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Top 10 Creative Ideas for Your Green Home Building

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Solar Energy

The constantly changing environment is compelling people to be environmentally active. Further, building a green home is cheaper in the long run because using simple concepts, you can create a green space with numerous energy-saving benefits.

For that reason, nearly one-third of home builders are opting for green builds, and its market share is continuing to grow. Also, green home builders dedicated to building or remodeling properties are on the increase. Thus, there is a huge use of energy-efficient practices that don’t require a significant investment.

How to Incorporate Green Home Building Ideas in Your Project

You can live in a greener home without making it Zero Energy or LEED-certified because green technology is now easily accessible and less costly. Actually, you can now purchase green home technologies and products from your smartphone or in your local hardware store.

Further, national home builders, well-known for offering conventional building options, now give new homeowners an opportunity to own green homes or build with green building concepts.

The following are some green home-building ideas you can choose and tankless heaters cost from.

1.    Go Solar

The sun is the source of natural power or clean, low-cost renewable energy. While installing solar panels may appear expensive at first, solar power will save you a huge amount of money in the long run.

Solar shingles from Tesla are not only giving your energy but also a better aesthetic appearance when compared to ordinary solar panels. Therefore, you can produce enough power for your domestic use as well as sell it to your local utility company. Other incentives are grants and tax breaks for installing solar energy in your house.

2.    Small is Better

A smaller house built using eco-friendly techniques will have a smaller environmental impact than a big one. In fact, this type of building is becoming popular both in urban and rural settings because of its affordability, reduced maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and lower impact.

So, you can keep your home manageable and cost-effective without compromising on space by applying creative design principles that give you a smarter but smaller footprint.

3.    Cool Roof

Your roofing material has a high impact on your home and can make it energy efficient or not. So opt for materials that cool faster at night and reflect sun energy away during the day. Some of these materials are terra cotta, slate, metal roofing, and white tiles.

Alternatively, you can go for a living or green roof, which is frequently used in the commercial building. This is a roof with plants growing on the top, and aside from its aesthetic value, it catches rainwater as well as insulate the building.

4.    Electronic Smart Glass

This new sustainable construction technology is mainly used in summer periods to prevent the high heat from solar radiation.

Using tiny electric signals, the smart glass charges the windows to alter the amount of reflected solar radiation. Since this technology is incorporated into the building’s control system, users can select the quantity of solar radiation they want to block.

With it, residential and commercial buildings can significantly reduce the costs of air conditioning, ventilating, and heating.

5.    Maintain Your Exterior

You can design the exterior of your home to keep it cooler. Use less costly lawn and trees to protect your home against direct sunlight, particularly during summer. During winter, your house will still receive more sunlight because trees will have shed their leaves.

6.    Eco-Responsible Lighting

Traditional incandescent bulbs are cheap to install but expensive in the long run. On the other hand, CFL and LED are costly to fix in your entire house, but these bulbs are ideal for your green home, and you will save money in the long run.

7.    Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Harvesting rainwater is another green home technology that collects water from the roofs and directs it to a tank. Water collected through rain barrels can be used on sprinkler systems or toilets.

You can use tankless water heaters because it doesn’t need storage space and it only heats the quantity of water you need at that moment.

8.    Water Efficient Fixtures

There are certain water-conserving fixtures that you can fix in your home to make it green. Some of these are low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets. Besides lowering water bill costs, these fixtures make your home environmentally responsible. You can also invest in other devices that conserve water and energy, such as dishwashers and washing machines.

9.    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You can recycle your old materials for insulation purposes. Recyclables are less costly compared to new products, but they still perform well, just like new ones. For instance, you can use soybean byproducts, wood pulp, wool, and cotton as roll and spray-in insulation.

Still, you can opt for reclaimed countertops and wood made from recycled soda cans, aluminum, and glass. You may find that your builder has other great options for building your green home, such as recycled plastic composite/wood, or steel which are durable and of high quality products.

10. Zero-Energy Mechanisms

Since you want to lessen the energy consumption in your home, building with wood is better than with concrete or steel. Using sustainable construction technologies, you can use designs that allow air to flow freely and still prevent air leakage. You can incorporate the material with insulation techniques and high-performance windows.

Other Simple Ways of Going Green

  • Make it your habit to turn off appliances and lights that are not in use. Although they are not in use but are still plugged in, these appliances are eating the energy you’re trying to conserve with bigger technologies. So unplug your cellphone charger or laptop.
  • Opt for recyclable materials or containers for your food storage.
  • Instead of watching TV or browsing the internet, you can select safe and environmentally friendly forms of entertainment such as having family game nights for these conserve energy and helps your family to bond.
  • Create a family energy plan and let each member arrange their day-to-day activities around it.

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