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Ideas for Recruiting College Students For Your Startup

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Recruiting College Students

Beginning the journey of creating and establishing a startup company is an exciting venture. You are likely beginning a business where you are both passionate about the field and knowledgeable about the industry. So of course you want to hire employees with similar feelings and expertise.

College students are some of the most eager employees when it comes to working for startups as they enjoy the idea of being with a company from the very beginning. College students also tend to be some of the most innovative and creative employees out there, which is a major bonus for a company just starting out.

So how do you recruit the best of the best and hire recent college grads that are the right fit for your startup? All it takes is knowing what you are looking for in a future employee and having the right strategies for recruiting.

Idea #1: Have A Strong Screening Process In Place

One of the hardest and most frustrating parts of hiring and recruiting is feeling as if you or the candidate are wasting time. Implementing a pre-screening process before you interview is ideal for many reasons.

Think about the basics you want to know from your potential future employees. Giving potential candidates a pre-interview survey or essay can help gauge their interest level as well as their skill set. It also sets the tone for your expectations and goals for the position.

Post-interview options are important as well, for the candidate to feel valued and for you to get feedback as well. Don’t be afraid to give a survey post-interview so that the candidate can give honest feedback which can help guide and improve future interviews.

Implementing a pre-screening process can significantly streamline your recruitment efforts and ensure your and the candidate’s time is well spent. However, managing these processes efficiently requires proper organization and tools. This is where a recruitment candidate database for agencies and recruiters can be invaluable. Such a database allows you to store, search, and manage candidate information, making it easier to match candidates with the right positions and track their progress throughout the hiring process.

Recruiting College Students

Idea #2: Develop Long Term Relationships

Sometimes people are hesitant to work for a startup as they may be concerned about the potential success of the company or whether the company will last. As you work to recruit students, establishing working relationships with faculty and other employees at universities not only helps to get your name out there but also shows students your company plans on sticking around for a while. Longevity is key when hiring for a startup so it is imperative the people you interview trust you are in it for the long haul.

Many companies are now using ambassadors as a way to build relationships. Using an ambassador on a college campus is a great way to have a consistent connection with the students that are job searching. The ambassador can be readily available to answer any questions and provide honest opinions about the goals of your startup.

Idea #3: Start an Internship Program

College students love to learn, especially when it comes to real-world applications in their field. Starting an internship program benefits both you and the student. The student is able to see firsthand how you run your company and the job components that they will be responsible for if and when they are hired. You are able to see how they manage multiple tasks at a time and what their skill set and work ethic is like on a daily basis.

Just make sure you have a well-designed program before you bring an intern on as you want to make a good first impression too. Once you begin training interns as your startup progresses, make sure to keep them informed of hiring opportunities that will be available once the internship ends.

Idea #4: Meet Their Needs with Marketing

A successful marketing strategy can go a long way when it comes to recruiting the next generation of employees. It is no secret that social media is a constant in the lives of college students. Using social media as one of the main forms of your marketing platform is a guaranteed way to reach your target audience. Just make sure it isn’t the only way as websites still matter too. Establishing your reputation and brand as a startup company is important to hire and retain employees.

When marketing for college students, be specific in how your startup will meet their unique needs when they are hired by your company. If you are able to, including benefits as part of your hiring package will be a main perk for students coming out of the university setting. If you aren’t able to offer full benefits yet, make sure to highlight other key perks such as flex working.

Idea #5: Involve Them in the Planning

College students are eager and ready to get started on their careers. Many will be willing and excited to take the chance to work at a startup company where they can be part of establishing the foundation of a company. Not only does involving your new recruits help them feel involved and even more invested now that they feel part of the team, but they are likely to contribute innovative ideas in regards to technology and more.

Don’t shy away from involving them in as much of the process as possible just because they don’t have experience. What they may lack in experience, they easily make up for in ideas and creativity. Students will likely come up with unique ideas you hadn’t considered yet, and they are skilled in collaborating as they are coming fresh from the university setting where collaboration among peers is a constant.

Why College Grads Are Ideal Hires for Your Start-Up

College Grads

Hiring college students as part of your exciting new startup is a beneficial plan for many reasons. Students will come to your company filled with unusual and creative ideas. They will be eager to work and willing to do what it takes to help your company succeed, especially if they are involved from the very beginning.

Make sure to establish relationships with universities you hope to recruit from early on as your success rate will be higher down the road. Don’t hesitate to hire college graduates as some of your first employees as they will likely be the backbone of the startup and help it succeed efficiently and effectively.


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