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Students for Life Statement on Sports-Related Abortion Pressure

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The world is developing constantly, with new sports and training methods emerging constantly. However, the pressure athletes feel is often overwhelming. The female body is the one that gives birth on Earth, yet it is the most judged by other people. We can easily notice that even though some people might try to be empathetic and create a safe space for women to feel good in their bodies, this is not happening across all communities. 

The issue of abortion is a hot topic, especially as in many countries and states governments begin to forbid it. It is a topic that many women who do sports have started to talk about it, as there is sports-related pressure for abortion. Abortion struggle gain marchers momentum all over the world, especially as there is a hot topic around abortion and sports. So, what do students think about it? What is their life statement?

Students for Life of America 

As abortion is a hot topic around the world, the organization Students for Life of America has begun working on it within the country. This is how the Pregnant and Parenting Bill of Rights was initiated, as the Title IX of Education Amendments says that discrimination for various reasons is prohibited, including discrimination based on pregnancy reasons. However, this is not something that happens in this country, nor other ones. Female athletes around the country have begun speaking about the abuses and discrimination that exist within this field. Many of them were forced to have an abortion as they were said that their progress is at risk and they will not be admitted to the team. Having a baby could be one of the best experiences of someone’s life, especially when you are a mother. But female athletes do not have this opportunity, or they have it, but they should plan their pregnancy after they retire from sports. 

Is this fair to female athletes? Is this fair to women who have grown up giving everything they could to this sport, training, and winning? Is it moral and ethical to force a female athlete to have an abortion because an essential competition is just around the corner and you need her to perform? This is a topic that is discussed within any school or college. Any student might need to start their academic writing journey and write pro life essays or an abortion argumentative essay. You can get your perfect Pro-life argumentative essay from expert writers. Many professionals can help you write a powerful essay on a hot topic. Conveying the message in an efficient and clear way is essential, as opinions on this topic are quite divided. So, you need to make sure your essay reflects your point of view and opinions. 

The Reality 

One of the most important things societies should give attention to is the attitude of people in the sports field that press female athletes to have an abortion. The progress of a country in a competition or of an athlete is important. However, unplanned pregnancies happen all the time and many female athletes went through this. The great majority of them had an abortion as they were pressed to have an abortion by those who control their programs or scholarships. 

There are examples of female athletes who had an abortion as the Olympics were just around the corner. They ended up regretting it as many competitions got postponed and they have felt the discrimination within this field. Why antiabortion should be eliminated in society but accepted within some fields? For example, many countries have imposed antiabortion laws that prevent women from getting an abortion, even in cases when the survival of the mother is at risk. 

At the same time, the mindset of people active in the sports field should be changed, as women have the right to decide what to do with their bodies. This is essential as discrimination in the field should be eliminated. Both male and female athletes should be given the opportunity to train in an inclusive environment, where they do not feel judged for their choices. 

Final Thoughts 

More and more female athletes confess that they have been discriminated against within sports fields for their choices. Even though the female body is the one that gives birth, it is also one of the most judged ones. Unplanned pregnancy happens all the time and many female athletes went through this. However, the pressure of the sports field forced them to have an abortion. 


They should be given the opportunity to train and compete in competitions, no matter their stage of life. Fertility and pregnancies are seen as an impediment to achieving athletic success. This is wrong and it should be changed, as female athletes should train and compete in an empowering and encouraging environment.


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