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Strategies for Making Planning and Budgeting More Effective

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planning and budgeting

The current budgeting process for corporate companies is more difficult than ever before because the pressure is higher on businesses than ever before.

In the current market turmoil with increased regulations, unpredictable consumers, and constantly evolving model of business, managing company finances can be a source of challenges.

What is the reason that budgeting is such A Problem for Finance Now?

The issues that arise from budgeting are both external and internal. Financial modeling has always been a struggle. It’s time-consuming, and can cause many cross-functional challenges as you have different areas of the business to work to come up with a budget. It’s also more difficult than ever before due to the increasing number of external stakeholders that are involved due to the growing complex nature of the business.

What are the most important trends CFOs see in Budgeting?

One of the most significant trends that CFOs observe in budgeting can be zero-based budgeting and has been becoming more popular among financial analysts. There are many differences regarding how to make the most effective use of zero-based budgeting however, doing it every couple of years to get a new view of the business could be beneficial. Integrated plan of business is a different trend, which aids in linking long-term financial plans to the operating model which allows businesses to integrate the operational, capital as well as functional plans together. Rolling forecasts are also growing in popularity as they provide the flexibility of budgeting that is able to be adjusted as conditions alter.

planning and budgeting

Warn Signs that your Budget Process isn’t Performing in the way it should

There are numerous warning signs that could aid businesses in determining if their budgeting system isn’t effective. One of the most important indicators to look for is the amount of time the budget process is taking. If an organization feels that the process is taking more time than it should, they’re likely to be right and it could be the time to make a modification. If the process is running too slow, this is a sign the system isn’t properly managed and financial technology could make the process more efficient. The tendency for a budget’s annual version to be updated multiple times can frequently indicate that something within the budgeting and planning process isn’t functioning properly.

What are the factors that can be identified as the basis of a Successful Budgeting and Planning Methodology?

While it’s crucial to spot warning signs in a poor running budget process however, it’s equally important to be aware of the times when your budgeting process is efficient. Setting targets is a crucial indicator. It can alter the way of how budgets are executed. By examining the goal setting and determining what the goal is and how it will help improve the efficiency in the execution of budgets. Adopting a bottom-up budgeting and top-down methods can be benefitable. In this case, the CFO examines the figures from prior years and performs the top-down analysis using key assumptions made in prior years. Then the CFO must perform a bottom-up analysis to determine if there’s an appropriate relationship between both.

What is the impact of data quality on Budgeting and Planning?

Quality of data plays a crucial factor in the successful budgeting and planning. Companies must ensure top quality of data to achieve the most precise results. The presence of redundant data could negatively affect budgeting and can skew results. Data that isn’t updated in time can hinder the effectiveness of budgeting. When the budget is finished certain data could have been out of date. If the data isn’t maintained at the correct amount in terms of accuracy, this could cause issues therefore maintaining high-quality information is vital.

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How can CFOs improve collaboration? Budgeting between Business Leaders, the Finance Team and Business Leaders?

Collaboration between finance staff with business leadership is crucial to ensure successful budgeting and planning however, it is challenging to attain. Howell recommends that the CFO assist in guiding the strategic planning process for the company. Implementing a year-round control of budgets is beneficial by creating an organizational-wide plan to hold the team accountable.

Alternatives to traditional budgeting Beneficial?

Budgeting in the traditional way isn’t the only alternative for businesses and there are many options that offer greater flexibility. Howell states that a lot of businesses employ high-level forecasting that is top-down as well as zero-based budgeting. These could help gain an additional perception of the budget of a business. But an intriguing and beneficial trend is scenarios planning which helps businesses understand the consequences of a range of scenarios in business, so they can better prepare to deal with the inevitable.

What are some key levers that CFOs can use to improve the Planning and Budgeting Process?

CFOs must think of ways to enhance the budgeting and planning process. Businesses should keep budgets in their minds all through the year. This can be done by creating an annual scorecard which every meeting of management begins with. The scorecard will highlight the most important aspects of budgets to assist everyone to understand what the actual outcomes are in relation to what the budget should be.

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How can you increase the efficiency of Budgeting to improve the corporate Strategy?

The ability to adapt is essential for establishing an efficient corporate strategy. Feingold insists that a weekly report card is crucial to achieve this goal because it helps them evaluate their progress and goals, to allow them to adjust quickly as needed. Howell states that simplifying data is crucial. The data must be visually appealing and easy to comprehend, so that it can be used to drive the most clear and rational decision-making.

Budgeting for isn’t a simple task, however there are many methods that companies can increase the effectiveness and accuracy that their budgets are prepared. With the right tools in the software companies can increase flexibility in their budgeting by using complex scenarios for planning. They could also move away from traditional budgets and look at more efficient budgeting strategies, such as the driver-based rolling forecasts.


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