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Security Tips: How To Make Your Businesses Data More Secure

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The sudden surge in technological advancement has helped make business a lot easier in recent years. Everyday practices are faster to perform, and we have more reliable ways to connect with employees and partners.

These improvements are necessary, but it doesn’t mean that everything is now perfect. There are a few issues that come with newer technology, one of which is security.

With every device now linked to the web, it does mean that there are new avenues for crime. However, as technology is improving, so too is its security features. This article will look at a few ways that you can use this new tech to improve your data security.

What Counts As Business Data?

Any information that your business produces in its daily routine counts as business data. Some of this data is completely useless to anybody, nevertheless it should always be protected. Things like employee details, financial stats and company passwords are all examples of data that should be protected.

So, how can you stop this data from getting into the wrong hands?

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Data Files

The first practice to get into when running a business is disposing of any unnecessary or out of date data files.

You may not think that this information is harmful if disposed of carelessly, but this lax attitude can open a window of opportunity for anyone looking to steal your data. The ability to retrieve this data could provide someone with the tools needed to get at your more important records.

Treat every bit of data as important and you can put yourself in good stead.

Create Complex Passwords

It should go without saying, but creating a set of secure passwords is the best means of defence against a computer breach. However, the more complex you make your passwords, the more secure your data becomes.

Try to only create passwords that are contain more than eight characters, including numbers and symbols where possible. You aren’t the only person that needs to maintain this level of security, though. Make sure that complex passwords are used by all employees, and that it is only you that has access to all devices.

Wireless Encryption

Wireless technology is the standard method of transferring data in the digital age. While it is a faster means of communication, it does lend itself more toward being hacked.

Every wireless network will come with a single encryption key, one that hackers have trained themselves to bypass with ease. To ensure that your business isn’t a victim of cybercrime, level up your routers encryption services. Also, you can turn off your routers broadcasting function when necessary. This action will render your online network invisible to prying eyes.

These duties may seem difficult to someone on the outside; however, there are plenty of external tech businesses that can help with these practices.

Update Your Communication Devices

Newer technology is likely to be more secure than older methods, and this is especially true of communication devices.

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve their services, and a security boost is a sure fire way to get businesses to use a new product. As mentioned before, wireless communications should be encrypted, but Open Phone have taken things one step further by forwarding calls on smart devices through a cloud. They have even created a guide as to how best to use their services. Check out this guide to find out how to forward calls in a safe and secure manner.

An encrypted cloud scrambles your data further. This means that the data will be unreadable to anyone that tries to access it without permission.

Update Your Software

Most of the details discussed in this article has mentioned how you can improve your hardware systems to gain further security benefits. However, you shouldn’t neglect your company software.

The longer a software system is in place, the more time hackers have to learn the loopholes and how to obtain your data through these channels. That is why it is important that you update your software regularly.

This update won’t shield you from every avenue of attack, but it will lessen the chances of any tech savvy nuisances getting into your files. Every time you update your software systems, you are re-setting the clock on their ability to hack into your systems.

Use More Secure Payment Methods

As technology has advanced, so too have the methods of paying for things online. As a business, you are going to need to make all sorts of expenses. Some of these will payments be minor, while large financial transactions can lower your businesses stock value until you recoup this money in profit.

You may want to look into secure payment methods when making some of these larger payments. The internet has brought with it the digital wallet service, a middle man for secure business transactions. These sites usually have additional data encryption services to ensure that every transaction is as safe as possible.

If these services do no appeal, buying things with a credit card and then immediately paying it off with a debit card is a secure way to make purchases without damaging your credit score too much.

It is all up to personal preference, so do some research on alternative payment methods that can keep your business finances secure.

Trust Your Employees

It is important that you only hire an employee that you can trust. Additional background checks can make the hiring process easier, but you should also be able to count on the staff that work for you.

That is why you should discuss security issues with your employees, ensuring that they are aware of the risks facing your company’s data. Everyone should be brought up to speed on the importance of data sharing and how it can affect your company. Train them to use new software correctly, making sure that employee negligence will never provide cause for a breach of your data.


A lot of tech security is built into the new hardware when you implement into your daily routine. However, the additional steps laid out in this article can help you protect your data further. You never know what’s lurking around the corner, so take extra precautions when looking after your businesses data.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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