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Outbound sales script for business success

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outbound sales script

Writing an outbound sales script can be troublesome, but doesn’t have to be. An incredibly useful method of extending your outreach for customer satisfaction, and it helps you close more deals and faster.

Use the outbound sales call script and navigate effortlessly through sales calls.

What is an Outbound Sales Script (OSS)?

The outbound sales script is a kind of speech algorithm used by a call center agent while conversing with their potential clients. It allows the sales teams to be effective, reducing errors such as not mentioning something important during the call. In short, the outbound sales script is the answer to questions like what to say while calling prospects you’ve tried to convert before, what not to say, how to converse clearly, etc.

Inbound Vs Outbound Sales Script

Outbound sales scripts are used while handling external clients or potential ones. Inbound sales scripts (ISS) on the other hand are initiated by the client and could indicate interest in your services. They are more promising than outcoming ones as the person makes the move. It isn’t guaranteed that the person calling you will buy your services, as they could be merely asking for information or considering you among other similar providers.

5 Deliverables to create an effective Outbound call script

An effective outbound sales call script increases the chances of converting a person into a client. It makes people sound confident, knowledgeable and provides them with solutions to situations that may arise beforehand. Make sure the call center scripting covers the following.

1. Introduction

Introducing who you are, and where you’re calling from is the first step to a successful sales call. So the script you prepare must include a clear introduction and strong opening lines. Remember to end your introductory conversation with a greeting. For example- ‘Hope you’re having a good day.

2. Connecting statement

Mention one of their recent successes and congratulate them. Talk about something they’ve done that you truly admire. Then connect it with the fact that you’ve been following them for a reason, and lead to the point. Write this section of your script accordingly.

3. Reason for calling

It is here that your script comes most in handy. You have to be confident, and persistent, but polite while putting your thoughts forward. Frame this well and you’ll hit the jack spot.

4. The benefit

Once you’ve mentioned why you’re calling and addressed them, talk about the solutions you can offer. How you would do it better than anyone else. Sell your service or product confidently here. Therefore your script must prepare you for the role.

5. Ask

By this point, you have to schedule another call or meeting with them. Prepare your script accordingly in advance. Ask them when they are available, put their interest and time before yours, and show that you are looking forward to the call.

4 essential outbound sales script outcomes for enterprises

Of great help across several industries, the outbound script is beneficial to boost business interactions throughout. Some enterprises that could make the most of it include.


In an industry thriving on communication, outbound sales call scripts are an absolute must-have. They help produce clear communication and enhance your set of voice, data, and broadband services or products. These call center scripts prepare support teams, as well as better the information stored in the chatbots, making them more conversational rather than robotic.

2. E-commerce

By using outbound scripts, your team can promote self-service among customers. Additionally, it can spend less time on mundane, basic activities and instead concentrate on important things like consulting customers. These outbound sales call scripts also help build better relationships and promising prospects for e-commerce organizations.

3. Healthcare

Not many industries have to follow a wide range of laws, regulations, and as many standards as healthcare salespeople have to. You need to be confident and good at your game to make successful sales in the competitive market of med-tech and healthcare. When you have a list of things written down beforehand, to guide you, and rehearse, you can be more convincing.

4. Insurance

When you’re explaining too many policies to potential customers, you have to be well-versed with everything that you’re trying to sell. At times, you may forget things or be unable to answer because you mixed facts. An outbound sales script prevents all of that and helps you be sure of your solutions.

3 Benefits of outbound sales script


When you sound better, you create a stronger impact. This improves your results. And a good impression always goes a long way in sales.

2. Effectiveness

You need to grab attention, praise, state pain points, offer solutions, build interest, and deal with counters. Using outbound sales scripts increases your team’s ability to have an effective conversation, thereby increasing profits.

3. Lead generation

Outbound sales scripts lead to solutions, which in turn accelerate lead generation and sales. This increases your turnover rate and leaves a good impression.


Having an efficient outbound sales script ready can help you engage better and close deals faster. It helps you prepare smart dialogue for everyday conversation and tough situations. Therefore, these make an important part of your sales plan. Using a call center scripting software could help you immensely. With Knowmax, you could benefit from instant scripts that cover everything, thereby reducing your average handle time (AHT) and enhancing your first call resolution (FCR). Start preparing your outbound sales call script now!


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