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The Best Ways To Get Lots Of TikTok Followers Fast

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When it comes to TikTok – and, for that matter, pretty much any social media platform – your success is almost entirely measured by the rate of engagement on your content. Whether it’s how many likes your posts get, how many views you accumulate, or how many comments you receive, there are plenty of metrics by which others will judge how popular you are. One figure, however, stands out above all others, and that’s your follower count. You should be aiming to amass as many followers as you possibly can on TikTok if you want to achieve any kind of success on the platform. Here are some of the best ways to get lots of TikTok followers quickly.

Use a paid service

There are some people who might instinctively frown on the prospect of buying TikTok followers. After all, to some, it might seem dishonest. However, you’d be amazed how many TikTok influencers regularly engage in this practice; it can feel almost impossible to build a following naturally, so it makes sense to build your follower count first. So you may certainly visit the best site to buy TikTok followers. However, you should make sure that you’re aiming for real, organic followers and not bots or fake accounts, as this can seriously harm your prospects further down the line. A high follower count looks appealing and begets more followers, so if you’re interested in getting ahead on TikTok early, you can find more information here.

Ask people to follow you

You should never be ashamed of self-promotion. Whether it’s within your TikTok content itself or while you’re out and about, why not simply ask people to follow you? Add a little note at the end of the content or put something in the video description letting people know they should give you a follow if they’ve enjoyed what they’ve just seen. After all, many people might find you from their For You algorithm feed, and a healthy reminder that they should follow you for more stuff like what they’ve just seen will never go amiss. Have you ever been watching a video on TikTok and enjoyed it, but simply forgotten to follow the creator once it’s over? Don’t let that happen to you!

Make good content consistently

It might sound a little weak, but trust us when we say that one of the best ways to amass followers is to follow the two golden rules of content creation: make good content, and make it consistently. It’s not enough to simply obey one rule or the other. Great content won’t translate to a higher follower count if it’s sporadic, but consistently-released videos also won’t garner you many followers if they aren’t of a high quality. That’s why striking a balance is so important, and it’s why you should optimise your posting schedule to ensure that your high-quality content is going out on a regular basis. Daily is best, but just make sure it’s consistent.

Hit trends

TikTok is all about those trending hashtags, perhaps even more so than any other social media platform. If you want to get followers fast, you need to increase the chances that people will see your content, and one of the best ways you can do that is to consistently make content themed around trending hashtags. These hashtags change on a regular basis, so it’s important not to stagnate. That means creating new content and looking for new hashtags every single day; TikTok moves on quickly, which means you should be moving with it wherever possible. Don’t compromise quality for quantity, of course, but always remember that ever-important balance between the two.

Shoot, reshoot, and reshoot

Your first take is almost never going to be perfect. Believe it or not, all of your favourite TikTok influencers almost certainly had to shoot their most popular videos again and again until they felt exactly right. While it’s true that TikTok does have its own clip adjustment feature, you’ll likely find that it’s not nearly exacting or holistic enough, meaning that if there’s even the slightest imperfection in your content, it’s definitely worth heading back to film it again. We’re not talking about your appearance here; authenticity is key on TikTok, so you don’t have to look like a model for it to be a rewarding platform. However, your videos do need to be on point, so don’t be afraid to reshoot.

Work with other TikTok users

Want to amass a following on TikTok as quickly as possible? Work with other TikTok users. It stands to reason – if you’re able to attract members of another influencer or TikTok user’s audience, then you’ll bolster your own follower numbers, with the other content creator also benefiting in this fashion. This also works for brands; if you want to build followers, try to collaborate with a brand and get your content seen by the followers of that brand on TikTok. You’d be amazed how many people will check out your content and follow you if they’re impressed with a collaboration in which you’ve participated, so don’t hesitate.

Use other platforms

If you’ve got a significant following on other platforms but your TikTok presence is lagging behind, you should definitely advertise and promote your TikTok on those platforms. Many Instagram posts are now effectively just reposts of TikTok content, and you can even link the two platforms together in order to sync your content. Similarly, there are many YouTube montages of TikTok highlights, so it’s a good idea to make sure your YouTube followers know you’re on TikTok (and vice versa, of course). Don’t underestimate the power of other social media platforms in promoting the content you’re creating on TikTok.


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