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The American 50 cent coins, Half Dollars, that collectors are looking for.

50 cent coins are a classic for collectors. Some can fetch thousands of dollars in retail price.

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Monedas Half Dollar

You may have a very valuable Half Dollar coin at home and not even know it. But I’ll tell you more:  can you imagine that you could keep adding to your collection of rare pieces with a simple visit to your local bank?  Well, take it for granted.

In this post you will find essential content to avoid the blind search. I will explain what a Half Dollar coin is and why knowing its history is a stroke of luck. In addition, we will be talking about their characteristics and prices, the latter a revealing fact.

If you make it to the end you’ll know which of the valuable 50 cent coins to focus on to be a lucky collector. Let the adventure begin:

What is a half dollar coin?

A half dollar coin is a piece that is equivalent to fifty U.S. cents, the second largest denomination of all coins in circulation in the country.  If it were to fall into your hands you could identify it instantly : 30.61 millimeters in diameter and 2.16 millimeters thick. The weight? Twice the weight of a quarter dollar.

Currently, the most common one we can find is the half dollar representing President Kennedy’s profile. However, collectors have a very rich variety of specimens dating back to the 18th century.

History of 50 cent coins

In American numismatics, the history of 50-cent coins began on December 1, 1794 , with the delivery of more than 5 thousand pieces. However, it was not until the early years of the 19th century that this number began to multiply, and how!

From the Flowing Hair, through the Draped Bust, Capped Bust, United States Seated Liberty coinage and even the Barber coinage or Walking Liberty, the silver half dollars hold very interesting anecdotes.

Flowing Hair , the first coin, depicted a bust of Liberty on the obverse, while the reverse featured an eagle, both elements required by the Coinage Act. Both Draped Bust and Capped Bust had the Liberty concept, one with a draped bust and the other with the head covered by a cap.

Flowing Hair

50 centavos de 1794.
Flowing Hair valued  $ 1,975 

Draped Bust half dollar

50 centavos de 1805.
Draped Bust valued  $ 14,385 

Capped Bust half dollar

50 centavos de 1831.
Buffalo Nickels valued  $ 7,449 

On the United States Seated Liberty coinage Liberty is shown in a loose dress sitting on a rock: in her left hand she holds a Liberty pole topped by a Phrygian cap. The fifth half dollar coin, Barber , has Liberty with the view focused on the right and she wears an olive wreath and a tiara inscribed “Liberty”.

United States Seated Liberty coinage Liberty

50 centavos de 1873.
Seated Liberty valued  $ 676 

Barber Half Dollar

50 centavos de 1892.
Buffalo Nickels valued  $ 558 

The Walking Liberty , in the half-dollar design, Liberty appears full-length and carries laurel and oak branches in her hands. As its name indicates, it advances at full speed towards the dawn of the new day, an excellent metaphor.

Later, the Franklin Half Dollar arrived in 1948 and promised to remain in circulation for 25 years, protected by the Coinage Act. What happened? President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and the American people wanted to honor him just one month after his death. You can consider yourself a lucky man or woman if you get your hands on good condition pieces from the year of issue itself. The prices will really surprise you.

1964 half dollar coin: features and price

The  JFK half dollar coin was created to honor the memory of President John F. Kennedy , assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Its total mintage exceeds 400 million units. However, much of that production has never entered circulation (proof pieces).

You could recognize the JFK half dollar just by reading these lines: on one side, on the obverse you can see the profile of President John F. Kennedy engraved. On the other side, on the reverse, the seal of the President of the United States. However, this invariability is only an appearance.

Kenedy Half Dollar

From 1964 to date, the design of the half dollar has varied significantly. Perhaps you are a keen observer and can notice the variety in the material of the specimens, such as silver and copper-nickel alloy.

The  price of the 1964 half dollar is directly proportional to its state of preservation . But, we could explain it in another way: the lower the circulation of the coin, the higher the price. However, defining an exact figure depends on the subjectivity of the collector and his knowledge.

The values of coins in the numismatic market have never been absolute, especially when they are modern issues. In the latter case they gain value when encapsulated by Third Party Grading Service, because they guarantee authenticity and registration.

How much is a 1971 half dollar coin worth?

Above we explained how to calculate the price of a half dollar coin. Collectors assign a price depending on its numismatic characteristics. So, the same thing happens here. The price of the 1971 coin ranges between 0.50 USD and 879.98 USD, approximately.

You will have been shocked with the maximum price of the 1971 half dollar, minted in Denver. Of the 71 U.S. half dollars, the 1971-D half dollar was the most widely circulated. This was the first year the United States Mint issued Kennedy half dollars in a non-silver state.

As a fun fact: of the approximate 302,097,000 1971 half dollar coins, no collector may ever achieve the same price. The values of these coins, like any other coins, are subject to laws of supply and demand, online auctions, certified coins sold by dealers, and so on.

List of commemorative Half Dollar coins

Perhaps the list of commemorative Half Dollar coins is one of the best examples of the beauty of numismatic collecting. We can assure you that since 1848, important personalities, places, events and institutions have rolled from hand to hand.

From that list of Half Dollar collector coins, for example, we cannot fail to mention the oldest commemorative coin: the quarter eagle (1848). What did it celebrate? Nothing more and nothing less than the discovery of gold in California.

To elaborate, most lists of commemorative coins in the United States start with the cipher recalling Columbus’ voyage to America, on its 400th anniversary. Quite an event, isn’t it?

George Washington’s 250th anniversary half dollar (1982) kicked off a new list of commemorative coins, this time modern ones. Either of the latter or the early ones, commemorative coins can either enter circulation in the monetary system or be intended for collecting only.

I hope you have been able to understand why the  history of Half Dollar coins determines their value . And how important it is to pay attention to the characteristics of these pieces in order to pay a fair price for them or receive a good reward.

The best decision in numismatics comes from knowledge, and that is precisely what Mundo Moneda offers you. Follow us on social networks, allow our notifications so that you are up to date with our content and leave us your comments. We are answering… !OK!

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