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The Best Laboratory Fume Hoods for your Business

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Laboratory Fume Hoods

Laboratories require ducts to process contaminants and toxic fumes. It is a necessary and significant purchase that will determine the quality of the operations.

The following are two types of laboratory fume hoods to choose from:

Ducted Fume Hoods

How do Ducted Fume Hoods Work?

The more conventional choice in the laboratory is ducted fume hoods. It comes with capsulated ventilation and operation that is incorporated into the infrastructure of the building. The fumes and hazardous exodus of the chemicals are projected out of the space using HVAC ventilation pipes.

The construction of these laboratory fume hoods also differs from their ductless counterparts. The ducted hoods come with a work surface, a blower, and ducting component for fume airway management. Before installing these types of ducted fumes, consider the amount of air your internal components will be producing. You can outsource businesses to provide you with professional advice.

Why Should you Install Ducted Fume Hoods?

  • Ducted Fume hoods are the best solution if your laboratory is working at a mass scale. It is also the safest choice for your employees and management to protect them from toxic chemical fumes.
  • The ducted fume hoods can also process a combination of chemicals at the same time. This saves time, provides faster results, and introduces efficiency in the operations.
  • The ducted fumes also process toxic fumes exceptionally well. They leave behind almost no contamination inside the premises.

Ductless Fume Hoods

How do Ductless Fume Hoods Work?

The alternative option is installing ductless airways. Their popularity has been growing, but they are not the most efficient for fume air management.

Ductless fumes require a carbon filter to operate. The carbon filter circulates clean and processes air into the laboratory premises. The ductless laboratory fume hoods are a sustainable approach toward filter air that processes and provides it back into the living space.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the ductless fumes is that they are mobile in a laboratory working space. These laboratory fumes work best for non-stationary laboratory spots. Ductless laboratory fume hoods are perfect for moderate-scale laboratories that do not process chemicals above 10 chemicals per application. This translates roughly to an estimated volume of 500 milliliters.

Lastly, laboratory employees can operate these hoods at different spots, given the mobility of the ductless fume hoods. It is also preferred by smaller laboratories that offer limited operations. These laboratories cannot afford a vast network of ventilated pipes installed in their walls and roofs.

Why Should you Install Ductless Fume Hoods?

  • The ductless hoods are also very easy to install. They do not come with complicated components that must be put together.
  • The ductless hoods also use less energy which is transferred into fewer utility expenses. Thus, it saves energy, costs less, and is environmentally friendly too.
  • The hoods also do not require significant construction, so it saves costs there too. No crew is required to break down the walls and lay down ventilation pipes.

The choice of the correct laboratory fume hoods factors the size of operations and scale of your business. If you are looking for a one time investment, ducted fume hoods would be a wise choice. However, make the right decision based on future business projections.


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