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The Most-Watched Football League and Its History

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Football League

Before diving into this conversation, here’s a disclaimer. Things are about to get serious down below. By which it means that one single league will emerge victorious based on stats.

It’s a sticky subject because it opens up ground for debate. And debates in the world of football never end. So, let’s get over the hesitation and descend head-first into the most-watched football league of all times.

The Overlord of football-verse

Based on the livescore data and football highlight videos, the premier league of Britain enjoys the status of being the most-watched. As if it was the Premier of Britain and not just a league. If we rely on numbers, this league has a staggering TV viewership of 4.7 billion across all of the earth. Out of the disputable 255 territories/countries, 212 found the resources to watch its live broadcast.

If the extent of it hasn’t made an impact still, let’s put it this way. More than half of the world tuned in to this league in the 2018-19 season.

Those are impressive numbers for a league so new, established in just 1992. Which makes one wonder, why has it been so popular? Or rather, how has it been able to achieve this feat?

Dark beginnings

Something good has to come out of wrong. The establishment of the FA Premier League was a good thing. However, that cannot wipe the origins that lead to this breakout.

  • Series of Stampedes- The Taylor report that sent football clubs running for funds was a measure taken to ward off a series of stampedes. Be it the Heysel stadium disaster or the Hillsborough disaster, football before the 1990s was a battleground. This urgent need for funding separated the leading football clubs from the FA.
  • Football as an enterprise- The increasing popularity of football clubs led to some people seeing it as an opportunity to make more money. Little did they know that they’d even be able to leverage their position for a better cut of the TV income. They marked the start of a series of negotiations to come.
  • Grand Premier- The top clubs of England by now had a taste of compensations from their previous negotiations. Greg Dyke, the MD of London Weekend Television, jumped in on this hotbed. He proposed breaking out of the football league to go live on TV. He even offered them the better part of the income.
  • Showtime- Without a hiccup, the founder members went on to sign an agreement on the 17th of July 1991. All the first division clubs quit the Football League as a whole, and in that same year, FA Premier League registered itself as a Pvt Ltd company. It was time for BSkyB to run the games on their network.

A pool of brilliance

It might have been the most dramatic breakup of the longstanding cooperation of the Football League. But, nevertheless, it succeeded in making its mark. The debate surrounding the factors responsible for this accomplishment continues, but it only adds to the ever-growing fanbase of the English Premier League. For all that we know, it is the ground for the best to impress. And in the years that EPL has been alive, this very ground has been full of the finest in the game.

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