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Things to Know Before moving to Maryland

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Every US resident dream of relocating to the nation’s capital, but the high-priced standard of living can be a deterring factor. Well, Maryland could be your dream come true. With its strategic location right next to the nation’s capital, you’ll have your dream fulfilled.

If you’ve been thinking of relocating but can’t make up your mind about Moving from Boston to Maryland, this guide provides you with practical reasons to move to Maryland. Here are 10 things to know before moving to Maryland.

1. It’s cheaper to live here than in many states.

The first thing you need to know is that the city has a smaller landmark than most. But, even with its tiny landmark, the state’s economy struggles for superiority over other larger states in the US. This would make movers assume worst on the standard of living in the state. Here’s the good news; Maryland is one of the cheapest metro areas to live in the US. Residents won’t have to worry about paying high state income tax, renting expensive apartments, paying a high price for meals, or transportation.

2. Progressing labor market

When it comes to the labor market, you’ll probably get confused with a job to choose from. The state has various job offers for its residents, with industries like tech, media, and trade leading the economy. Added to this, the state makes available various new jobs in the federal agencies to ensure a low unemployment rate. Its strategic location close to the sea also provides thousands of residents a constant inflow of income to cater for their daily expenses. It’s no wonder the state is considered the wealthiest state in America, with residents earning a yearly average household income of $75,847.

3. High level of health care

One factor that makes a state worth living in is the high level of its health care facilities. Maryland is one place in the US that meets this requirement.

The district houses some of the best and famous healthcare providers like John Hopkins Hospital, which ranks the best medical providers in the nation. Plus, the state has over five hundred physicians per hundred thousand people to assist with patient care. If you feel sick, you’ll be rest assured to get the best treatment you deserve.

4. Ocean and beaches

Another perk of living in Maryland is your unlimited access to watch the unrivaled beauty of the oceans and beaches. Many tourists visit this part of the nation due to the spectacular view of the beach they wish to enjoy. As a resident, you get to sleep and wake to this beauty. Plus, you can enjoy some fun outdoor water activities like boating, swimming, and fishing. Some well-liked beach destinations include:

  • Ocean city
  • Assateague Island
  • Chesapeake beach
  • Sandy point state park

5. Cuisine (seafood)

If you enjoy eating a properly spiced and seasoned seafood meal, Maryland is the place to be. The state is also famous for its variety of seafood cuisines. Due to its proximity to the ocean, the district never runs short on enjoying freshly caught sea meat like crabs throughout the year. In fact, almost everyone, even young children and the aged know how to detect and cook a delicious grab meal.

6. Nice houses and apartments

Talk about renting an apartment or buying a new house, and you’ll find so many excellent housing options. From the state’s borders to the small neighborhood suburbs, you’ll find various charming housing structures and apartments to start your new home. It’s easy to find affordable apartments in the big cities of Maryland with a value as low as $383,700 per year.

Some popular neighborhoods that offer residents friendly living options include:

  • Baltimore
  • Glen Burnie
  • Rockville
  • Annapolis
  • Fredrick
  • Bowie
  • Hagerstown
  • Gaithersburg
  • Bel Air
  • College Park
  • Laurel

7. Temperate climate

Many states notice colder and warmer climate conditions in America, but that’s not the case with Maryland. If you’re used to such harsh climate change in your current state, you enjoy a more temperate climate throughout the year in Maryland. You’ll discover that Fall, Spring, Summer, and winter are typically mild and more comfortable than other states. In fact, you get the enjoy the fun, festive activities of all four seasons without thinking about the consequences of a cold night or the tropical desert-like sun.

8. Rich story

As small as the state is, every corner of the state is covered with rich myths, history, and stories of past years. Did you know that Maryland’s biggest cities, Annapolis and Baltimore, were once nicknamed the nation’s capital? Another rich story told by Maryland folks is the mysterious house of Edgar Allan Poe called the Old-Line State, where he lived for years and wrote the word “nevermore” before his death and burial in Baltimore.

9. Close to the capital

One added perk of living in Maryland is that it is located close to the capital. Although the ninth smallest state in the US, the state sits in proximity to the nation’s capital and offers residents the opportunity to experience the benefits of living in DC. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the pricey standard of living like in DC and many other metro US states. Residents with employment in DC will even find reliable and fast transportation routes.

10. Education

If you’ve got kids, finding quality educational facilities for your children may also be of importance. Well, Maryland educational institutes offer advanced learning modules to give your children the high-level training you desire. The best part, teachers at all levels receive proper training before employment, so you don’t have to worry about enrolling your child in a school with qualified teachers. Some of the most notable universities in the region include Loyola University and the United States Naval Academy.


Deciding to move to a new state will get you thinking about if you’ll fit in the new environment, how you’ll cope with the standard of living and what you’ll do in your free time. The good news is a move to Maryland won’t leave you with these questions. Maryland offers its residents more affordable opportunities to make a living in the state worthwhile.


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