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Save a Bundle on TV and Internet Packages

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Save a Bundle on TV and Internet Packages

We get to hear this phrase quite often while bundling anything that you will save a lot of money if you bundle up. Is this even true or just a market gimmick to attract more customers? Guess we have got no time to figure it out ourselves. In this article, we will try to find out all the possible reasons that help us save. Is this only money that we are saving while bundling up our internet services? Let’s discuss in detail now:

What are the Pros of Bundling TV and internet packages?

  • By allowing one service providing company to manage and maintain multiple services at once which can include internet, TV, and phone. Millions of Americans are already availing this opportunity and one of the most popularly used bundles is Spectrum Silver Package. This option can enable the customers to save their money, a significant amount of time, and at times evade the trouble while dealing with more than one department. You have one helpline for more than one service.
  • Need more evidence?  A Consumer Report study stated, “Bundling has pleased many.”  “Largely, 85% of Consumer Reports consumers who avail all the three services from one single provider believed they’d 50 percent “might” or 35 percent “definitely” do it another time with the same service provider.”
  • In case you’re dealing with some of the bigger companies, for instance, Verizon, Spectrum, or AT&T, you would also get the choice to bundle up one or any other additional service such as your mobile phone service.  The facility of having one point of contact while dealing with nearly everything (also one bill every month) could definitely bring more ease.
  • If your provider gets you an app that has all your services with you while you are on the go, you might not need streaming services.

What are the Cons of Bundling TV and internet services?

  • Undoubtedly, bundling up multiple services is not a suitable option for everyone. Consumer Reports similarly mentioned that some services accessible to people in their specific area just do not offer the facilities that would interest them.  For instance, you might love your internet connection and phone service but may not have much interest in watching TV hence you might not need TV services.  Based on the available provider, different options for bundling packages are offered.
  • In case there is downtime from your service provider’s end (which is not very common), the customer would not be able to use any of the subscribed services during that time.
  • Another disadvantage to bundling services could be that you may have to sign a contract for 1 or 2 years. If you are living with a family and are sure that you’ll be staying around till then, this may not be an issue for you. Conversely, if you’re a tenant or student or working on a contract and you’re uncertain about where would be in the next couple of months, bundling services won’t suitable be for someone like you.

Do I always have to bundle internet and cable TV?

You never always have to bundle up your internet and cable services. If you only want to have cable TV or internet service, you do get the option to only pick one service with most of the providers in the US. Getting internet along with a cable TV bundle is an ideal option for those who want to have both services. Nearly all the providers do offer discounted prices for their services if you bundle some services together. Moreover, providers usually give tempting perks such as free equipment, free installation, or any gifts on top of the discount that comes with it when you bundle their services.

Final Thoughts

A bundle may look very alluring when you learn the discount you can get on all the services, however, don’t let that be the only convincing factor while subscribing to any service. You have to make sure if you really want both the services. A cable TV and internet services bundle is generally more costly than ordering an internet-only or TV-only plan.

If you mostly watch TV through online streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix, you don’t require a TV service with an internet bundle. You’re at an advantage with a dependable, high-speed internet service only so that you could stream without buffering.


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