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Benefits of Parental Control Monitoring Over Teenagers

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As a parent, you can take advantage of parental control devices and features on your kid’s phone, tablet, or computer to help them develop a balanced lifestyle and keep themselves safe.

Finding the best app is not a hassle, especially with resources such as Here are some benefits emphasizing the need for parental control monitoring.

1. Helps to monitor your kid’s devices

As your kids learn to navigate the web and make online friends, you can keep a tab on their activities through parental control features on their phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. You can find plenty of apps in the app store of your device. These can be used to monitor social media profiles, emails, text messages, browser activities, and so on.

These apps are helpful if you are concerned about your child engaging in problematic activities and conversations. Certain apps have a feature that detects specific words such as “drugs” and alerts you so that you know they are talking about a particular subject that needs attention.

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2. Allows you to control what your kid can access through search engines

Search engines are a portal to the virtually unlimited content on the internet. They can also provide access to content that may be inappropriate for your young children. You can use parental control apps or modify search engine settings to prevent sexually explicit images and videos and adult websites from popping up on the searches.

3. Let’s you block certain features in games that your kids play.

Many gaming consoles have internet access using which your child can browse the web, make purchases within the games, and interact with other players. These features have been included to improve the gaming experience, but it also gives your child an opportunity to misuse your credit card details or reveal sensitive information to strangers. You can use parental control features on the consoles to configure profiles that will let your kid access only specific sections of the device and let you monitor their every activity.

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4. Allows you to track your child’s location

You can use GPS apps to keep track of the current location of your family members. They will let you know whether your kids are safe and are at the places they are supposed to be. They can also come in handy in case of emergencies.

You need to configure your child’s phone to keep the GPS or Location services on all the time for this to work. You can use this opportunity to have a conversation with your kid regarding safe internet practices. They should avoid posting location updates on social networks since they can be accessed by strangers.

5. Help manage your kid’s screen time

Computers and portable devices can be very addictive. Everyone from a child to an adult may end up spending hours on their devices detached from their real life. A child may have lesser self-control and may end up spending a lot of time on their favorite game, show, or website.

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Besides the loss of time, excessive screen usage can also lead to poor eyesight, improper sleep, bad posture, and other health problems. Parents can use parental control apps to limit the amount of time their kids spend on their devices. You can configure the type of media they can engage in and for how long. This will encourage them to spend the rest of their time on other creative and physically intensive activities.

Technology is heavily dominating our lives today. It would be in your child’s best interests to develop a healthy and safe attitude towards their electronic devices and the internet.


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