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Team-building: Why Fun Activities are an Important Investment in Your Organization

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When last did your employees go for a team-building event? Fun activities in the workplace create a cohesive team. In fact, team-building makes a strong team by helping employees bond and form connections.

Fun activities allow people to see the other side of their colleagues and connect with them in a relaxed setting away from the office. Team-building is an important investment a company can make for its people.

Effective team-building events result in engaged employees, strengthen the company culture and boost the bottom line. Here are the reasons why team-building is an important investment in your organization.

Ground Rules for Planning a Team Building

·         Avoid Forcing Corporate Stuff

Memorable team-building events are those that keep office practices away from fun activities. Incorporating leadership lessons and practical takeaways in team-building activities can cause the event to flop. Instead, the organization should allow organic bonding by allowing the team to share an experience and spend time together.

·         Choose Unique Activities outside Peoples’ Comfort Zones

Avoid engaging in the same activity every year but instead, choose new things that can help your staff generate good vibes among themselves and, in turn, benefit your business.

Fun activities outside employees’ comfort zone can help them come together in unique ways. For instance, going for a long zipline, hiking, or kayaking can help them gel the whole day when they discover some are afraid of heights, water, animals, and more.

·         Make a Real Investment

Team-building activities cost money, but they don’t need to be expensive experiences or trips. Your employees will feel appreciated when you spend a sizable chunk on them during a team-building event.

These experiences are unforgettable and can leave the staff feeling like champions. Therefore the company should be willing to make such a real investment in its employees because it boosts productivity and collaboration.

·         Keep the Excitement Going

A one-time team-building activity will be done and forgotten. However, creating opportunities for your employees to interact and connect outside regular meetings and in meaningful ways can keep the positive energy flowing in the office.

For example, engaging regularly in activities like escape rooms or murder mystery games is something where employees must build trust if they want to advance in the game. Besides, it’s something they appreciate and have fun doing. Escapely offers virtual escape games which are the perfect way for remote workers to bond and reconnect.

You don’t have to wait for team-building events to celebrate achievements together. Rather, you can do that during regular meetings and presentations. You can develop a platform where employees share their life goals and challenges. This helps everyone in the company to learn about others and their dreams, generate future team-building activities, and celebrate achievements.

The Importance of Team-building

Resolves Conflicts

Office disagreements are inevitable. However, any delay in resolving misunderstandings in the workplace can lead to full-blown conflicts. Team-building activities are not only fun, but they also teach employees that disagreements are diverse opinions and can be constructive when handled properly.

Accepting diverse opinions is one key to resolving conflicts. Therefore, members of the same team should be open to these perspectives, experiences, and skills instead of forming groups based on shared opinions.

Builds Trust

Trust is a fundamental element in building effective teams. People can’t work together effectively when they have no trust in each other. However, they can accomplish much more when they trust their colleagues’ decisions and actions.

Further, trust creates a safe environment in the office. It helps team members to open up, share their strengths and weaknesses openly as well as ask for help. In the end, there is more collaboration, teamwork, open communication and members are not afraid to expose their weaknesses or vulnerabilities to each other.

Increase Productivity

During a team-building activity, members of the same team share the workload, which can be replicated in the office. A member with relatively less work is motivated to help another one complete their work to finish the project on time. This improves productivity and the bottom line.

Additionally, individuals in the same team learn new skills or polish up their existing skills. It also helps the team complete their tasks in less time, improve team performance, and generate more revenue because the organization can achieve its targets when the team delivers its best.

Team-building in the office

Fosters Learning and Creativity

Successful teams learn from one another’s individual experiences, work as a group, share new perspectives and fresh ideas. These innovative ideas make the team more efficient, and the work becomes more fun than working individually.

Improves Company Culture

A company where teams work together communicates and collaborate more. They’re creative and innovative, thus improving efficiency and performance. They are more accepting of each other and quick to resolve conflicts.

Additionally, team-building activities develop collaboration and communication between leadership and employees. This closes the gap between different ranks, thus helping them work as coworkers instead of bosses and employees.

Investing in team-building can help the organization foster a motivating and positive workplace culture and simultaneously improve the overall bottom line.


Businesses of all sizes need strong teams. However, some companies focus on their customers and neglect employees and their needs. They forget that people are their greatest assets.

Incorporating team-building activities in the company’s culture can boost employees’ morale, create open communication, and improve productivity and profitability. So then, it’s important to make team-building part of your organization’s culture and invest in it.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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