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Orbi Ball Reviews: Rare Truth Revealed After Using Orbi Boomerang Ball?

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Are you looking for a way to get your kids off the screen? Are you always feeling bored or feel like you are not having enough fun? Do you wish to increase the fun during family time with your kids and spouse?  Then the Orbi ball Review is perfectly created for you and this Orbi Ball is specifically what you need.

The official Orbi Ball Reviews report that it is a flying orb spinner that climbs, floats, and glides through the air at your command, then returns to your hand like a boomerang. And this unique perfectly shaped flying ball is sure to keep your family entertained for hours.

This review on Orbi Ball will be disclosing more information on what Orbi Ball is, its features, how it works, benefits to be derived from it, where it can be purchased among others. So let’s dive in right away and get to know more about this widely engaging flying ball.

What Is an Orbi Ball?


Orbi ball is a multi-colour boomerang ball which helps you enjoy endless possibilities of fun and keeps your entire family entertained for hours. This rechargeable flying orb can soar over 100 feet in the air as it is designed to float, glide, spin, and climb through the air, and returns to you just like a boomerang.

Many users of Orbi ball revealed that its vibrantly colorful RGB lights light up your backyard sky, or rec room, and amaze your kids. And it is very easy to use. All you have to do is turn the orbi ball on, hold it upright, give it a little shake, and it will do the rest! This widely engaging ball uses a rechargeable battery which charges fast and lasts for some time before needing to be recharged.

All Reviewers acknowledged that Orbi Ball is perfectly shaped and lightweight and this helps in easy throw and catch of the flying ball by both adults and kids. And the best part of it is that this flying ball is budget friendly and you need not to break your bank to acquire it and enjoy endless fun possibilities.


Features – Orbi Ball Reviews

There are various distinctive features that come with Orbi Ball. They include:

Drop resistant: Orbi Ball floats, hovers,  glides, spins and climbs through the air and returns back to you just like a boomerang without dropping to the floor. Also, it can soar as high as 100 feet.

Wand Control: Orbi Ball can be controlled in the air using a magic wand. With the wand, which is like its remote control, you can hover,  glide, spin and climb the ball through the air and also have it returned to you using this magic wand.

Vibrantly colorful RGB lights: Orbi ball is designed with 3 different colourful RGB LED lights and these lights can morph between the colours to make it very exciting.

Rechargeable battery: This Orbi boomerang ball has high-quality rechargeable battery and the battery can be charged using the micro-USB cable enclosed with the package. It does not take long to charge and when charged, lasts some time.

User-friendly: Orbi Ball is simple and easy to operate, even for younger children. Older users can spin it from different angles to get the thrill out of it. The ball is ideal for kids and adult users. Drone Technology: Orbi ball creators claim it can spin and move in the air depending on your desired direction

Safe to be used: Orbi Ball is encased in a plastic mesh frame and keeps the spinning protected.

Compact-sized and lightweight: Orbi ball is compact-sized and lightweight. This makes it very easy to throw up in the air and to catch when it boomerangs back.

Premium quality technology materials: This perfectly-sized Orbi boomerang ball is made with quality plastic, has a sturdy structure and is strong enough not to be easily spoiled by your kids. The Orbi Ball does not malfunction due to normal wear and tear, such as dropping, bumping, or slamming it.

Does Orbi Ball Really Work?

With a brilliant hidden motor mechanism, Orbi Ball can pull off amazing aerobatic tricks and stunts. It is quite easy to learn in a matter of minutes, and playing by yourself or with friends is a blast. It can fly anywhere, is a fantastic present, and is the only thing that can ever make you happy.

The Orbi Ball is very easy to play. Even a year old kid can join in the family fun. All that is to do to use the Orbi Ball is to first and foremost visit the official website to place your order now that the product is not yet sold out. After it is delivered to you, open your package and take out your boomerang ball and allow it to charge for about 25 minutes.

After charging, turn it on, then hold it upright, toss it into the air and watch as it displays its magic and tricks. The Orbi Ball comes with a user manual that makes it even easier to use this spinning ball. The different ways that the Hajimari can be played are outlined in simple steps in the instruction manual. Below are the various modes of playing the Orbi Ball:

You can choose to play the ‘Down Under’ mode. Here, all you have to do is to toss the spinning ball into the air and watch as it comes right back to you. This is why it is called the boomerang ball. You toss it into the air, and then it returns right back into your hand, like a boomerang.

You can as well choose to play the ‘Master of Illusion’ mode. In this style of playing the Orbi Ball you are expected to place your hand underneath the Orbi Ball and defy gravity as it spins and glides around. The people involved in the game will take time trying to be the best at the trick of defying gravity.

You can also choose to play the other mode called ‘The Climb.’ In this mode, you are to toss the Orbi Ball flying gadget straight up in the air and watch as it climbs the sky. No, it will not get lost in the sky, it will come right back to you.

The most popular and most tasking mode of playing the Orbi Ball is the ‘Magic Wands’ mode. This is where you are going to be making use of the Hajimari wand which you are expected to buy separately from the same website. Here, you are going to use your special wand to control and pass the Orbi ball between yourselves. The ball will be landing on the magnetic bases of the special wand. This mode really seems like the most exciting mode. Using the wand gives the feeling of recreating the wand of Harry Potter and the magic of Hogwart.

How To Use Orbi Boomerang Ball

Orbi Ball is very easy to use and has no complicated functions.

  • Firstly, charge it after unwarping from its package.
  • Then, turn the boomerang ball on by pressing on the on/off button.
  • Hold it upright, give it a shake, and this would instantly activate the fans inside the ball to start rolling.
  • Just give it a toss and you’ll quickly see just how easy it is to do the most eye-popping stunts and tricks.
  • From under, toss it into the air and watch it come right back to you, like a boomerang!
  • Place your hand underneath your Orbi Ball and defy gravity as it psychedelically spins around and around.
  • You can toss your Orbi Ball straight up in the air and watch it climb!
  • You can also use the special Orbi Wands (sold separately) to control and pass your Orbi Ball between each other, landing on the magnetic bases

NB: Go through the user instruction manual for more information on how the Orbi Ball is controlled.

Why Is Orbi Ball Rated Best For Kids And Adults?

Thousands of users of Orbi Ball have been awed by how this special flying ball helps them and their kids get  entertained like never before. And this has got them rating Orbi Ball higher than every other flying ball on the market. Here are some of the reasons for Orbi Ball’s high ratings:

One is that Orbi Ball is very fun and engaging. It is designed with vibrantly colourful RGB LED lights which morph between colours and makes it interesting. Also with its drop-resistant feature which allows it to float, hover,  glide, spin, climb through the air and soar as high as 100 feet, and this makes the ball very fun and engaging to play with.

Also, this Orbi boomerang ball charges fast. It takes 25 minutes to charge via USB. A few moments of charging and you will be good to go again. And its battery lasts for 10 minutes, so you can play with the ball as it flies for 10 minutes before recharging. Orbi Ball is unlike those common flying balls that take time to charge and only last for a little moment.

Additionally, Orbi Ball is easy to use and control. It has no complicated function  and can be easily controlled by adults as well as children. It has a boomerang effect and is easy to turn on and off and requires a light shake to start and stop. It is unlike those conventional flying balls that take some time for you to get around it.

Many customers confirm that the Orbi ball is made of high quality technology materials and this makes this boomerang ball highly durable. Orbi flying balls are unlike those common flying balls that are made with cheap materials and break or spoil when they collide with objects or are handled by kids.

Even with all its amazing features amd numerous benefits to be derived from it, Orbi Ball still comes at a ridiculously low price. Orbi Ball has a 50% discount on its prices and this makes it budget-friendly. It is unlike those common flying balls on the market that are very expensive, yet not efficient or even durable. With Orbi Ball, you get to have it for half the price and its efficiency and durability is second to none.

Benefits – Orbi Ball Reviews

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There are a lot of benefits to be derived from using Orbi Ball. Here are some of blessing to be derived from this flying ball:

Keeps your entire family entertained for hours: Orbi Ball offers you endless fun possibilities as you toss and it floats, spins, hovers, glides, spins and climbs through the air and returns back to you just like a boomerang without dropping to the floor. With Orbi ball, your entire family is guaranteed entertainment for hours and once you have experienced it’s kind of entertainment, you will never be bored again!

Reduce harmful screen time: If your kids’ way of having fun is by always watching fun programs on the television or in front of a screen, then it’s time you quoted that. This is because frequent screen time is harmful to the eyes. We bring a better solution to having your kids stay active and entertained at the same time. With the Orbi ball which flies around, you do not only reduce harmful screen time but you get to spend more time with your friends and family, and have fun.

Develops hand-eye coordination: This active, robust spinner does not only make you enjoy fun time but also develops your hand-eye coordination as you follow the movement of the flying ball with your eyes and hand.

Makes you become more active: With Orbi ball, you can say buh-bye to clinging to your couch as this flying ball makes you get off your couch and increases your activeness as you have fun with the ball.

Creates stronger bond between you and your kids and spouse: Playing with Orbi ball is not just a great way of having fun with your kids and spouse but also fosters intimacy which creates stronger bond between you and your kids and spouse.

Gets you some peace of mind: Do you find it hard getting some peace at home, especially when your kids are around? Then you should get them an Orbi Ball. Orbi Ball keeps them fully engaged and entertained while you get yourself some peace of mind.

Amazing and exciting to play with: This incredible orbi ball is highly intriguing due to the numerous hues from its rainbow light. It flashes so brightly in different hues in the dark and excitingly captivates your kids’ attention.

Helps you fly drones easily as a newbie: If you are a lover of drones, but you happen to be a newbie or are scared to fly a drone, you can use this boomerang ball as a substitute or as a training tool for your drone flying sessions. With this flying ball, you can learn easily how to fly your drones. Orbi Ball is like a mini drone, and it is designed to be tossed around and thrown without it breaking or being damaged.

Gentle and harm-free: Orbi Ball is harm-free to be used by both adults and kids. Though this flying ball is sturdy, its outer parts are made of soft and gentle plastic which makes it to be easily flown around the house without causing any damage or scratch to objects around your house. However,  babies should be allowed to play with it as they might put their hand inside the boomerang ball which could lead to a cut by the plastic fan.

Easy to control: Are you thinking about how to fly this boomerang ball? If yes, then quit your worries because this flying Orbi ball is very easy to use and control. This ball is not some confusing gadget with a 100-page instruction manual and anyone can use this flying spinner to do the coolest tricks right out of the box. Just go throught the user instruction manual that comes with its package for step by step instructions on the control of this flying ball.

Long-lasting rechargeable battery: This perfectly shaped flying ball runs on battery and its battery is rechargeable. It can be charged with the micro-USB that comes with  the package and it charges fast when being charged. When charged fully, the battery lasts long to have you enjoy hours of endless fun and play with the ball.

Easy catch: This Orbi ball can be easily caught both by adults and children when it boomerangs. This is because its perfect size shape and lightweight makes it easy to throw and catch irrespective of age.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor fun during winter and summer: Orbi Ball is widely interactive and perfect to be played with both indoor and outdoor as well as during winter and summer.

Highly durable: This boomerang ball is highly durable, all thanks to its premium quality technology materials. It is not prone to damage when it collides with objects and its sturdy design makes it hard to be spoilt even when handled by kids. This also makes it long-lasting.

Highly affordable price tag: With Orbi Ball, you and your kids can be entertained for hours without having to spend a lot or go out of your way. Orbi Ball comes with a pocket-friendly tag as it is sold at 50% discount. This means you get to acquire this flying fun ball at half the price!

Safe and secure payment guaranteed: With Orbi Ball company, all information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. So you are guaranteed safe and secure payment on every order.

Amazing gift idea: Orbi Ball is a perfect gift idea to surprise your kids on their special day. It’s a nice toy for kids, lightens up and goes around the play area or your house without breaking things. You should get one for your kids,  brothers, sisters and many others who love flying drones or playing with flying objects and watch them being active and having fun while being thankful to you.


Is Orbi Ball Legit?


Yes, All Orbi Orbi Ball Reviews unequivocally revealed that this ball is 100% legit. Orbi Ball is a great flying ball to have fun with and can be used by both adults and children. Various tests have been conducted on Orbi Ball  and many users of this flying ball have testified to having fun and having their kids engaged actively using this flying ball. So you can be rest assured that Orbi Ball is 100% genuine.

To ensure you get the original Orbi Ball, click on the link provided and this will take you to the official store where you can purchase this genuine boomerang ball and save yourself from a lot of fakes out there.

Pros of Orbi Ball Reviews

  • -Keeps your entire family entertained for hours
  • – Fun and engaging
  • – Lets you kiss boredom goodbye
  • – Reduce harmful screen time and improve hand-eye coordination
  • – Vibrantly colorful RGB lights to light up your room
  • – Easy to use
  • – Perfect for children of all ages
  • – Perfect for adults of all ages
  • – Perfect for indoor fun in winter
  • – Perfect for outdoor fun in summer
  • – Insane offline entertainment
  • – Gets you some peace of mind
  • – Dynamic movement
  • – Reduces the stress situations of parents
  • – Enable you to get some peace of mind as your kids get entertained
  • -Foster intimacy between you and your kids and spouse
  • – Acts as substitute for your drone flying sessions
  • – Can soar over 100 feet in the air
  • – Fast charging
  • – Charging via micro USB
  • – Futuristic drone technology
  • – Lightweight & durable
  • – Safe & affordable family fun
  • – Gentle and harm-free
  • – Easy to catch
  • – Having entertaining moment time with kids helps refresh your childhood memories
  • – Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • – Fast charging
  • – Guaranteed reliable performance
  • – Tough enough for daily use
  • – Top quality materials
  • – Highly durable
  • – Stylish design
  • – Excellent value for money
  • – Super affordable
  • – Safe & secure payment guaranteed
  • – 50% discount prices
  • – 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • – Safe and secure payment guarantee
  • – No extra charges
  • – Fast and convenient delivery services
  • – Amazing gift idea

Cons of Orbi Ball

  • – Limited in stock.
  • – Only available for purchase on the online store.
  • – Unavailable at any offline store.

Where Can Orbi Ball Be Purchased?

Orbi Ball is available for quick purchase on the manufacturers’ official website which is the official store. Purchasing this highly efficient ball  from the official site guarantees your buying the original heater and saves you from a lot of scams out there.

Also, when you purchase Orbi Ball from the official store using the link provided, you get a whopping 50% discount as well as fast and convenient delivery right to your door on every order. Payment for Orbi Ball can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover Network, PayPal and other credit cards. Enjoy hours of insane fun with family and friends. Grab your Orbi Ball now!


FAQs On Orbi Ball Reviews

Is Orbi Ball safe to be used by kids?

Definitely yes! The Orbi ball is the best way to reduce your kids’ time spent in front of the screen. It keeps your kid up and entertained for hours and with this spinner ball, you can be assured of your kid not just having fun but being active for hours. Also, it stops when it collides with something. This makes it very safe to be used by both adults and kids. However, babies should not  be allowed to play with the ball as they might put their hand inside the boomerang ball which could lead to a cut by the plastic fan in the ball.

My kids aren’t exactly gentle. Will The Orbi Ball survive them?

The Orbi Ball is made to last. It’s not indestructible, but it’s tough enough for daily use. A few knocks, bumps, and drops shouldn’t be a problem

What size is The Orbi Ball?

The Orbi Ball is slightly larger than a baseball, or a little smaller than a softball. And it weighs approximately 26g.

How much use will I get out of The Orbi on a full charge?

You will be able to use The Orbi for approximately 10 minutes on a full charge. And it takes just 25 minutes for a recharge!

Is Orbi Ball Worth It?

This engaging orb will get your kids off the couch for an evening of psychedelic family fun.You can use it outdoors in summer and indoors in winter. Reduce harmful screen time and improve your hand-eye coordination. People all around the country are fighting the isolation blues with the most exciting flying spinner orb for the most insane fun. You really have to experience it for yourself because there’s nothing else like it on the market.

How much does Orbi Ball cost?

It’s super affordable! And during this special offer, the more units you buy, the more you save! It’s an incredible offer you shouldn’t miss out on.

Is it available for purchase on Amazon or ebay?

Unfortunately no. Orbi Ball cannot be purchased on Amazon on ebay. It can only be purchased on the official store which is the manufacturer’s website. The official site guarantees you the original and saves you from a lot of scams out there. You  can purchase this by clicking on the link provided. This takes you to the store where you can make your purchase and have your fun ball delivered to you as soon  as possible!

Orbi Ball Reviews Consumer Reports

Orbi Ball has been getting a lot of positive responses from its users globally. Here are some of the reviews from its users.

  • Olivia K. : “Gets my kids off the couch and off of the internet. 5 stars for that alone!”
  • Beate G. : “Forget the kids, my friends and I take a couple of these to the park in the evenings and we love how colorful and fun they are.”
  • David P. : “In less than one week I learned more tricks than both my mom and dad. It’s so much fun.”
  • Vanessa A. : “My kids really loved the gift. The lights and colors really were bright. They loved it so much.
  • Robin U. : “I’ve never seen a flying ball like this. It’s awesome!! It floats, flies, it’s crazy!! Full of lights, it stops itself when it lands. It’s really cool. Seriously!!
  • Tems Y. : “So fun! My husband and I love playing with it, as does our 13 yr old, our 1yr old twins love watching and chasing it, and our dog loves trying to catch/attack it. Fun for all and keeps my entire family entertained for hours!
  • Mira T. : “The orb flys pretty well. I added stickers to the frame to create fins and it stabilized it further. I always play catch with my daughter using this orb and it is so much fun floating it back and forth.”
  • Greg D. : “It’s a nice toy for kids, lightens up and goes around the play area or your house without breaking things.”
  • Linda I. : “I bought one for my kids last two weeks and I’m happy with how it has helped get my son off the screen as he now plays with this flying ball. I will be ordering two more very soon for my nieces.
  • Adam T. : “My baby girl has not stopped being thankful since I brought home this flying ball. It’s a nice gift that will make the kids excited for sure.”
  • Yolanda F. : “Since I bought this orb, I have been able to enjoy quality fun time with my family. This flying ball is highly suggested.

Conclusion On Orbi Ball Reviews

Orbi Ball is worth all the hype it is getting. If fun is something you would like to have often, then you have to grab this flying orb at once. The last shipment of Orbi Ball was sold out completely and I bet the same thing is going to happen with the new stock, too. So it’s best you grab your flying ball now and enjoy the best fun time ever before it goes out of stock again.



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