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Things to Keep in Mind Before You Go Ahead to Rent a Car

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man standing beside white SUV near concrete road under blue sky at daytime problem if you are renting a car for the first time, or you have rented thousands of cars. You always need some things to keep into consideration before you go ahead to rent a car. You should have complete knowledge about the car you are renting.


This is your obligation to know that you need your driver’s license the most when you go to a car rental agency. Imagine you reach there and you do not have your driver’s license. It’s weird. So, you must carry your driver’s license before you leave.

Second thing you need is a valid credit card in your name with you. All the car rental agencies ask you to give them your valid credit card that ensures them your real identity, and also to cover for incidental charges in any case, like missing fuel, traffic violations or parking tickets, etc.

Most of the companies do not accept the Debit Card, so always carry your credit card with your name.

Car Exterior

There are thousands of people who use the same car at rents. So, check carefully and make sure there are no dents or scratches. You are not going to be the responsible of someone’s misuse of the vehicle.

Familiarize yourself with the Rental Car

It is obvious that your rental car is not as same as your back home car. You should take some time to adjust the mirrors, and seats in accordance with your liking. You need to check handbrakes, windshield wipers and Air Conditioning Lights, and other some functions. Once done, you are good to go.

Kind of Fuel

Always make sure that you know the fuel your rental car uses. This also lets you know about your budget. So, it is a good and indispensable thing to know about fuel to keep your car’s tank filled with fuel. It is a very important thing in renting a car.


Right after the car fuel things, all you need to take into consideration is about the price when concerning the renting a car. For example, the car you need to rent is Proton X50 and you’d better to think Proton X50 Price 2022 first, although we have already known Proton X50 is really affordable for individual person or a rental agency to keep this car into their rent cars.

Know your Destination

It will be a great idea to know the place where you are going. This will let you know the requirements of the journey according to your budget. And if you are making a plan to go to any island, you may ask that rental agency. They will guide you.

Full Damage Waiver Insurance

Even if you are the best at driving, still you should buy no excess FDW insurance. This will not let you pay for any damages if you have an accident or any other mishap happens. Additionally, you should also know that you will still be held responsible for damages, and it depends on your car.

Scratches or you miss your mirrors in the morning from the parking, or broken tires, all these kinds of damages are not covered by insurance. So, it is a good idea to have the no excess full damage waiver insurance.

Staying on the Road

You need to respect the rental agreement which says that your car must be on the road. If you take your car off-road, that is actually the violation of the agreement you make with rental agency. And if any damages happen, or you stuck your car into mountains, insurance will not cover this. You will pay for it.

Careful at Parking

If you do not know much about the parking laws and regulations, you may ask your rental agency. This is recommended because every place has its own laws, and you may not know about them. So, instead of paying the fine, you should ask your car rental agency.

Keep Your Car Keys Safe

This is something very crucial. Keep in mind that today’s keys are not the same that you will just go ahead and make copy of them. Now, there are complex electronics used in the car keys, and you cannot copy them. The only left option is to ask your manufacturer for a new key, and this is what about to cost you too much. So, never lose your car keys on the go.

Precautionary Measures

You should be caring for the vehicle, and your life too. You should be using the seatbelts. Furthermore, it is highly prohibited to drink and drive the car. It may cause a great loss.

Be Back in Time

Car rental agencies, especially in summer season, have very tight schedules. It’s your obligation to return the vehicle on time. Otherwise, you will be charged extra. And if you are getting late in any case, you must inform your agency.


We discussed everything concerning the things that you should have in your mind when you rent a car. Culmination is to follow all the advices and also to use the Proton X50 as it appears to be affordable car. It is a very reliable, safe and well-designed car that fulfils the requirements of the drivers, and the rental agencies.

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