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The Average Salary of a Devops Engineer

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In today’s world of information technology, concepts like DevOps, Scrum, agile, and CI/CD have taken over the digital economy. DevOps engineers and experts are in high demand and witnessing a steady spike. So now is the right time to develop a flourishing DevOps career. This job role title has significantly increased in popularity in recent years. Organizations and industries are looking for highly skilled professionals in devops as the demand for DevOps engineers is increasing every year. They are also willing to invest more in them. It enhanced the average salary of DevOps Engineers. That is why several people want to land a career in Devops to find their niche. Having an online certification in Devops from a renowned university like Caltech will help you achieve this goal.

Within the past few years, this job role has grown rapidly in popularity. In fact, Several experts say that DevOps engineer is the IT’s most in-demand title for the future as it can help achieve important outcomes. Several employers are facing challenges in finding and attracting skilled DevOps people, as almost 58% of respondents said that finding skilled professionals is a huge challenge, while 48% say the retention of skilled DevOps individuals is a challenge. Therefore several employers have increased salaries for experienced people to fill the gap between increased demand and low supply. So this article here will discuss the average salary of DevOps Engineers at different places provided by different employers.

Who are DevOps Engineers?

As the name shows, DevOps engineers are professionals who involve expertise in the Development and operational skills of software development. They introduce methodologies, tools, and processes to balance requirements throughout the software development life cycle. They are responsible for the coding, deployment, maintenance, and updates of software development processes. They can reduce the complexity, closing the gap between actions required to quickly change an application and the operations that make it reliable.

DevOps engineers unify and automate the processes and are instrumental in combining code, application maintenance, and application management. But all of these tasks depend on the development life cycle, devops culture, philosophy, tools, practices, and many other factors.

It is known that Development teams and IT operations teams have different goals and skills. Here the aim of developers is to introduce new features for an application, while operations teams are aimed to preserve the stability of an application once it is released. But some of the organizations want to hire professionals to perform DevOps along with their workflow, but successful devops adoption depends on culture and processes that change continuously. It can cause a disconnect between developers and operation teams. So DevOps Engineers must-have skills that span both development and operations along with some crucial interpersonal skills to help bridge divides between siloed teams.

Average Salary Of DevOps Engineers

The very first outcome for this statement is that the average salary of DevOps engineers is $103,253, per year, according to Glassdoor. While updated reports say that the average salary of DevOps engineers has begun up to $1,05,017 by august 2022. Here additional compensation is Average of $8405, and the range is between $ 2486 – $ 28416. These stats are based on 5592 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by current DevOps Engineer employees.

The salary of Devops engineers also can be categorized by their experience level, and different job roles such as a DevOps Engineer’s average salary is around $1,05,017, and the Senior DevOps Engineer’s average salary is around $ 1,34,970, and a Lead DevOps Engineer’s average salary is around $1,46,825, per year.

There are also some related job roles for a DevOps Engineer exist at many different organizations, like Linux Administrator ( $ 81,343/yr), Site Reliability Engineer ($1,27,718/yr), Release Engineer ( $ 98,433), System Administrator ($ 79,168/yr) can earn differently according to their job roles.

We can divide salaries according to world physical boundaries, like in different countries how much a DevOps Engineer can earn an average salary per year. The following table shows some of them.

Countries Currencies Salary of DevOps Engineer (per annum)
India INR 6,42,692
UK Pound Sterling 40,883
USA USD 92,054
Canada CAD 76,357

These figures were reported for the year 2019.

If we talk about Indian DevOps Engineers, they can earn an average salary of ₹21.1lakhs at the senior level that is mostly ranging from ₹17.0lakhs to ₹41.8lakhs based on 51 profiles. On the other side highest paid salary for senior DevOps engineers is Rs. 45.01 lakhs per annum, and the topmost 10% of employees can earn above Rs. 32.5 lakhs per year. So if someone wants to earn the highest salaries in the Devops field, they must try for senior-level jobs such as Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Senior DevOps, Senior Software Engineer, etc. While the median salary for DevOps engineers has been calculated at approx Rs. 20 lakhs per year.

But it can also be noted that the average salary of devOps engineers may vary on many factors such as company, city, country, gender, work experience, goodwill, market conditions, economical growth, etc. It can be increased or decreased as per the situation. But it is for sure that DevOps Engineers are always paid higher compared to other job titles as they help organizations increase their annual profit. So several companies are seeking an expert and experienced DevOps engineers who are able to lead the future. It is also predicted that DevOps engineers are going to remain an essential part of IT projects.

The DevOps Engineer job role is also considered one of the most recruited positions on the platform, as reported by LinkedIn. But it is also a fact that this job title didn’t even exist just a few years ago. In fact, this job title has different meanings and definitions from one company to another. Nowadays, this job title is typically a senior position that requires extensive industry experience along with a sound understanding of the business’s technical and operational aspects.

So no doubt that this job title is best for those who are eager to take on challenges in the software development field. They can explore their expertise in this evolving domain with one of the highest-paying jobs worldwide.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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