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Top 10 Makeup Trends for 2022

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Beauty Trends

There are many makeup trends, and this is good. You’ll hear of ocean nails, two-toned eyeshadows, fluffy brows, and much more in 2022.

Trends are not permanent, but life is also uncertain, based on the Covid-19 pandemic crises. So don’t skip your statement blush and neon eyeliner due to fear of your future. Instead, step into the new year with confidence. After all, consumers have had their faces and lips under wraps for nearly two years.

This year’s beauty will be individualized, and from the look of things, people have gravitated towards bolder colors. That means you will do it the way you want as long as it makes you feel good.

Here are 10 makeup trends coming this year.

Extra –fluffy/Lifted Brows: Super-fluffy brow will dominate 2022. All you need is to laminate your eyebrows. You can choose a budget-friendly strategy where you DIY them using soap brows hack. Still, you can comb them up using either tinted or clear eyebrow gel. Ensure they’re bigger and drawn out for a better look.

Neon Eyeliner: No eyeshadow blending is needed when you do neon eyeliner. Indeed it’s a whole makeup look on its own. A felt-tip liquid eyeliner can help you draw that clean line without skipping or tugging on your eyelid. On the other hand, you can do a few trials on your own until you perfectly recreate one.

Kitten Eyeliner: Baby cat liner is likely to rule makeup looks because it’s very youthful and less heavy. Compared to heavy cat-eye, kitten eyeliner is less pulled back. It begins in the middle of the eye and is drawn outwards to create a slimmer tail, thus a natural lift. You can also use powder of the same color as your liner to give the eyeliner’s tip a nice shadow.

Minimalist Winged Eyeliner: For the women struggling with full cat-eye, the minimalist winged eyeliner is the way to go because it’s easier to pull off. Just choose your favorite crayon or liquid eyeliner color and draw a small triangle(s) at the outer corners of your eyes.

Dramatic Eyelashes: Long, voluminous lashes add intensity. So consumers will opt for faux eyelashes and lengthening mascaras to make a statement with their eyes. The trick is to cut the lash strips into pieces. The longer outer pieces should come first, followed by the medium and shorter end for a natural look.

Bold Lips: The trend has been there and is not going away anytime soon. However, when to wear it will change. Wear your brightest and boldest color for parties, first dates, running errands, and WFH meetings. Opt for your skin undertone color first before discovering the best shade for you between cooler or warmer toned lip shades.

High-shine Lips: It’s said lipstick lasts longer, yet gloss is more fun. Therefore high-shine lips will trend in 2022. Although it gives a playful and pouty look, high shine lips can be infused with skincare for treating lips. So you can recreate it by putting on your favorite lipstick and adding the lip gloss over it or on your bare lips.

Celebratory Lipstick: The number of lipstick lovers has surged now that governments have loosened Covid-19 restrictions, and the pandemic severity is lessening. Women are now opting for bright, bold lipsticks in celebration than in past years. So expect to see bright pink, orange, purple, and other bolder shades in this year’s trend.

Face Jewels: Face gems add playfulness and sparkle to the face. As a result, there be more use of glitter, sequins, rhinestones, pearls in 2022

Multi-functional color cosmetics: A two-in-one product to replace eyelash-growth serum and mascara. The beauty industry will bring in additional color formulas across eye makeup, lips, foundation, blush, and nails.

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