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RAYLAB: a new way of approaching radiation detection

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We focused on a very challenging business: to simplify and to improve the safety of the people working in nuclear workplaces.

Competence, strong knowledge and smart product design are our strength.

We designed and developed a new product able to give a new approach to the radiation protection of neutron fields.

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Your products and services 

We can offer an innovative point of view on radiation detection. Our competences and our products can support you for the radiation protection analysis and monitoring even in complex and high energy field workplaces.

We can also offer

  • numerical simulation
  • complex fields measurement
  • hardware and software design and development

Your success factors 

Products designed to be useful: easy to use, with complexity inside.

High accuracy and high quality to improve the safety of the people.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

DIAMON is the first neutron spectrometer able to give a spatial field distribution reconstruction with a real-time unfolding code running inside to give to the user the neutron spectrum assessment runtime.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We offer innovative products with high-level characteristics and we support our customers with a very high-level competence in radiation detection, even with customized solutions.

A few words about your competitors

Few companies with a well-established market position offer devices with an old-style approach, especially in neutron detection.

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