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Here’s How You Create Scroll Stopping Instagram feed

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scroll stopping instagram feed

There’s no doubt that planning your Instagram feed in advance is a worth considered investment. When the feed is well-planned, conveying the message becomes a seamless process. Here’s how you can plan a scroll-stopping feed and leave a lasting impression.

Why Instagram is So crucial nowadays?

Before you know more about Instagram feed, understand why Instagram is crucial in the first place. Different studies demonstrate Instagram enables you to build a better and cohesive community than Facebook or any other social media platform. Since the interface is cluttered free it eventually helps in boosting overall engagement and thus brands get better sales and business ROI. Many brands acquire Instagram followers so they can effectively reflect their brand’s authenticity and uniqueness. Instagram in a nutshell is the most enjoyable way of marketing the brand and exponentiating the reach. A brand that is not in it can not get the success it deserves! Therefore, every digital marketer urges businesses to kickstart their journey on Instagram so they can promote themselves more effectively. That is why the Instagram growth service is getting a lot of popularity as well.

Why every small brand should buy Instagram followers?

Instagram is a marketer’s dream for multiple reasons. An engagement study found that brands experience median engagement of 0.09 percent per Facebook, which is staggeringly high for Instagram, it is around 1.60 median percent per post. Due to high engagement and cohesive community, every startup is inclined to get quality followers at the initial stages of brand development. They find gaining followers a tempting option and often wonder where to buy real followers that can drive the brand towards ultimate success. If you want your Instagram account to look new, you can only buy 50 followers on Instagram.

How to visually plan Instagram feed?

The first thing a user sees whenever it lands on your profile is Instagram Feed. If you want users to stop by to appreciate the feed then think more than just individual posts. Consider your feed as a whole. Take time to effectively plan on-brand and related content that can resonate with the audience you are targeting.  Here we are unearthing steps to build your own cohesive Instagram aesthetics.

#1: Selection of Instagram aesthetic

The first thing you should do is the selection of Instagram aesthetic. If you do have not enough ideas, start looking at other profiles for inspiration. Also, add your preferences as well like how do you want your feeds to look? Dark or moody, bright or airy, or what sort of compositions you want.  If you are a business, find inspiration from business aesthetics. The brand’s color, fonts, texture can assist in building captivating aesthetics.

#2: Find relavent content

Once you finalized the aesthetic, the next crucial step is creating or finding content that can align with it. Using user-generating content or supplementing the feed with stock photos can be an excellent idea. In addition, if you have a busy schedule, consider preplanning week-long posts in one go so you can save time. There’re tons of apps that can assist you in this regard. Needless to say, Instagram is crucial, and establishing a strong path on it can be an excellent long-term investment.  However, knowing about the best sites to buy followers is also instrumental as you can not put aside the fact relying on wrong seller can do more harm than good.

#3: Use filters to maintain the consistency

The editing part is important to maintain consistency in your feed. Consider choosing the same filter, set of filters throughout the editing process. Tons of apps can help you build a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. You can also make minor adjustments in brightness, temperature, or contrast to keep things at the same pace.

#4: Plan and preview Instagram feed in advance

Your ultimate focus should be on how your posts look as a whole on your feed. Regardless of filters,  editing style, seeing how posts look alongside one another is a crucial aspect to take care of. The basic idea is to ensure it’s convenient for new users to move throughout the feed and get a strong impression about the brand’s value or what it is all about. Also, ensure the feed is captivating and not too repetitive, for that keep on experimenting with different compositions, place busy photos next to minimal to break things up to some extent.

Wrapping up

Once you have established yourself as a brand, the next step is to start optimizing it for success. The core purpose should be crafting a marketing strategy for deliberate successful campaigns. Apart from this,  maintain amazing aesthatics that can resonate with the brand’s value and give the audience idea of what the brand is all about. Tons of unique features help you to get the most from Instagram. You can also use additional apps that rearrange or swap out posts so you can maintain a perfect amalgamation and never let your audience get bored.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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