, offers job seekers the opportunity to become active. The spectrum ranges from the publication of a job offer to the creation of notification to the upload of a CV. In the “Informed” or “Taught” section, there are many more tips and tools for a successful job hunt. Even in times of Corona, with, you stay on the ball not only socially but also professionally. And when it comes to wanderlust, the portal ensures that even unusual dreams of nearby and distant destinations can be fulfilled with new, exciting offers.


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