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Startup ideas which fit the market

kokou adzo




Startup ideas are a dime a dozen. Almost everyone has one and some of the least successful people seem to have the most. When analysing an idea for a start-up it helps to think about the market situation and which services are most needed right now. Another social media app is probably not what is missing right now but Security Guard Services in Fort Worth or any larger city in the United States are something that can greatly help business as well as private citizens.

Security is always needed

One of the oldest jobs in the world is the guarding of property as where there are riches to be had there are desires to acquire theses riches by the people who don’t own them. If there are no guards to stop people appropriating other people’s belongings or there is no punishment, then robberies become common place. While it is not the most novel idea for a start-up starting a security service will most likely be a successful company as long as its kept simple. Initial investments can be kept small, and the business can grow as the client list grows.


As there seems to be a certain lack of quality in public education, parents are looking for ways to improve their children’s education. With a limited investment its easily possible to offer private education to single children or a group of children. A Start up can be started at home or by visiting the children one needs to tutor at home. Most parents prefer a tutor who is visiting their home which helps immensely in reducing costs for starting a business like that. It is preferential to have some kind of higher education but for elementary school level tutoring most high school graduates will be qualified enough. As business picks up and the client list is growing there is a possibility for hiring other tutors and moving into managing a group of tutors.


A good contractor is hard to find so why not become a contractor yourself. Some skills are quite easy to acquire, and most competitors are neither very reliable nor very smart so a highly motivated contractor who plays it straight can quickly accumulate a number of clients. The contracting business is especially useful in the suburbs where many people have good salaries and not the time to do a lot of work by themselves.

Electronic repairs

The repair service for the devices we use daily is quite lacking when using the corporate services. In many cases electronic devices simply get replaced and in case a repair is performed the prices can get quite high and waiting times are long as most “repair shops” simply send the device overseas to be repaired and supply chains are strained. A repair service that performs repairs in house and is reliable and trustworthy can flourish in this environment. Some high-volume tasks like exchanging screen for smart phones are relatively easy to learn and often needed.

Politically conscious start-ups

As society is more and more polarised, it can become profitable even necessary to give a start up a certain political slant. As big companies end up getting into the cross hair of one or another interest group, smaller startups can try to pick up business from costumers who don’t see that certain brands align with their world view. Preferably the founder of the start-up honestly supports the issue that has angered costumers and driven them away from a certain brand. This is the best strategy in the long run as dishonest business practices can severely damage a start-up once they are discovered.

Artisanal Food startups

Thanks to the easy communication facilitated by social media and the internet it is not necessary to physically run a restaurant space to sell food. Grandmas’ secret cake recipe can be sold as a speciality to interested customers online. A great opportunity for anyone who enjoys cooking and has a bit of free time. As the quality of processed food stays low and awareness in the population is increasing this artisanal food delivery niche will only grow.

Creativity is the key

Most startups these days are in the field of application development for smartphones. While the opportunity cost here is quite low, the chances for success are limited by the numerous competitors. Succes can be achieved much easier in underserved niches. Many startups need even less resources than app development and can generate a reasonable income and growth potential.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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