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Success story Katerina Golub : The Phenomenon of Publicity & How You Can Incorporate this into Your Life

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Hello everyone! My name is Katerina Golub.

I’m an expert on international publicity and networking.

Every person in this world is unique. People have unique abilities, talents, and characters.

But even with these unique qualities, people are separated into two categories. How these people are separated comes down to how their unique gifts have manifested themselves in their lives. Not everyone has shown the world their gifts. This can be due to feelings of fear or uncertainty in themselves. But others have taken hold of their gifts and shown the world just what they can do.

But the choice to use these gifts is not always evident. Most people don’t realize they even have this choice. But, even if they did realize this, many aren’t ready to put themselves out there and use their talents. Instead, they use excuses as to why they’re not ready. These excuses could be things like their work, the people around them, or the place they live in.

Before diving into this, though, we first need to look at publicity.

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What exactly is publicity?

  • Publicity is the conscious decision to express yourself and your unique qualities to the world.

When a person follows their destiny, lives by their own views, and showcases their talents, then they live within a state of manifestation; this is a form of publicity. People within this state are always open to the world and have some form of bravery to put themselves on display. When inside this state of manifestation, a person is completely honest with themselves. They no longer fear being who they truly are and showcasing their values or morals.

This person knows and exists within their rightful place. The world needs people like this, people who understand themselves and know what they want. Society is typically fascinated by these people as they showcase themselves in a way that everyone wishes they could. This person knows what they want and can confidently proclaim: “I’m going MY way!.” This person can lead their life in the direction they want, and their life will be filled with things most valuable to them.

It’s great when you learn to live without imitating others because you understand what you really want and how you can show your true self to the world. You won’t try to prove yourself to others, focus on being better than them, or chase after something you aren’t even interested in.

But many people get caught up in labeling themselves an “introvert” rather than solving the problem. It’s easier to sit back and say that you’re just “unsociable” and that this is your personality, so you can’t change anything.

But their souls crave this manifested state. They crave to be heard and understood. Souls are not meant to spend their eternity in shackles, living with restrictions and rules. Though, the problem is not solved by fixing one’s willpower. Serious self-reflection and change must be done from within.

Achieving this self-reflection and change in one’s self is often challenging. This is because when people fear being themselves, they begin to close themselves off and mute their own wants and desires. This interferes with their own manifestations in life.

But if a person comes out of their shell and starts taking small steps, they can discover their manifested state. I’ve held this knowledge in mind and tried to take my own steps towards creating my manifested state. For example, when I was at a conference, I stood up, asked a question, and acquainted myself with everyone.

Regularly taking small steps like this allows you to consciously “assign” new actions to yourself. Once you’ve assigned these actions to yourself, you can accomplish anything. Next thing you know, you’ll be teaching a masterclass, performing on stage, having some public speaking conferences, etc.

This occurs due to an interesting phenomenon called “autosuggestion.”  This phenomenon happens when the idea we think of ourselves is continuously confirmed. Because of this, we unconsciously begin to act in a way that further confirms and strengthens the ideas we have of ourselves.

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5 Tips on How to Start Showing Your True Self

There are several techniques that you can use to express and show your true self more easily. Let’s go over these techniques down below.

Pay Attention to How You Feel

Begin watching yourself and keep track of situations where you feel afraid to fully express yourself. For example, maybe there were moments when you were meeting new people, at work, or involved in some public speaking, and you felt afraid or uncertain of yourself.

Keeping track of these moments will help you better understand yourself and prepare for such situations. Once you understand what triggers this fear, you can prepare yourself to feel calmer and in control the next time you’re placed in a situation like this.

Separate Yourself from Your Parents

Adults who faced frequent disapproval and criticism from their parents during childhood are often affected by this throughout their life. This negativity can come back and still affect you even though you’re grown now. But even now, unsolicited advice can be annoying and rude opinions can negatively affect how you manifest yourself now.

Cultivate Inner Support for Your Decisions

Inner support is the permission you give to yourself to live and do as you want. Don’t focus on the opinions of others; instead, consciously and independently make your own choices based on your own assessments of the consequences of your actions.

To have this support, it’s important you learn to be aware of your own desires and implement them by relying primarily on yourself.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use the help of relatives or those closest to you. It simply means that you rely primarily on yourself and understand that your decisions are your own because you are a completely autonomous person. This type of support will give you a sense of your own rights to manifestation.

Enlist the Support of Those Around You

It’s great if you have people in your environment with whom you are not afraid to be yourself. These people will support you in any situation, even when you make mistakes or wrong decisions. The more others believe in your success, the easier it is to manifest and handle difficult situations.

But, on the other hand, if you have more toxic people surrounding you, manifesting yourself becomes even more challenging. No one wants to face negativity and toxic criticism constantly. This does nothing but drag a person down.

Build Your Own Self-Support Skills

Think about ways you can support yourself in stressful situations. What can help you? What can you do to improve how you feel or think? Once you answer these questions, you can start acting in this way and giving yourself more support.


I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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