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Reasons Why the Synergy Between IoT and VoIP Will Benefit your Business

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synergy between IoT and VoIP

For years, the advancement of technology has changed the way we do our business. For example, the internet has done so much to change the way we live our daily lives from home to the workplace.

And we’ve only started to utilize the full potential of the internet.

The internet is constantly evolving, and advancements such as IoT (Internet of Things) and VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) have allowed us to develop “smart offices” that can significantly impact business.

And more specifically, the synergy between the two can be very beneficial for small to medium businesses (SMB’s).

In this article, we’re going to look at a couple of ways IoT and VoIP can benefit your business.

Read on to learn more.

IoT – The Basics

While it may sound like a very complex concept, the Internet of Things or IoT is pretty simple. IoT is a network of interconnected everyday objects such as phones, tablets, refrigerators, cars, and even air conditioning units.

These objects are designed to communicate with each other through the internet without any human intervention. Anything from regular appliances to industrial gadgets and smartphones can be a part of the network.

The goal of IoT is for every electronic device to be connected to the internet and communicate with other gadgets independently. This technology allows us to automate many tasks, something that can significantly improve your business productivity and work culture.

VoIP – The Basics

VoIP is the technology that allows us to place phone calls over the internet, using VoIP numbers instead of standard analog telephone lines. It has a wide range of benefits that old-school analog telephone lines don’t offer.

For example, this technology allows users to use virtual receptionists, voicemail to email, call recording, advanced caller IDs, and remote access from any device. These phones are also available at a much cheaper cost than analog subscriptions.

VoIP also gives offices the ability to integrate with a cloud-based phone system, saving on space while making things in the office much more accessible.

How The Synergy Between IoT and VoIP Benefits Businesses

Now that we understand what IoP and VoIP are, it’s time to look at how we can combine the two technologies to make our businesses more efficient.

Connecting VoIP to IoT can give your business a competitive edge. And since VoIP is an internet-based technology, integrating it with IoT isn’t just possible, it’s a natural synergy that brings great advantages.

Here are some benefits that your business can gain by merging these two technologies.

Turn Your Workplace Into A Smart Office

This is one of the most significant benefits that this synergy has for your business.

For example, you can connect your agent’s VoIP phones to other intelligent devices in the office like printers, fax machines, and desk phones, which will allow them to access them no matter where they are. This can make remote working much easier and more efficient.

Workers can also receive notifications when devices need maintenance or repairs and even control lighting and temperature from their VoIP phones.

Doing this could also allow salespeople to pull up customer data when a customer calls, thus making the sale process much faster and smoother.

Keep The Workplace Secure

Integrating VoIP and IoT in the office can also do wonders in terms of security.

IoT devices such as security cameras can connect to VoIP phones, allowing remote access. On top of that, you can also program the devices to call or alert your VoIP phone to notify you in the event of security breaches or any other abnormalities.

It can also be integrated with a door system, so you can easily let visitors in or even restrict access all from the VoIP phone.

The Bottom Line

As you can see from all the points laid out in this article, the synergy of IoT and VoIP can streamline and automate many aspects of your office functioning.

From printing documents right before a meeting, notifying you in the event of security breaches, and even controlling the lighting and temperature.

So, if you’ve been looking to make things more efficient in the workplace, it might be time to consider turning your office into a smart office.


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