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The 5 benefits of Integrative Medicine

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The word Integrative health refers to the combination of medical and behavioral health.

Integrative medicine (IM) includes all factors of health, wellness, and disease under consideration. In Integrative medicines, the healthcare professionals (such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc) not only review the medical aspect of the patient life but they review all of the aspects of the patient’s life, like behavior, physical and emotional changes. Integrative medicine is the blend of conventional and alternative medicine.

Conventional medicine is a system in which the approach of healthcare professionals is symptomatic and they treat diseases by using radiation, drugs, and surgery.

Alternative medicine is a system in which practitioner treats the disease through herbal medicines, naturopathy, and meditation. Alternative medicine is just not only focused on your body but also acts on your mind. They are less expensive, a natural and healthy approach.

Integrative medicines help people to manage persistent pain, cancer, chronic fatigue, and many other conditions.

Examples of integrative practice included:
• Homeopathy.
• Massage with oil.
• Dietary supplements.
• Meditation.

Benefits of Integrative Medicines:

These are some benefits of integrative medicine

1- Complete approach to care.

Integrative medicine is the blend of alternative and conventional medicine.

For example, when back pain is not treated with conventional medicines, your healthcare professional suggests osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT), a diet that reduces inflammation, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Another example of conventional treatment of cancer includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Integrative medicine is also used along with conventional treatment which includes homeopathy, meditation, and massage.
Integrative medicine help to reduce the cancer symptoms and side effect of conventional treatment, but yet none have been proven to cure cancer.

2- Treat the whole body, not just the infected organ.

Integrative medicine affects all factors like behavior changes, environmental changes, and psychosocial changes in the patient health. In integrative medicine, practitioners should have the necessary knowledge of the physical and emotional relationship.

The practitioner treats the patient through mental emotional and physical means which is helpful to regain the body’s natural equilibrium of health.

3- Involves in the foundation of overall health

Integrative medicine involves building the foundation of overall health. It involves the management of hormones balance and toxins which are present in the environment such as pesticides in food. It also boosts immunity (for example gut health and inflammatory burden) and deals with vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, and risk of illness for workers in the working place.

4- Prevent from future health problems

Integrative medicine is a new approach in health care that deals with the prevention of the disease rather than waiting for the symptoms to appear

Integrative medicines include those medicines which cause prevention from diseases and secure your future health. For securing future health it is important to know about the status of current health and find a way to address medical problems before they develop into disease.

5- Save money

According to some data, integrative medicine therapy may be less expensive than conventional medical treatment (symptomatic treatment). Treatment of symptoms can give quick relief from disease but it does not prevent the disease from recurring. Unless the root cause of the disease is identified and treated, the patient will continue spending money on the symptomatic treatment of diseases. But if the root cause of the disease is treated, the patient can save the money that he would have spent in the future on treating the symptoms of the disease.


Conventional medical treatment is not substituted by integrative medicine. Certain integrative medicines are not recommended for certain people. It is important to consult with your health care provider before taking something new.
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