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How to Get a Second Passport? & Dual Citizenship Guide

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Have you ever heard of the fact that US citizens can possess two valid passports at once? When you regularly travel abroad and cannot obtain a visa before you leave, or if you must visit a country that won’t let you enter if you have Israeli visas in your passport, you can get a second passport at global passports.

A “second valid passport” is issued with a four-year validity period.

Eligibility for a second valid passport

The following conditions must be met in order for you to qualify for a second passport:

  • If you are planning on travelling internationally twice in the near future, but a visa is required for the second trip, or
  • The country you intend to visit has entry restrictions, such as Iran or Syria, and you have stamps from Israel in your passport.

Obtain all the documents needed to apply for a second passport

  •  US passport with full validity (10 years). If you are renewing a second passport, you must also submit that passport.
  •  Second Passport Application Form (DS-82), completed and signed online or offline at 
  •   You must provide a different passport photo from that in your 10-year passport.
  •   (Front and back) A photocopy of your driver’s license or other government-issued identification
  •  This second passport request letter must be signed by you and addressed to the US Department of State. The letter must describe the specific reason you need to get a second passport (either two trips leaving in close succession, the second one requiring visas, or upcoming travel to a country that does not allow entry if the traveler has Israel stamps in the passport).
  •  Travel plans or a flight itinerary proving the trip(s) described in the letter
  •  A check for $110 ($170 if you need expedited service) in the name of “US Department of State” for a second passport.

When will I be able to get a second passport?

Mail-in applications will take up to 8 weeks to process. The second passport will still take 2-3 weeks to process, even if you pay an additional $60 in fee for expedited service.

Get a second passport as soon as possible if you need one. You can expedite your second passport by using a passport expediting company. Within 24 hours, they can get a second passport!

Dual Citizenship

It’s true, these countries are the easiest to obtain dual citizenship. The benefits of becoming a dual citizen of two countries are numerous. You can take advantage of tax benefits, employment opportunities, investment opportunities, and security during times of political instability with it. Naturalization, ancestry, and marriage are all ways to gain dual citizenship. This is truly a way to become a global nomad.

The different types of citizenship

Citizenship can be obtained in four different ways. There are a variety of options available to each country with different requirements. Let’s take a look at your fastest-growing country in each of the sections below.

  • Citizenship based on birthplace: This comes from the country in which one was born.
  • Citizenship by descent: Citizenship can be inherited. Your parents commonly pass on genes, but they can be inherited from your ancestors as well.
  • Naturalization: If you have lived in a country for some time, you can become a citizen. Citizenship by Marriage is also included since it is often possible to take your spouse’s nationality quickly.
  • Citizenship by Investment: Countries grant citizenship to people who make a contribution to the economy by investing or donating.

The following five countries are the easiest for dual citizens to obtain:


The country with the fastest citizenship process in Argentina. After securing a residency in Argentina, you will qualify for full citizenship in just two years. More than 150 countries are visa-free for holders of a solid passport. European, Russian, Southeast Asian, and South American countries are all included here. However, it does not provide free access to the USA and Canada.

What do you think? You can get a residency in Argentina fairly easily. You will need to show $1000 (or even better, $2000) in passive income each month to fulfill the official requirement. Rents from outside Argentina can be sourced from investments, withdrawals from retirement plans, and regular distributions from other countries.


Obtaining dual citizenship is possible in just three years in Paraguay. Who would turn down the chance to live in such a beautiful country? Become a citizen in Paraguay, besides living there for three years, by having about $5000 in a Paraguayan bank account. Furthermore, Paraguayan residents must spend 183 days in the country every year in order to qualify.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about where you’re from. Your Paraguayan passport will be in your hands as long as you follow these steps.


If your ancestors were born in Italy, you can become a citizen. You can also become a citizen if your parents were born here. Married Italians and people living in Italy for three years can qualify. Those born in Italy and residing there until they are 18 can also attain citizenship.

Additionally, if you are a citizen of the EU, your application will be accepted after four years.


It is easy for those with ancestors in Ireland to become citizens just like it is in Italy. The Foreign Birth Register is your best source for applying for citizenship if you qualify through ancestry.

Alternatively, if you are an expat, you can become an Irish citizen through naturalization. When you are married to an Irish citizen, the residency requirement is three years instead of five.


Citizenship on the Caribbean island of Dominica is available for an inexpensive investment. Plus, it’s an investment that pays off for you too. Investments must be at least $100,000 plus fees. A representative is required to submit citizenship documents on your behalf. Also, you are required to undergo a background check, medical checkup, and interview in person. To obtain full citizenship in Dominica, you need to wait between five and 14 months.

Dominica is also a Commonwealth nation, so its citizens have special privileges in the UK. Also, you are not required to obtain a visa to enter 50 countries.


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