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Rapid prototyping, 4 tips for startups




The market is changing at a phenomenal rate. It is therefore important to adopt effective strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. Rapid prototyping is one of the innovative technologies that help startups grow their business by attracting employees to their products. Focus on the characteristics of a popular concept.


THE’ CNC machining allows a prototype to be drawn up in record time. It is a popular solution for designers to preview their products in order to make the appropriate decisions. 3D printing is also a technology widely used for prototyping which is an alternative to machining depending on the parts that will be manufactured. It is enough to entrust the model to the platform. Delivery is made within 12 hours after printing and the item is packed well.

Simplified touch-up processes

With rapid prototyping, the prices for rework are no longer exorbitant. The company can afford to fine-tune its results until the entire team is satisfied. Indeed, the improvement of the design can be done in instant mode. This flexibility is a real advantage for launching the perfect product on the market.

Reduce manufacturing defects

Entrusting the 3D printing of its prototypes to a professional means ensuring the quality of the production down to the millimeter. Printers deployed for CNC machining are very precise, regardless of the material used. Startups working in the architecture and art sector are favored by this concept since the details are meticulously worked on.

In an industrial environment, online 3d printing makes it possible to limit manufacturing defects and to obtain impeccable parts.

A wide choice of processes

3D printing uses several technologies to choose from depending on the expectations of society. For basic models, the classic 3D desktop printer is sufficient. When the prototype is more complex, the company will have the choice between wire deposition, laser sintering or stereolithography. The expert determines the appropriate method according to the requirements of the designer.

The use of 3D technology is imperative to make the necessary decisions before the launch of a product. This technique is fast, cost-effective and flexible. It is therefore no longer surprising to note that the companies which profit from it have become unconditional followers. For best results, it is recommended to go through the services of a professional, who will choose the appropriate method for the realization of the model.

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