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How Do Online Collaboration Tools Help In Building Stronger Teams Feature

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A project involves various professionals working together to make it a success. While individually these professionals would be great at their jobs, it is significant that they execute different aspects of the project cohesively.

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Collaborative teamwork is key to the successful execution of a project. When working with a team it is important for members to create a rapport with the others. It is quintessential that they devise a way of communicating and working with each other which enables them to magnify their performance and ensure the smooth flow of the work at hand.

One way to achieve this is to host a lunch and learn program, which is a great combination of learning and socializing. These events will enable your employees to upgrade their skills while also getting to know their coworkers better.

In a recent , over 70% of employees said digital technology improved their collaboration. Online collaboration tools play a pivotal role in helping a team work in conjunction with its members. If you’re a project manager and often think – How to be more productive while managing tasks, projects, and teams”, then using a top-rated team collaboration tool is the solution you’re looking for.

These tools are created exclusively for professionals to maintain workplace balance and transparency. Project managers all across the globe have employed collaboration and communication tools to effectively carry out their day to day tasks at work.

A study by McKinsey showed that employing collaborative tools can help increase productivity and interaction by upto 20-25%. Project management tools have become a top choice for teams looking for a simplified way to deliver their best. With a ton of features like personalized chats, team-client discussions, custom roles and workflows, integration with third party softwares, creating task lists, sharing files, etc, these online multi management tools are a blessing for managers and their teams.

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Listed below are the major reasons how online collaboration tools help building stronger teams and improving performance:

  • Efficient Communication

Communication is key when working in a team and collaborative tools are a way of harnessing technology to help teams discuss ideas and communicate better. By giving team members an open and synergetic working experience, teams make sure that they get the best possible results. Collaborative tools enable professionals to communicate effectively with each other, share their work at different stages, gain insights from one another, and share data as well. Long threads of emails and unending phone calls can be overwhelming, but with the right tools in place communication occurs in a more methodical way. Collaborative tools boost communication at all stages of a project from inception to completion and help team members prioritize, segregate, and coordinate work.

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  • Supervision & feedback

As more and more people have been working remotely, it is difficult for their superiors to assess their work, supervise them, and generate valuable feedback. Collaboration tools enable managers to track the progress of their teams at every step. Tools such as ProofHub have an online proofing option which helps managers review, proof, and approve results. Even when working out of a regular office space, these tools help with assessing work, finding loopholes, and supervising the team with constructive feedback that helps them perform better. Moreover these tools do not make the team feel like someone is constantly watching over them and giving directions, rather it makes supervision and feedback more systematic.

  • Time management

Time management is one of the most valuable aspects of online collaboration tools. Staying on top of deadlines is paramount when working on a project but that in no way means that the quality of work should be compromised. Detailed time sheets, tracking billable hours, automated invoices, inbuilt time trackers, and real-time reports on time spent on a project are a few indispensable features that foster time management. All of these above-mentioned time tracking app can be found in a single project management tool, ProofHub. It enables managers to track team time and generate timely results.

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  • Workplace transparency

Transparency within an organization and a team is absolutely essential and tools promote workplace transparency. By helping keep each and every team member and clients in the loop, transparency is promoted and so is a healthy work culture. Through such tools each individual knows what the other is working on while the team leader is able to track progress at every step of the project and hold individuals accountable. All members can be involved in every stage of the work process, focus on what is important and eliminate the redundancies.

  • Mitigating stress

Workplace stress can take a toll on your mental health and even more so when deadlines are looming over your head. Planning well in advance, creating smaller achievable goals, and assigning tasks helps distribute the workload and thus, mitigate stress. It is also the duty of the manager to ensure proper communication is maintained and the team is working cohesively and work is distributed evenly among the team. A tool also makes things easier for the supervisors and managers who do not have to worry about keeping an eye over the employees at all times.

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  • Better Organization

Several times everything about a project works out well except for the fact that it lacks fluidity and organization. Lack of an order in a project can adversely affect the team’s performance and compromise the quality of work. Project management software enables managers to keep track of what tasks have been assigned to the members, create custom roles for members and help them organize their work in a better way. By improving organization, the overall productivity is impacted positively and any kind of skepticism about work is eliminated.

  • Enhance productivity

Research shows that digitized workplaces and online collaboration tools increase team productivity by 20-30% by streamlining work. Everyone knows what work they are supposed to do, when they are to deliver, and communicating with each other is also simplified. Online collaboration tools foster meaningful employee engagement and create a designated work flow, thereby increasing the productivity and the overall performance of the team. By setting achievable milestones managers encourage members to perform better and be judged on the basis of their effort rather than just perceptible results. A study conducted by Alfresco shows that three in ten companies function virtually, depending considerably on online communication.

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ProofHub as an online collaboration tool

ProofHub is a great collaboration and communication tool that allows users to execute and deliver projects well in time. Collaboration is quintessential for the smooth functioning of any team and ProofHub is an ideal tool for teams looking to improve their overall performance.

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Image Source: ProofHub

ProofHub fosters team collaboration and prioritises simplicity while still providing essential communication features. It’s designed to make day-to-day teamwork easier, keep essential activities on track, measure team progress, and analyse reports. ProofHub allows users to create discussion topics, share ideas, files, and documents in one location instead of going back and forth in long email threads.

ProofHub in-house chat is an internal communication solution that simplifies direct messaging and short dialogues with teams and clients.

ProofHub’s online proofing tool allows users to evaluate project-related files in real time, provide feedback, and approve them. It also contains markup tools for annotating files and highlighting specific areas that need to be changed.

ProofHub’s cloud storage allows you to upload files from your computer or from third-party file hosting services like Google Drive and DropBox. ProofHub also allows users to share and collaborate on files with other members on the team.

ProofHub offers innumerable features that allow teams to collaborate and manage projects effectively while being able to communicate with teams, clients, and stakeholders.

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Image Source: ProofHub

All the abovementioned pointers are a testament to the fact that online collaborative tools definitely aid in building stronger, more efficient teams. It aligns goals and objectives, and gives employees a better understanding of what is expected out of them as a team. These tools are also known to decrease work pressure and thus, help the team focus on giving their best. In conclusion, these collaborative management tools have imparted a new vision to organizational labour and can definitely be called the future of corporate teamwork.


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