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Top 15 App Ideas for Startups and SMEs [AI/ML/AR/VR]

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Recent research conducted by PWC found that 72% of business executives believe artificial intelligence would be fundamental in the future and that it will provide them with a “business edge.” Without question, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most important future technologies, and it is being adopted by many enterprises, large and small, at a quick pace.

The custom mobile app development industry is one of the most profitable and enticing sectors to build and offer modern digital solutions. According to Apple’s latest estimates, over 1 billion active iOS powered device users and over 2 billion active Android-powered device users. There are around 4 million unique mobile applications on this operating system, most of which perform similar activities.

The issue is that developing technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning augmented reality, and virtual reality has revolutionised how we perform our daily jobs.

From asking Alexa to order groceries for you to receive personalised shopping recommendations, AR-based filters in Snapchat to VR-based games, accessing chatbots to voice assistance, AI, ML, VR, and AR technologies are taking over the world.

And the following are some of the top app ideas for you to build with the rising technologies.

1. Artificial Intelligence Chatbots: Create intelligent chatbots by combining AI and machine learning

There’s nothing more hideous in a business than dealing with customer queries. That’s where the world needs virtual experts powered by artificial intelligence. They can systematically deal with a high number of customer inquiries and provide consumers with assistance at any time of the day or night.

Even though chatbots may easily pass for humans while conversing with customers, making them feel more comfortable, they deliver more detailed replies and are automated, requiring no human intervention at any point.

According to the polls, it is expected that by 2022, 85% of client collaboration will be handled without the involvement of human professionals. Indeed, 64% of online users believe that Chatbots’ ability to be accessible at all times is their favourite feature.

With so many benefits available to end-users, incorporating a humble aid, such as a chatbot, into your portable application may significantly improve customer interactions.

2. AI & ML in healthcare applications

Artificial Intelligence is boldly forging its way through the healthcare business, providing us with healthcare applications such as WebMD. It will assist you in managing every aspect of your health, from evaluating your symptoms to selecting a reputable physician.

According to an Accenture report, the artificial intelligence health business is seeing accelerated growth and is expected to provide annual savings of $150 billion for the US healthcare economy by 2026.

According to the fundamental premise underlying this, a chatbot is developed from a pool of knowledge gathered by Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. Various technologies are utilised to collect all relevant information, including health problems, issues, remedies, therapies, and other associated data.

The AI-based chatbot then takes the person’s symptoms and information about the health condition and directs them to the correct path by immediately recommending appropriate therapy. It will route you to the right doctor and interpret your medical information in the proper sequence, ensuring that the entire session is fruitful and satisfying for you.

3. AI-Based E-commerce Apps for Selling Products

Ecommerce businesses of all sizes and budgets have started implementing Artificial Intelligence for efficiency.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow e-shoppers to associate items with the appropriate colour, size, form, and brand. A competitive advantage based on artificial intelligence may be acquired through client-centric websites.

Because artificial intelligence-based e-commerce businesses are becoming increasingly popular, software development companies are increasingly in demand. Many demands Many customer-centric online apps are already getting more complex due to superior artificial intelligence capabilities. As predicted, this trend will persist soon.

4. Location-tracking app that uses AI and machine learning

Consider how difficult it would be to locate a spot if you were coming to a foreign country for the first time. Instead of wasting time looking here and there or checking Google Maps, an AI and machine learning-based geo-tracking software may assist users in finding the specific location and determining the exact duration of the journey.

The primary goal of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning is to collect all the information linked to various locations and sites of interest, such as stores, shopping malls, medical facility lots, party venues, cafés, etc. It is an excellent example of a cross-platform application that offers a customised, AI-driven location monitoring option while in battery-saving mode, without sacrificing the accuracy of the location tracking data.

5. AI-Enabled Online Recruiting Automation Apps

Artificial intelligence can successfully automate tasks like screening, applicant sourcing, and job matching in the recruiting process, making it one of the best app ideas you can come up with.

Machine learning technology focuses on various recruiting chores and decreases its workload by scouring the internet for hiring candidates. Wise employers are increasingly relying on AI-enabled recruitment mobile apps to find the best candidates who have previously been overlooked for job openings.

Therefore, hiring an app development company with AI experts on staff will make a lot of sense – especially if you’re looking for a new job. Moreover, this notion will only be successful if you can convert it into a solution in the way it originally intended.

6. AI & ML in Industrial Companies

These are the days of manual work when labourers controlled industry. With developing technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses may incorporate robots into their workflows to ensure running smoothly and perfectly.

It is intended for these industrial robots to tackle every critical activity and automate it by simply improving specific procedures that people previously controlled. Industrial robots can handle a wide range of tasks, including inventory management, boosting the productivity of manufactured items, and reducing labour expenses, all without affecting the quality of the final product or the environment.

If you are interested in tech startups, then here is a list of the best profitable tech startup ideas for you.

7. Roadside Car Repair Assistance App With AI & ML

Consider how stressful it would be to deal with a car breakdown in the middle of your family’s road trip itinerary. You can, however, rely on a roadside vehicle repair helper app to come to your aid when you need it the most.

These applications are difficult to build since they serve as a platform for bringing together all vehicle service providers and car owners in one place. The app can list an infinite number of vehicle service providers based on their location, rates, and services by utilising machine learning technology.

If necessary, it allows customers to submit their contact information straight to the nearest service providers. The latter can then provide urgent auto repair services, regardless of where they are in the country.

The most significant thing is that the app only displays service providers that have registered with it, so users won’t have to worry about the security and safety of their passengers. It is possible to get started with these services fast and affordably by registering for a nominal fee.

8. AI-Enabled Finance & Accounting Apps

AI and machine learning technologies impact many businesses, and the financial technology and accounting sectors are no exception. To make your work more straightforward, most app development businesses that provide finance and accounting app development services use artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning to streamline processes such as rapid data entry and reporting.

Consider the following examples:

  1. Zero mobile accounting applications expedite the execution of financial information and provide real-time updates on bank feeds, turnover, cash flow, and other financial metrics, among other things.
  2. VOD is a widely used and simple-to-use point-of-sale system that provides financial information straight to consumers from retailers or establishments that accept VOD. In addition, this platform includes excellent reporting features.

9. 3D Gaming Apps with AR

In light of the predicted growth in the consumer virtual reality hardware and software industry, which is expected to grow from 6.2 billion dollars in 2019 to more than 16 billion dollars by 2022, it was a good idea to launch your virtual reality-based gaming application.

Although virtual reality technology has been present since 2012, it is safe to assume that the popularity of virtual reality headsets is on the rise and that VR gaming will continue to expand in the future.

However, gaming will continue to be an essential business niche for virtual reality technology, and it looks to be on the verge of seeing massive growth in the following years. If you seek professional mobile application development services, any developer can assist you in accomplishing a great deal with this technology.

According to a market poll, 59% of investors from technology businesses have begun to believe that the gaming industry would get a significant amount of funding to build high-quality virtual reality experiences.

10. AR and VR For Maintaining Apartments

For apartment owners, no matter how rich and elegant their residence, building upkeep will always be a substantial source of frustration for them. However, AR and VR integrated building maintenance applications allow it to capture and show all vital information simply linked to the apartments.

Maintenance employees may simply view the visual display of the gas and water pipes placed inside or outside the wall using virtual reality-based apartment maintenance applications. Furthermore, they can thoroughly examine the elevator shafts and service panels and their orientation to assure effective repair.

Furthermore, by using AR-based software, you can immediately decide what lighting you can put and how many lights you need to install by just scanning the area with your phone.

11. AR and VR for the Interior Designing App

Styling a space and decorating it with the appropriate combination of colours and interior is a time-consuming and challenging task. However, you no longer need to hunt for interior design services since an AR and VR-based interior designing software can assist users in creating their personal and professional spaces in the manner of their choice, saving you time and money.

Interior design software may help you choose room colours, pick wallpapers, and more. The software will recommend fantastic interior designs to help you visualise your area in its finished state. With a smartphone and a high-quality camera, you may take pictures of your site and use them as inspiration for your design or furnishing project. If you seek professional mobile application development services, any developer can assist you.


This list of AI/ML/AR/VR-based app ideas will hopefully assist you in getting the most fantastic start for your business in 2022, whether you are a startup or progressive SME. Because the use of these technologies are not confined to any single sector or business, the list of app development ideas can be as long as you want.

While bringing a novel concept to the table is essential, the success of a business is determined by how well the idea is transformed into a final, practical solution. With so many apps available in app stores and new ones being added daily, attaining triumph through a mobile application is not simple.

It is worthwhile to collaborate with an app development company to gain an advantage over your competitors in the market. These professionals can assist you by providing you with some of the top app development ideas for your mobile app development project. They can convert your project using proven techniques and technology.



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