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The Criminal Investigation of Marriott in Warsaw and the Anticipated After Effects

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The Marriott has found itself in the hot waters once again after the recent criminal investigation in Poland. This investigation is yet another complex legal dispute that has affected the reputation of the multinational hospitality chain.

It all started when the owner of Lim Center filed a notification regarding a breach of trust and theft of funds against Marriott with Śródmieście District Prosecutor’s Office. The notification stated that the criminal actions of Marriott led to financial losses for the Lim Center.

According to Lim Center, they turned a blind eye to Marriott siphoning money from their bank account. However, they broke the silence during the unpredictable times of Covid as they had to bear all operational maintenance charges, including employees, financing, taxes, and utility.

The ongoing investigation regarding these accusations of Lim on Marriott and its conduct continues to define the hospitality chain’s future in the country. This case also brought the governance and compliance of Marriot into the limelight and triggered a series of events.


Where it All Began

The reviews and international audits are a part of the routine for every international chain. These annual and biannual investigations led to a series of investigations that became a series of problems being highlighted for the Marriott.

The annual audit of Marriott’s activities revealed major discrepancies in their financial reporting. Looking into this breach of trust, the business also faced major backlash for not adhering to the local business regulations and being suspected of theft of funds.

This inquiry has affected the reputation and credibility of Marriott built over the decades and also highlights many other issues about the hospitality chain’s global conduct. This series of events and the outcome can define the future of Marriott in Poland.


The Breaking Point

According to the Lim Center representatives, the company brushed the Marriott’s attempts to siphon money under the rug. However, Marriott’s unwillingness to comply during the pandemic made them reach a breaking point and take action. The lack of compliance and breach of trust led to the Lim Center filing a complaint with the Warsaw prosecutor’s office.

The Marriott Hotel in Warsaw was the only one open during Covid despite the owner’s several requests to shut down business. It was a huge burden for the Lim Center as they were catering to all major operational maintenance expenses during the time.

The Marriot rejected these requests and offered an outdoor advertising contract to the Lim Center, which was not entertained later on. The frustration faced by the Lim Center representatives led to an official complaint being filed with the Warsaw prosecutor, which led to a serious criminal investigation.


The Major Risks

This legal proceeding is actively hurting the trustworthiness of the hospitality chain, but that is not where the problem ends. These issues can define the future of the multinational as the criminal investigation has shattered the trust of customers and stakeholders alike.

Of course, the financial implications based on the findings of the legal process cannot be overlooked either. From hefty fines to increasing legal fees and any compensation for customers to stakeholders, the implications can undermine the company’s profitability and stock.


What Should Be Expected

Regardless of what the investigation finds, every business expert agrees that the ongoing legal investigation can take a toll on Marriott’s presence in Poland and affect its presence in every corner of the world. Every step that Marriott takes now can play a crucial role in their future.

Marriott is advised to be transparent with the investigating authorities to clear its name from a breach of trust and corruption and try to regain its reputation as a leading hospitality chain. Once this investigation is over, they must work on correcting their conduct by all possible means to avoid similar situations in the future.

There is no doubt that the current investigation has reminded businesses of all scales about the importance of legal compliance and ethical operations. Every legal challenge and serious allegation, such as money laundering and theft of funds, can have serious implications.

The investigation is still ongoing, and the best extent of the actions that Marriott must take can only be judged after the outcomes. In the meanwhile, Marriott must face the storm as a strong and established brand ready to face challenges.


The Takeaway for Other Businesses

The Marriott’s investigation in Warsaw has alerted many businesses of different scales about how a criminal investigation can define their reputation and future. The only way to escape the same fate is by staying in compliance with the local laws and staying updated on the business regulations.

Of course, everyone hopes that mankind does not have to face the same challenges as Covid any time soon, but this investigation also reflects on the power of conflict resolution in such times. While the Lim Center wanted to close business during this time, Marriott allegedly continued to push the limits, which led to a breach of trust and corruptionand the following criminal investigation. In addition, Marriott’s inability to comply with the advertisement deal also turned out to be a major violation of trust between the business and the Lim Center.

Hence, it becomes important for all businesses, especially multinationals, to proceed with caution and stay updated on the local laws. This practice can help in the exponential growth of their business and reduce legal and financial threats.


The Possible Impact

The issues that led Lim Center to file a complaint against the Marriott hotel in Warsaw do not just affect its reputation locally. Everyone keeping an eye on this ongoing investigation knows that this is not the only international criminal investigation faced by the Marriot. From drip-pricing to data breaches, the Marriott has come under scrutiny for several reasons.

While there are many issues and consequent apologies by the Marriot, the investigation in Warsaw, Poland, is yet to be concluded. The outcome of this investigation can play a significant role in making or breaking the multinational’s future as a leading hospitality chain,


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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