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The rise of the micro Bitcoin miner 

kokou adzo



Bitcoin mining, the process through which new coins are created and transactions are verified, has long been a somewhat divisive subject. One of the main reasons is the considerable carbon footprint associated with the process, with climate activists stating that cryptocurrencies are fundamentally unsustainable due to this reason. The marketplace experienced a considerable slump in 2022, and while things seemed to be on the mend this year, it now appears that the bear market has been gaining traction again.

Yet, many investors remained dedicated to BTC, continuing to look for how to buy Bitcoin on exchanges like Binance and add the coins to their portfolios. Given the volatility of the crypto environment, many have made a complete switch to hodling, deciding that speculation and short-term holding are likely to bring more financial harm and capital losses than do any good.  

Micro mining 

According to some analysts, the micro-mining Bitcoin devices can be interpreted as a stand against what they consider to be traditional mining’s only faults, exclusivity and secrecy. The microdevices are often pocket-sized and open-source, meaning that buyers have a device that’s already fully assembled and readily available. Those who prefer it can also opt for a do-it-yourself-kit to enable them to start solo Bitcoin mining.

However, the developers have already discussed how users are unlikely to see sizable profits but that it is nevertheless an essential step towards making the industry more accessible for a broader range of people. With an average of roughly fifty kilohashes per second, users can make as little as $3. Unlike BTC’s source code, all the well-known ASIC mining rigs have been manufactured to be closed-source. This has limited the supply to commercial entities since the secrecy keeps this piece of hardware, arguably the most important in the Bitcoin ecosystem, mainly out of reach for most.

Research shows that over 35% of the BTC hash rate comes from the US, 18.1% from Kazakhstan, 11.2% from Russia and 9.6% from Canada. With the development of new devices, the market can be more open for everybody. Since the main idea behind cryptocurrencies is to create a fair and transparent environment, it can seem a little strange that there are still areas within the ecosystem itself that don’t fit this description.

In this sense, while engineers are working to make portable mining more efficient, many claim that using these devices isn’t about profit in the first place but rather about becoming an active part of the community.


Artificial intelligence has been hotly debated since the beginning of 2023, when the release of new programs and algorithms caused people to split into two groups. On one side, there are those eagerly awaiting all new developments within this sphere and believe that artificial intelligence is the key to a better future. On the other hand, there are those who are more skeptical, considering that AI can do more harm than good, primarily if it isn’t operated accordingly. One of the main concerns is that they are expected to be replaced by artificial intelligence over the next two years. The World Economic Forum now believes that roughly 85 million jobs could disappear because of the introduction of AI.

Privacy violations are another issue since artificial intelligence could be used for this purpose. Since the systems traditionally require massive amounts of data, algorithms can be used for unsavory purposes such as surveillance or identity theft. Going further, many have discussed the possible unpredictability of artificial intelligence technology, as well as the possibility that it could eventually delve into singularity. Crypto organizations have also started to be more attentive toward the sector since the possibility of more sophisticated, AI-generated scams comes with an existential threat to digital finance.

Hackers can access tools that allow them to execute attacks en masse since artificial intelligence can make them be far more convincing when trying to persuade unassuming victims into going along with scams. That means that the success rate of these attacks is higher, which is destructive for the targeted platforms and users. Some also don’t need to know much about writing codes since artificial intelligence can do it for them much faster. The scale at which the attacks can be executed is much larger than in the past.

Being prepared for this type of event is pretty tricky, and, as a general rule, it seems that the best thing to do is double-check everything and train company members to be more vigilant.

Bitcoin home heating 

With increasing scrutiny placed on helping the environment and curbing the effects of climate change, more and more miners have started looking towards using the energy that results from the process in more creative ways. For example, a Bitcoin miner was revealed to use waste heat from a heat exchanger and ASICS to keep his pool at the perfect temperature so that his children can enjoy swimming regardless of the season. There are several other household applications, including heating living areas. Workplaces can also use the waste heat in offices.

Business Cat, a Bitcoiner, showcased the use of the heat released by mining can be used for cooking as well, specifically to make beef jerky. Given the ample supply of dry, heated air, mining can become a part of the meat curing process. This way, Bitcoin miners can also become better chefs as well. A Norwegian Bitcoin mining company that is 100% powered by hydro energy uses the generated heat to dry damp logs from a timber mill.

Only excess heat from the data center is used, and the process has been hailed as an environmental success. Using energy in this manner supports local industries to thrive and provides an actual use case for power that would otherwise go to waste. A miner with a love for the great outdoors was able to use his devices to warm the broken gas heater in his caravan. His travel trailer also uses solar panels to generate energy, meaning all the power is entirely renewable.

The crypto market is still relatively new but has achieved so much in a limited period. While there are still bumps in the road, it’s certain that Bitcoin is here to stay.



Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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