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O-BOY: A Reliable Satellite Rescue Device for Sportspeople

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People enjoy the summer weather because it allows them to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Some of these adventures include watersports such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, kayaking, kitesurfing and much more. Of course, the O-BOY is not limited to watersports and can be used while skiing, snowboarding, camping, trailing, mountaineering, paragliding, etc.

In fact, the media and the movie industry focus more and more on “extreme” sports of all types, hence the surge in popularity in almost all countries. Young and old want to indulge in sports or simply enjoy the outdoors.

Safety is important when engaging in these thrilling activities. Actually, technology has designed life-saving appliances to help you, your friends and your family stay safe. Thanks to these “gadgets”, sportswomen and men, as well as accompanying experts have averted several disastrous accidents.

O-BOY is one of these devices. So then, let’s review how O-BOY is a reliable and versatile rescue device for sportspeople.

O-BOY Wrist-Wearable Rescue Device

LifeLine, a Belgian startup, developed a wrist-wearable called “O-BOY to enable people to engage and enjoy different types of adventures all over the planet. The idea of designing a reliable wearable satellite rescue device was born when Hadrien Dorchy, one of the founders, got stranded miles off the coast after losing his board fin. However, it took 4 years of R&D to design a unique wrist-wearable safety device.

The item combines a satellite communication device, a personal locator beacon, and a wristwatch. With such a device, sportspeople, sports enthusiasts as well as outdoor adventure lovers can now enjoy their freedom in all safety. Users can also push their limits and go further because satellite technology provides worldwide coverage.

O-BOY operates independently of the local carriers and is entirely autonomous from the phone. This versatile rescue device offers the following services :

  • Custom messaging (with GPS coordinates)
  • SOS signal (with GPS coordinates and a $50,000 Search & Rescue insurance coverage)
  • Live location tracking (accurate to the nearest yard thanks to the Galileo technology)

o boy

Features of O-BOY

Sleek Design

O-BOY has a sleek design and is robustly built. The safety device enables you to ski, windsurf, or hike in style. It’s wearable during any weather condition and type of activity.

The device is light, rock-solid, cool-looking, waterproof, dustproof, and totally shockproof (in the vein of a GoPro). The goal of this safety device is to stick with you and by you. Adventurers want safety in style, and O-BOY precisely offers that.

Satellite Technology

It’s tough to ask for help in remote islands, mountains, or canyons using your smartphone: These areas are mostly out of reach of cellular networks!

O-BOY has a unique patent protecting its technology, that is a mini omnidirectional satellite antenna capable of transmitting in any position (e.g. you don’t have to aim at the sky). In other words, you can tell emergency services to rescue you, your family to get you, or a friend to track you virtually anywhere on this planet, even in the middle of the ocean, desert or forest!


O-BOY allows you to pick and choose the service you want. O-BOY’s target is to offer its clients the most affordable satellite subscription on the market.  That’s why the three services – GETME, RESCUEME and TRACKME – can (but don’t have to) be combined and are all on a PAY-PER-PLAY basis. For example, if you only go on adventurers in January (e.g. skiing) and July (e.g. sailing), you will only pay for those two specific months. Finally, O-BOY has no “activation fees” unlike its most famous competitors which usually charge $30 on top of their monthly plan.

Ease of Use

Each service can be activated using the push of one single button. Indeed, the device has one large button offering an excellent “click feedback”. This is very handy. For instance, a GETME will be triggered with 4 consecutive pushes, a RESCUE with 8 consecutive pushes and a TRACKME with a long steady push of 10 seconds.

How to Get Your O-BOY

Golden samples are ready and currently undergoing extensive testing with tough adventurers across the globe.  Next step will be CE and FCC certifications. Since February 2022, O-BOY is be available for a limited time-period.

You can be among the first 800 customers to order the world’s first satellite rescue watch. You will be delivered in July 2022. Pre-ordering now will help you secure a super early bird discount, i.e. $100 discount and free shipping anywhere in the world.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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