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The Bioenergy Code Reviews: Crucial Points You Should Know

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If you are looking for an unbiased Bioenergy Code, your search has come to an end as you have reached the right page.

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If you feel unbalanced, your chakras or energy points may be the culprit. Don’t worry; you are not alone. According to statistics, more than 70% of people experience an imbalance in their energy points once in their lives.

To live a happy and balanced life, you must work on balancing these energy points in your body. Many yogis, energy healers, and spiritual practitioners call these energy points ‘Chakras’ and are still using them to balance life for relaxation and peace.

These energy points or chakras play a vital role in our lives. They connect us with the world to make our lives purposeful and give us energy. Many people want to learn about them, work with them, and balance them, but they don’t know where to start.

Many websites contain detailed information about these energy points, but they suggest methods that are impossible to follow for the normal person until he decides to leave work and spend countless hours in meditation.

Thankfully, people can take help from Angela Carter’s The Bioenergy Code as this program combines ancient chakra teaching with neuroscience and brainwave frequencies to balance these chakras and manifest dreams and desires. Users don’t have to spend countless hours in meditation; they need to listen to an audio track for 30 minutes daily.

This page features my honest and detailed Bioenergy Code review. As I purchased it and used it for 38 days, I observed remarkable changes inside me. Let’s start the review…

Bottom Line Upfront: The Bioenergy Code contains 30-minute meditation audio that you have to listen to every day to remove negative energy, increase vibrational energy, and manifest your dreams and desires. By clearing out your body, soul, and mind, The Bioenergy Code targets the energetic roots to help you understand your talents and maximize your potential. Join the program now & empower yourself to live the best life.

What is The BioEnergy Code?

The Bioenergy Code is the 30-minute meditation code designed to eliminate the energy holding you back from manifesting your dreams.

This manifestation program is different from any other program because it combines ancient chakra teachings with modern neuroscience research and energy points inside each of us.

We all know energy exists. Modern scientific research proves that everything inside and around us is energy combined together to create form.

When it comes to our bodies, energy moves inside us. We may not see it, but we can definitely feel it. It is why we sometimes feel on top of the world, but the next day or after a few hours, we feel down and out, tired of life.

The Bioenergy Code is especially for people who want to utilize this energy within them to live the life they want to live and achieve their goals.

The creator of this program, Angela Carter, defines how damaging negative blocks affect our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

This program teaches how to harness the power of the Tibetan prophecy to activate the bioenergy switch so that balancing and healing of chakras happen quickly. For this reason, you don’t need to spend countless hours in meditation. It requires just 30 minutes a day.

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Who is Angela Carter?

I really love reading stories like Angela Carter.

It is thrilling to read real-life examples of powerful ladies who changed their lives, as it gives hope to me that I can also do it.

We have been told that Angela was trying to recover from the divorce when her ex-husband came to the Christmas party with a new sexy girl. It really broke her from the inside, but instead of giving up her life, she decided to travel to relax her mind.

She chooses Nepal as the destination to enjoy the peaceful environment, tea houses, Himalayan mountains, and elephants playing with the water.

She met with Mr. Anthony in Kathmandu, Nepal, who helped her in her solo journey. Within a short period, Angela starts trusting honesty and knowledge of Mr. Anthony. So, she decided to share her story with him.

After listening to her story, Mr. Anthony tells her that the energy that brings all the worries and anxieties is not external; IT IS WITHIN US. Moreover, he explains how we can activate our chakra points to bring peace and relaxation to life.

Then, Anthony handed over some guided meditations and powerful affirmation tracks to Angela and told her to listen to them every day.

Within a week of listening to them, Angela got a call from her ex-husband begging for one more chance. It doesn’t stop here; Angela also got many positive events in her life.

After getting success with these audio tracks, she combined them into one single 30-minute audio track and gave it to her friends to see if they also get similar results. All of them reported amazing stories after using this track.

It is where Angela decided to provide this audio track inside her ‘The Bioenergy Code’ program to help people all over the world.

Who is The BioEnergy Code for?

People (like me) who are bombarded with feelings of guilt, anxiety, and stress. These negative energies put our bodies out of balance and start negatively affecting the mind and body.

Not only do these disharmonious feelings prevent positive things from happening in our lives, but they also increase the risk of various diseases. In fact, science also proves stress is the root cause of various health diseases [1].

So, if you want to get rid of negative energy from the body and discover a quick way to work for you, then…

The BioEnergy Code is the best solution for you.

With this program, you can utilize the magic of sound in your favor to reach your full potential.

Who is The BioEnergy Code Not for?

It will be challenging for you to utilize Bioenergy Code for your own benefit if you don’t believe in the power of sound. It is completely fine to be skeptical (like I was), but if your mind is not ready to accept the magical power of brainwave frequencies (even science supports it [2]), you will not get the benefit.

I strongly believe that what we expect is what we get in our lives. So, if you keep thinking these brainwave frequencies are not powerful to bring positive things into your life, it will probably not help you.

We understand that everyone is not comfortable with chakra balancing and brainwave frequencies.

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What Is Included In The BioEnergy Code?

The BioEnergy Code contains a 30-minute audio track with 432 Hz Frequency (or God Frequency) to activate and balance seven chakras. This audio track uses affirmations, visualization, and sound frequency to bring the flow of abundance into your life.

Along with this audio track, you will also get:

  • The BioEnergy Code manualcontains information about ancient chakra teachings and how modern scientific studies proved their existence in the body.
  • 5-minute energy healingis a short version of the 30-minute audio track to use on busy days.
  • The BioEnergy Code Decodedmanual to understand more about these bioenergy points, where they are located, and how to align them.
  • The Heart Energy Activatoraudio track uses 432 Hz Frequency to unblock and balance the heart chakra.

All these content materials are designed to help you change your life and bring happiness to you and others. It will help you quickly remove negative energies from your body to achieve your dreams and desires.

How is The BioEnergy Code designed to work?

The Bioenergy Code contains a 30-minute audio track to eliminate negative energy and balance seven chakras in nine phases.

Here is a brief explanation of these nine phases:

  • Phase #1 – Welcome To The Energy:

In this phase, the audio track uses two frequencies to put your mind into a meditative and aligned state. These two frequencies, 963 Hz (God Frequency) and 432 Hz frequency, are scientifically proven to support the alignment of the body’s chakra points.

  • Phase #2 – Foundational Energy:

In this phase, the sound frequencies target root chakra to help you understand areas of life where you lack stability, security, and safety. Moreover, this phase utilizes the power of affirmations and visualization to unblock energy centers.

  • Phase #3 – Relational Energy:

This phase works on unblocking and aligning the sacral chakra to promote your emotional intelligence and develop the feeling of love and happiness for you and others. It helps you develop your relationships with others.

  • Phase #4 – Personal Power:

This phase targets the solar plexus chakra to help you understand your hidden talent and unleash your full potential. It also enables you to eliminate feelings of hate, guilt, and worries and develop feelings of love, positivity, and calmness in your life.

  • Phase #5 – Heart Energy:

As its name suggests, this phase works on the heart chakra to help you develop an understanding of love and positivity around you. It also allows you to release previous bad memories.

  • Phase #6 – Expression Energy:

This phase activates and aligns your throat chakra to understand the real truth about yourself. It also helps you to release the feelings of jealousy for others and develop relationships with better people around you.

  • Phase #7 – Intuition Energy:

This phase works on the third-eye chakra to give you the confidence you need in your own abilities. It helps you remove self-doubts with the help of affirmations and visualizations.

  • Phase #8 – Oneness Energy:

This phase works on your crown chakra to help you understand how your internal energy is connected with the energies of the Universe. It also enables you to recognize the power of the divine inside and around you.

  • Phase #9 – Power Extension:

According to this official Bioenergy Code review, this phase will help you get back into your consciousness with the improved love and peace in your life. It also allows positive energies to flow into your body to help you feel complete and whole in life.

How Much Does The Bioenergy Code Cost?

The Bioenergy Code was launched with the price of $197, but after a recently added discount, you can get the entire course in a one-time payment of $37. Yes! There is no monthly subscription. You will get lifetime access and new updates free of cost.

Along with the 30-minute audio track, you will also get four bonuses mentioned above in this Bioenergy Code review.

Additionally, a money-back guarantee allows you to try this program risk-free for 60 days.

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My Personal Experience With The Bioenergy Code:

It is super important for me to share my personal opinions and experiences with the program in my review.

Even after fighting with so many devastating situations and problems in my life, I was never a true believer in energy healing stuff. I was always linking my negative thoughts to my brain-chemistry problem, not the chakra problem.

Since I had bipolar II, anxiety, and ADHD diagnosis, they are enough to put me into the negative-thinking blender.

However, on the 18th of April 2022, I had the first lighting moment that raised my vibration to thousand volts and gave me good vibes.

After listening to Angela’s sufferings, her journey to self-empowerment, and how these chakras work, I had no choice but to join her, The Bioenergy Code.

I listened to the audio track for an hour, and the feelings of calm, peace, and positivity came back. So, I begin listening to it once in the morning and once in the night before sleeping with the strong belief that if I don’t listen to it, negative energies will again take over me.

This 30-minute audio track is helping me in keeping my negative energies and feelings away. Along with it, exercising and eating well have also helped. It is easy for me to put on the headphones and listen to the track to feel positive.

I don’t know if these changes came from an energy manipulation or a boost in the endorphin hormone. As long as it helps me to avoid drugs for ADHD and does not cost me a lot of money for every Reiki session, I am happy to continue using it – as it comes with no side effects and is easily accessible from my phone.

I am unsure what long-term results may bring; maybe it will make me a genius. You never know!

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