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Sneak Peek at the 2022 COMPUTEX Garage+ Pavilion 48 Tech Startups from around the Globe Seek to Carve Out a Wonderful Future

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Businesses and venture capitalists make sure that Garage+’s startups showcase is a critical stop of their COMPUTEX visit every year. This is also the most effective venue for business matching and introduction of new technologies. This year, Garage+ has selected 48 tech startups from the following four fields, including “Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis,” “Smart Devices and Smart Mobility,” “Health Technology and Life Science,” “Lifestyle Industry and Education Technology,” making this a must-see highlight of this year’s COMPUTEX.

With the support from the National Development Council and Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency, the 13th batch of the Garage+ Startup Global Program by the Epoch Foundation will showcase 48 startups selected from 308 applicants among 37 nations at the 2022 COMPUTEX & InnoVEX both online and offline. The quality and market potential of Garage+’s startup teams have always captured the eyes of businesses and investors. Even before the opening of COMPUTEX, Garage+ has already received nearly 200 sessions of one-to-one meeting inquiries from prominent Taiwanese corporations.

As pointed out by the Epoch Foundation, innovation has been the driving force behind the evolution of civilization throughout human history and startups are exactly the practitioners of this effort of making the world a better place through innovation. This is also the design philosophy underpinning the 2022 Garage+ Pavilion. The labyrinth-like cubic booth symbolizes unknown challenges, and the innovation milestone totems of human civilization on the walls are just like the fragments of paintings left by ancient humans in caves, nudging us to explore the wonderful future awaiting us.

The 48 new startups participants featuring this hybrid exhibition are all included in the Garage+ 2022 Must-see Startups Handbook. For a complete list, please visit this link:

Business matching opportunities for building a new future together! Sneak peek at the feature startups:

Highlight #1: The Digital GaN Company

WISE-INTEGRATION is a French company with 18 members based in France and Taiwan. We develop innovative solutions to reduce the size and improve energy efficiency of AC-DC power supplies (adapters). Combining both GaN IC component WiseGaNⓇ and advanced AC-DC topologies running by firmware WiseWareⓇ, we are opening the possibility to build smaller, lighter and more efficient power supplies. These innovations targets 3 markets: consumer (smartphone, laptop chargers), e-mobility (e-bike, e-scooter, e-motorcycle) and industrial (datacenters).



Highlight #2: Proactive air insights

WeavAir offers business intelligence solution for real estate & transportation hubs composed of predictive software and multi-sensor IoT devices that measure 20 different metrics (on air quality, predictive maintenance and people flow) in real-time at 95% accuracy, leading to over US$ 300K in savings per installation per year and ROI of less than 2 years. It helps operators save 30% in operation and maintenance costs, up to 60% in energy, and improve air quality, reducing downtime as well as legal and insurance risks. WeavAir data can also be integrated with ventilation control systems and certifications like LEED, WELL and GRESB. The company has received 20 awards in North America, Asia, and Europe.

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(Photo Credit: WeavAir)

Highlight #3: Future of Health Monitoring. Delivered Today.

Dynocardia is addressing a 100-year-old challenge and an unmet need for accurate and continuous non-invasive blood pressure (cNIBP). ViTrack™ is cuff-less, wrist-wearable technology. ViTrack, for the first time, measures BP independently and continuously without external calibration with the accuracy of intra-arterial lines. ViTrack also provides continuous and accurate heart rate, respiratory rate, and other cardio-hemodynamic parameters.

ViTrack will provide real-world BP and other cardio-hemodynamic parameters that will benefit millions of critically ill patients in hospitals and 1.5 billion people with high BP globally and help generate fundamentally new data for heart disease prevention (wellness). Dynocardia is laying the groundwork for entry into hospitals and will eventually deploy the technology into various care settings, including the consumer markets. Over time, integrating data across care settings, Dynocardia will generate unique predictive insights for better-informed patient care, disease prevention, and cost savings across the healthcare ecosystem.


(Photo Credit: Dynocardia)

Highlight #4: Discover Your Magic Inside! Meet the world’s 1st Social-Emotional STEAM kits for your kid’s resilient brain.

MEandMine was founded in Silicon Valley by a team of pediatricians, psychologists, educators, and toy geeks. Our world first award winning Read- Build-Play system inspires kids to find out what they are made of and see how little things connect in a big way. Each mind-blowing hands-on adventure is designed to make their brains stronger and emotionally intelligent!

By chatting with 1000 parents across the U.S., MEandMine found all the parents’ deepest hope for their children: to be healthy, resilient and lead a meaningful life. But how? The idea behind MEandMine was crystalized after a conversation with the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard. From as early as 3 years old, the foundation of a child’s social-emotional development is built into the architecture of their brain. Social-emotional learning is proven highly correlated 75% to children’s problem-solving skills. Backed by science, developed by experts, and always inspired by kids…it’s MEandMine.

(Photo Credit: MeandMine)

Highlight #5: A NLU technology total soulution provider

Aiello was founded in 2018, focusing on providing comprehensive and high-quality AI, voice SaaS platform and NLU (Natural Semantic Understanding) services to achieve customer-facing human-machine Natural dialogue and product services, and thus improve the goals of scene interaction, consumer experience, needs uncovering and business efficiency. Through the interpretation and analysis of back-end big data, we help companies optimize operations and innovate business models. We enable different industrial applications on more dimensions by developing cross-domain system integration solutions driven by field demand, providing diversified and customized high-value products, and helping customers enter the blue ocean of application market.

Aiello’s core team is formed by former members from Google, Qualcomm, Amazon and HTC VR machine learning algorithm teams. Aiello introduces it’s multi-intent NLU (Natural Language Understanding), a one-of-a-kind technology in the world, into various business fields. Since 2019, the human-computer interaction experience has been implemented in more than 20 industry brands through “Aiello SPOT.” The company has won the 2019 CES Asia Innovation Award in the AI category, and was also selected by Business Next magazine as the most expected start-up in Taiwan in 2019.


(Photo Credit: Aiello)

About Epoch Foundation

With the mission of facilitating industrial development and economic prosperity in Taiwan, Epoch Foundation has been representing 20 Taiwan-based blue-chip companies, closely allying with the world’s renowned academic institutions such as MIT and UC Berkeley over the past 30 years. With strong international connections, Epoch also serves as the liaison office to bridge and consolidate industrial resources. In 2003, the Foundation initiated the educational program “Epoch School – Young Entrepreneurs of the Future” to incubate entrepreneurship and innovation among young talents. In 2008, it founded Garage+ with a mission to support an altruism-driven technology start-up to better the world. Up to 2022, more than 435 startups (including 216 international teams) have been participating in Garage+. A whopping 75% of startups have raised funding.

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