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Best Settings For Garena Free Fire Pro Players

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Playing Garena Free Fire was always considered an enjoyable game. Because playing using sharp skills will offer a perfect win instantly. However, beginners experience trouble playing against pro gamers. Thus considering their assistance here we shared Best Settings For Free Fire Pro Players.

When we search and explore the online reachable market then found action games dominating the market. Even plenty of new gaming apps is launched for fans. But when it comes to finding the best online action games.

Then experts counted Garena Free Fire among those gameplays. Though fighting inside the battle arena requires efficient playing skills. With Jump2rr Apk you will be ready to take a leap in your gaming skills inside the gameplay.

What are Settings For Free Fire Pro Players

Settings For Free Fire Pro Players require lots of playing experience. Because modifying the default gaming setting will end the gamers in a big disaster. So the experts purely recommend avoiding modifying key settings and consulting the pro players.

Till now 450 million smartphone users already downloaded the gameplay. Even more than 50 million active gamers participate and play the game. In 2019 the game was awarded the most downloaded online gaming app.

Still, the game is counted among the best online action games. Where the multiplayer can participate and join the battle arena adjacently. Though device and key resources do matter while enjoying the game. Even playing skills also matter a lot.

But when it comes to modifying and adjusting the key settings of the game. To improve the playing experience among other players, then adjusting the options and controls are considered necessary. And without modifying those it is considered impossible to improve the gaming experience.

There are plenty of other third-party-supported tools that are reachable online. Which claim to support and offer assistance while playing the game. But in reality, using such apps is considered illegal. The cost of using such tools may offer a permanent ban.

For suppose if a gaming device or account is caught getting assistance from third-party apps. Then those are automatically put among blacklisted devices. Once the device or account is banned, then it is impossible to reverse the process.

Thus considering the legality problem and gamer’s security. Today here we are successful in offering some of the best online tricks and tips. Implementing those techniques inside the setting dashboard will assist in improving the playing experience.

So you’re a beginner inside the battle arena and searching for some pro tips. Then we recommend those gamers ready the particular review carefully. Because here we’ll mention some of the best Settings For Free Fire Pro Players.

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Basic Option

Inside this particular category, the gamers may witness some of the important options. These include Graphics Options, High-Performance Battery Usage, Language, and Mini Map. The graphics play a key role in offering a realistic experience.

There are basic three options that are reachable inside graphics. Those are Smooth, Standard and Ultra. Selecting the Smooth will consume lesser resources and offer good play. The standard option will consume a little bit more resources as compared to prior.

Last is Ultra where the device will try its best to render all available resources. Even the battery consumption and playing experience will be explicit. Mini Map will provide North Up and Rotating option. These two features are directly related to Mini Map.


After managing the Basic Options, now the next category comes is Sensitivity Control. This category itself is counted as the most important section. Because from this section the users are allowed to modify key options accordingly.

For suppose if the device is supporting the Gyroscope feature. Then gamers are instructed to modify key features and adjust the sensitivity according to weapon utilization. If your control over the device is strong then we recommend the players increase sensitivity.

Because improving the sensitivity will help move in a fast forward position. Even increasing the sensitivity will help avoid massive damage on the front-end fight. Moreover, it will also help improve playing style.

Main Controls

This section of the gameplay is declared the most important section. Where the players can improve the aim efficiency and increase the damage control against opponents. Though developers already implant the main default setting.

We never said the particular setting is not good in terms of play. But those who are willing to go beyond basic control than those should modify the options from here. Managing the controls efficiently will not only improve playing.

But it also assists in aiming performance. Remember the aiming factors matters a lot when the gamer is stuck among a squad team. Now showing clever tactics and improved aim will help eliminate the opponent team easily.

Auto Pick

This option is not considered seriously by players. But if you asked from an expert player then he/she will conclude the point by saying each option is important. Even auto-picking power will not only improve collecting items.

But it will lower the time consumption. In some cases, the gamer may experience fewer space problems inside the carrying bag. This only happens if the gamer starts collecting unnecessary items. So to manage items efficiently we recommend the gamers manage their collection from here.


So you love playing Garena Free Fire with friends and other random players. But always end up losing the match due to low playing performance and settings. Then we suggest those FF Gamers read this review carefully and easily improve gameplay implant Best Settings For Free Fire Pro Players.


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1 Comment

  1. Aradhya

    05/31/2022 at 3:18 PM

    My level is 79 anytime play my level is 90.

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